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Memories of first labor of

Life goes... In 29 years I was going to give birth to the second the car. Having read stories about childbirth, I endured again those events which happened to me 4 years ago. Pleasantly to remember it always, and now especially. As under heart one more life develops.

the First pregnancy was very desired, but came for a month before the planned term moreover and after “Postinor“. (Here that means hot Turkish spermatozoa.) Nervousness concerning the taken medicine quickly disappeared - everything was good. The girl was ordered. When the husband saw results of ultrasonography - the girl, - that with red eyes called the relatives and reported this desired news.

Conducting pregnancy took place

in Mositalmeda on St. Arbat. Without excess questions, problems, intimidations. All analyses in one place. I was very happy. Toksikozila the first half of pregnancy, but even with pleasure since always thought of the child. Enjoyed the state.

I Gave birth in the 29th maternity hospital (the doctor - Gagayev Chelebi Gasanovich). I love people accurate, clear. It is such.

Everything began

during a day dream. Something burst. Call to the doctor. The task - is urgent in maternity hospital. The call to the husband - is given birth. A task - wait for me. Called a special Ambulance. On traffic jams under blue flashers rushed to give birth. Cars even did not pass the special patrimonial Ambulance. I was quiet, in good mood, just in wonderful. It was very sure of herself. Did not panic, unlike the husband who wanted to shoot all steam of cars.

was Reached. Reception. Any different questions. Normal shaving and enema. An enema - very good business. During attempts I understood why.

to Give birth went with the husband. Snachalo had fun in the maternity block. I splashed with thermal water. Made faces to the husband who filmed me with the camera. And after a while laid down and could not rise and did not want. During fights it was disconnected completely, relaxed strongly and disconnected. The husband ironed my tummy, watched at Dopplere heartbeat of a button and all.

Ya lay on one side. It was disconnected. Sometimes could not even speak. Sometimes the coming doctor said that here fight will begin now. I supposedly will drink tea, then again to you I will come. The midwife sometimes came and lovely told something, and I could not answer. I gave birth. Froze, then it was disconnected completely, then squeezed the husband`s hand to redness, sometimes lowed.

Time went also my dear doctor who sometimes left to drink tea came with a dropper, with a box of tools. Flasks. I could only think, assume. As it appeared later - for secure, you never know. Here dragged me on this high chair for childbirth - my heart was hammered for nervousness strongly - strongly. And the midwife with the doctor began to give command. I was concentrated, accurately and dynamically carried out everything. There was an excellent mood.

I Remember

, at once, noticed lateral sight that the husband waved hands, and to me on a breast put a warm malyshenka. Was born!!! We here with it began to roar everyone about the, papusya newly made cut a pupovinka, and the daughter began to process. With a weight, Apgarami and so forth everything was good. Me, of course slashed what I did not notice at all. Only when began to sew up, and explained all - the doctor sewed up. Made everything yuvelirno, told that the husband will check then quality.

Childbirth was fast. Nearly 8 hours. From malyshenky we since the birth lay together in chamber. She round the clock demanded tityu what I did not refuse to it almost to 3 - x years.

the Father who is weakened emotionally left maternity hospital late. Night. We together. I almost do not sleep. I study my darling. It seemed to me that the whole world belongs to me now. I went on maternity hospital with two tails, with the dangling stomach, and my pride was not a limit. I am a mother. Nevertheless a miracle - the birth of the person.