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What succeeded soap?

In Russia, unlike the majority of the European countries, in care of the kid still popularly usual solid soap. However experts - dermatologists claim long ago that soap does serious harm to our skin and especially gentle and thin skin of the child.

Skin of the baby is thinner than the adult`s skin by 5 times, but it carries out the same functions of protection against the sun, water and other external factors. With it it is helped by a protective layer which is often called a hydrolipidic cloak. The skin pH level at newborns is equal 6,5, and for several months it changes to 5,5. Such subacidic environment provides the best antimicrobic protection.

Even the softest “moisturizing“ soap has the pH level in the range from 7 to 10. The alkaline components which are contained in it just “erase“ a protective film without which children`s skin cannot resist penetration of an infection. The organism of the kid seeks to restore a protective layer and brings to a surface moisture from deep layers of skin. Loss of moisture increases at each use of soap.

Being guided by recommendations of dermatologists, experts of JOHNSON`S® Baby developed the soft liquid clearing means of new generation - the skin which is not containing soap - JOHNSON`S® Baby “From the Top to Heels“ shampoo.

the Skin - shampoo has essentially other formula that allows to achieve full compliance with the pH level of children`s skin. Therefore she not only does not injure skin, but also helps it to cope with influence of external adverse factors. Even usual contact with water leads to the fact that gentle thin skin of the kid loses moisture. The skin - “From the Top for Heels“ shampoo softens water and does its harmful effects minimum. Such careful clarification interferes with emergence of irritation and dryness, and also promotes preservation of protective function of skin.


the Hypoallergenic skin - shampoo is suitable for clarification of hair and a body of the kid, and also can be used as a skin for a bathtub. Thanks to a unique formula “There are no more tears of of TM “ it is also delicate to the child`s eyes as clear spring water. That is why it is ideal for bathing from the first days of life of the kid.

of Mother, taking part in research of consumer opinions on the eve of emergence of a product in Russia, especially noted that the skin - “From the Top for Heels“ shampoo is hypoallergenic, really does not pinch eyes and does not dry skin and hair of the kid.

the Tradition of use of soap is still strong

. But the mothers monitoring improvement of methods of care of skin and caring about health of the child choose the softest means for bathing now - the skin which is not containing soap - JOHNSON`S® Baby “From the Top for Heels“ shampoo. They know that it will keep skin of the kid gentle and silky - from the top to pyatochek!