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How to organize game of children of different age?

Likely, many mothers having two kids of different age faced a problem as it is better to organize their joint game that it was interesting to all. Actually there is a set of games and occupations which will approach both absolutely small, and to children is more senior.

Joint game of children of different age is useful to

both big and small. The senior children know a set of games, set the general line of conduct, cast, and kids with pleasure follow them, gaining at the same time a play experience. If at small something is impossible, the senior will help, will calm. The kid sees what he will become in one or two years, he has an example for imitation. For the senior child game with the kid - a responsibility lesson, the first serious business which he directs. Mother needs only to offer the directions of game activity and to direct unostentatiously process.


- role-playing games


- role-playing games - one of the most favourite at children of all age. They perfectly are suitable as for two - three - summer kids, and for the senior preschool children, create conditions for joint activity. In syuzhetno - role-playing games the child tries as it is possible to prove, apply more brightly all saved-up experience, all the knowledge and abilities.

“Family“ - perhaps, one of the most popular syuzhetno - role-playing games. It is easy to guess that (the father, mother) the senior child gets a role of adult family members, and a role of the child - to the younger participant of game. The senior child (it is possible in a co-authorship with mother) is engaged in cast and “development of the scenario“ more often, kids with pleasure accept conditions, gaining at the same time a play experience.“ The family“ goes to work and to kindergarten, is ill, goes to have a rest, quarrels and reconciled. Establishing the toy family, children create own model of the family relations based on behavior and habits of members of the real family. Watching the playing offsprings, mother can obtain for herself the mass of interesting and useful information about what disturbs kids what they see the family actually what are afraid of and that was would like to be changed in the relations with parents and the brother (sister). If to mother it is interesting to p to learn

how children behave when it is absent nearby, it is possible to suggest them to play “Kindergarten“ . Mother will hear both intonations of the strict teacher, and the story about the tease Vovka who offends the kid, and your child is afraid to tell about it to adults. In game all subtleties of the relations in children`s collective “emerge“, and it will be useful for parents to learn about them.

“Hospital“ - remarkable game for working off of skills of social behavior and expansion of an outlook. The senior child “treats“ the kid, helping that to remember names of different parts of a body, the procedures which are carried out by the doctor. If the child has a fear of doctors, game will help to cope with it. Mother can help to build a white dressing gown from an old sheet or a father`s shirt, to tell what doctors what diseases they treat are, and at the same time to lead informative discussion about a healthy lifestyle, a hardening and prevention. There are ready sets for game in the doctor which are on sale in shops, but it is better to use objects - substitutes. (For example, the wooden stick can serve as a thermometer, and a glass tubule for blood capture - a core from the handle.) It helps development of the imagination and imagination.

In general, the scenario of game can be any, the main thing that the circumstances offered in game were familiar to both the senior, and younger participants. Playing together, children begin to consider desires and actions of other child, to argue the point of view, to build and realize joint plans. All role-playing games of children (behind very small exception) are filled with social contents and serve as means of a vzhivaniye in all completeness of the human relations therefore are interesting and useful to all age.

Krom of traditional scenarios (a family, shop, hospital), in syuzhetno - role-playing games it is also possible to use and other scenarios. For example, many children travel with parents from the earliest age. So why to the senior child not to build “Train“ and not to carry on it to the sea of passengers - the younger brother, mother and all plush animals? Or to play the game “Airport“ in which it is possible to build planes from cushions? In this game small will get a role of the passenger of the plane, and to the child is more senior - a role of the pilot, dispatcher or stewardess. Mother can act as the chief of the Airport and tell children about work of different services of this place. Game will help children to acquire rules of conduct in public places, to learn about different professions more.

If all old scenarios bored

and kids want something unusual, mother can suggest to play of “Ministry of Emergency Situations“ . The main goal of this game - not only to acquaint children with a difficult and honourable profession of the rescuer, but also to teach them to work in case of need accurately and harmoniously. For this purpose it is not necessary to set fire to the apartment at all or to fill in with water of neighbors. It is enough to play problem situations and to develop algorithm of behavior of people in them. The senior child is a brave rescuer who can be both the doctor, and the climber, and the firefighter, and the driver! The kid can quite stay victims, and mother - the TV reporter and the operator covering an emergency situation. Creatively conceiving child will find sense and idea in the most ordinary and banal, from the point of view of the adult, things therefore do not limit the imagination of the children, let any, the most unexpected, turn of the scenario will be realized in game.


of Game - fairy tales

of Game - fairy tales are also interesting to children of different age. The two-year-old peanut who so far not really understands sense of the events, but very much wants to participate in an entertainment, about pleasure will represent a turnip; plush Mickey - the Mouse - a mouse, a grandmother`s lap dog - to the Bug. The senior child can become a director “pass - a performance“, to play a role of “grandfather“ or “woman“, to operate toys - characters, and mother - aloud to read the fairy tale that all participants did not forget the roles. So, “turnip“ very much holds a chair, and each new character tries “to pull out“ it. But it will turn out only when soft toys, the elder brother and mother with the father gather. The cheerful heap - is small when the turnip is torn off, at last, from a chair - worthy completion of game, it is necessary to observe safety measures only.

“Kolobok“ - one more interesting fairy tale - the game allowing the least participant to stay as the quickest and cunning. Well and that that Kolobok was eaten nevertheless, it all - left all other heroes! In comparison with the elder brother or the sister the kid feels some inferiority, and this game will lift to the baby a self-assessment and will help it to reveal with a role, new to itself. The senior can stay the storyteller or a cunning fox. From mother preliminary private conversation with the senior child will be required:“ We with you will think up game for the brother (sister) that he(she) felt himself big, strong and dexterous as you! Help the brother if it is required, but let also to him to feel the main thing, it about it the fairy tale!“

can Also use also other fairy tales at which there are various heroes, big and little animals. (“Teremok“, “The Bremen musicians“). Missing “actors“ toys, friends or mother with the father can stay.

we Will run about, we will jump

Outdoor games all children, irrespective of age love. They are important both for development of physical activity, and for formation of social behavior. The senior in such games learns to be not only dexterous and fast, but also patient and generous in relation to the kid. A usual game of tag is not suitable for uneven-age children, the senior obviously quicker, and is not able to run “in force floor“ 5 - 6 - summer kids yet. And here to play a hide-and-seek and a blind-man`s-buff children quite will be able. It is also possible to suggest the senior child to think up dance under cheerful favourite music and to try to teach the kid. Only surely it is necessary to warn “dance teacher“ that the pupil only begins training, and not all movements at it turn out as well, as at the senior. Let thinks out simple combinations. And all family will gather for performance in the evening!

we Develop attention

If bothered to run and jump, it is possible to occupy children with games on development of attention.

of Zaputyvalki

One of children - the leader. He says aloud: “Ear!“, also has to undertake an ear at the same time. Saying: “Nose!“ - for a nose. The second child repeats his actions. After a while the leader begins to confuse the second player, “to be mistaken“: for example, speaks: “Nose!“ and undertakes an ear. A task of the second player - not to get off. The kid of any age will quite cope with function of the leader.

What changed?

One of kids puts several toys on a table, the second attentively considers them and remembers. Now the second player has to turn away or close eyes a palm. The first player cleans one of toys. When the second child turns, he has to define what toy is not enough. The child is younger, the less objects are used in game. Gradually, depending on progress and age of children, game can be complicated. For example, to increase quantity of objects, to put similar toys (the cubes differing on color, etc.). Or not to clean objects, and just to interchange the position of them. When the player turns, it is necessary to ask: “What changed?“ Game develops a visual memory and attention.

Musical painting


2 sheets of paper, pencils or paints and music are necessary for

For this game. Children sit one by one, everyone with the sheet of paper and paints and listen to music, and then select suitable colors, images and forms to express character of music. Everyone draws on the leaf. Kids can apply on paper in advance contours which they will paint. Children can draw and together on a big leaf, only at the same time they do not need to talk. Often in this game drawings of the smallest are the most interesting and unexpected, probably, kids feel music differently, than children are more senior.


without looking

this game requires a set of cubes. One child sits down on knees near a box with cubes, and to it tie with a scarf eyes. He will read to build higher tower. The second child loudly considers how many cubes were succeeded to use before the tower collapses. Now turn of the following child to build a tower.

the Rope-walker

is required to


For this game a thick rope. It is displayed on a floor with a set of intersections, loops and bends. The player goes along a rope barefoot, carefully, trying not to step on it. For participants is more senior a task it is possible to complicate, having suggested to jump through a rope on one leg, to go blindly or to run as soon as possible.

Sign games

Interesting to children will be also sign games. In these games the senior child can be a leader, that is show the movements and read aloud the poem, the kid with pleasure repeats.

In such game for each child something attractive is: for the kid - the various movements, for the senior - a rhythm, contents and an opportunity to teach small to something new. For these games it is better to choose verses small on volume, but very bright, figurative - for example, Samuil`s “Rain“



On the sky to blue
the roar of a thunder, (We clap over the head) Passed
I again everything is silent. (A finger to lips)
A an instant later we hear , (A palm to an ear, we listen)
As cheerfully and quickly,
On all green leaves, (Connecting palms, we rustle)
On all iron roofs, (We stamp legs)
On flower beds, benches, (We knock fingers on chairs)
On buckets and on watering cans (We knock fingers on a floor)
the Flying rain knocks.

Can use small amusing poems:

(Handles under a cheek) on an ice floe (A small semicircle hands)
the Whole day (A big circle hands) Sleeps Thick (We inflate cheeks) Small (We represent two fingers) the Seal. (Hands along a body, fingers in different directions, we rock)
At the lazy bungler (The handle under cheeks) Turned into flippers of a paw (Hands extended forward, palms alternately up - down) .

Be reconciled, reconciled, reconciled by

Separately would like to tell

about the conflicts which can arise in the course of game. Emergence them is inevitable as children both in 3, and in 6 years already have own opinion, but owing to age still cannot put themselves to the place of another yet and take a detached view of a situation. Egoism at kids - a thing natural, it is not necessary to shame for it, and to help to sort here the conflict costs. To suggest children to understand independently - not absolutely correctly, it is better to interfere to mother until business ended in a fight, otherwise joint game will end with tears and offenses. Mother should not speak to the senior child at all: “Concede to the brother because he small, and you what wons big!“ The senior kid can not show the jealousy in any way, but in soul he always has a fear that with the advent of younger its began to love less. And he sincerely does not understand what communication between age of the brother and joint game and why it, actually, has to concede. But if mother so speaks, so small to be better and love them more. In time it is impossible also younger to allow “to take age advantage“. Therefore at conflict analysis the age should not appear at all. Mother should not forget that in a difficult situation more often happen both are guilty. It is better to listen in turn to each child, without interrupting and without allowing another to interrupt. Then in the presence of another to explain to everyone in what it was not right and as it is possible to arrive to solve a problem. And then to try to organize constructive dialogue in the course of which all together will manage to find the compromise solution between children.

Encourage with

joint games of your children even if kids have already different interests, preferences and wishes. Think out entertainments together with them, the brother or the sister and in many years will remain the closest, dear and favourite people, so let they will have light memories of in common spent cheerful childhood.