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Magic pleasure of food of

Admit when you last time ate, enjoying each piece? Without thinking of advantage for health, apart from calorie, without suffering a remorse? The food can become for the woman a nightmare and the reason of a nervous breakdown. And can - one of the greatest vital pleasures. But for this purpose it is necessary to forget about diets and there is only the fact that you want when you want, and to be able to stop in time.

of Women who are happy with the weight in the nature does not happen, and I not an exception. I on a diet from that day when at the first year the beloved girlfriend asked where I find fashionable clothes of the size. It is necessary to tell that I had a size 46 - y and no problems with clothes arose. I have periods of especially strict diets - after the delivery, after holiday in Italy, after infinite New Year`s vacation... It seems, I tried all diets what can be presented. I sat on kefir, crude buckwheat and separate food. I ate one proteins, excepting carbohydrates, and then on the contrary. I ate week only soup from a celery with cabbage and spent two weeks on apples. I did not eat several years after six and was weighed in the mornings. Probably, it would proceed infinitely. But when after Old New year I decided to carry out three-day improving starvation, the husband told: “Everything, will be enough. Or you will eat as all normal people, or I leave. I want to live with the happy full woman, I want that in the refrigerator there was a sausage and that my wife drank with me beer on Saturday evening! Choose: either diets, or I!“ Generally, I chose the husband...

last year “Home“ wrote

about how the French women eat (August, 2005. - Edition) . Frankly speaking, the main thought of article was pleasant to me still then - there is everything that you want and to derive from it pleasure. At that moment I decided that it not for me: only rigid restrictions can rescue my figure. But the magazine everything is postponed. And, probably, time to get it came now. I solved so: exactly two months I will derive pleasure from food. I will eat fat, sweet, smoked - everything that I will only wish. And I will not even look at lucerne sprouts, I swear. Most likely, during this time I will grow fat so that the husband himself will beg me that I returned to diets.

Of what each woman

Most important dreams, Frenchwomen consider, there is the fact that you want and not that it is useful, correctly or with a low caloric content. The organism itself knows what is not enough for it, and you should not mislead it.

Usually I eat with

for breakfast the porridge made on water without salt and sugar and I add to it one fruit - apple, a pear or orange, I drink green tea, during a breakfast I read something. Today all in a different way. In - the first, any books: they distract and prevent to enjoy food. In - the second, any green tea, instead of it - a big cup of cocoa with milk (3,2% of fat content). In - the third, any porridge. I prepare for myself what I dreamed several years of: a huge sandwich from fresh white loaf with a crisp. Inside I put bacon, cheese is (a lot of), lettuce leaves (absolutely slightly - slightly) and I add mayonnaise (about 200 calories in a tablespoon - but who considers?) . Slightly I warm up. I sit down to a table. I try.

Ya the adult, stood woman, but when I bite off the very first small piece of this huge sandwich and I wash down it with cocoa, I want to shout with happiness.

I here that strange: if after porridge I at work in eleven began to have a bite hours (low-calorie cookies with vitamins, rye crispbread without salt, dried fruits), then now I am not hungry prior to the beginning of the second when it is already quite possible to have dinner.

Main - me - edlenno

If I do not keep the rigid diet, then my usual lunch is the vegetable soup and salad filled with vegetable oil. Today I take myself mushroom cream - cream soup and cheese toasts, and on the second - golden fried fish with mashed potatoes (I do not even remember when I ate its last time) and a small plateau with fantastic Russian salad. I from distance of several steps feel how in it pickles and sausages marvelously smell... It is some New year at the beginning of March. It is a heart name-day! My colleagues scaredly exhale and, apparently, cannot inhale any more. And while they with amazement crackle cabbage salad, I slowly (this main parting word of the French women) eat soup with toasts more hotly. And when business reaches Russian salad, I almost with horror understand that I am it... I do not want. The one who kept to a diet will understand me. If you do a break in healthy nutrition, then sweep away everything that badly lies: tomorrow the diet will be started over again and there is it it will be impossible. But, as everything is possible for me, I just put aside this holiday with pickles aside. I can eat it tomorrow. I come back to a workplace, I give some tea and I develop milk chocolate with ridiculously low maintenance of cocoa - beans, but with raisin and nuts. I do not know whether make the person happy sugar and carbohydrates, but, having eaten a half of a tile, I understand that to me it is good.

Where dreams


the dream of my husband Came true: we have supper all together, at seven o`clock in the evening (and it at the whole o`clock after the last legal meal if someone forgot). For dinner we eat fried meat, French fries and vegetable salad (but without lucerne!) we drink wine. We talk about what happened in a day. Just some “The Forsyte Saga“.

the Husband is so happy that he washes the dishes after a dinner. Family idyll.

Ya I go to bed, absolutely confident that I will not fall asleep for a full stomach. Not at all. I fall asleep instantly, and I for the first time for long time am not tormented by images of appetizing dishes which I could eat right now.

By the way, the French women consider that the best gymnastics for an organism is a sex.

Why me earlier never came to

of Throats of happiness to mind to make to itself for breakfast freshly squeezed juice? On cutting orange in half and to wash up the juice extractor, leaves as much time, as well as on clearing it of skin, to divide into segments, to cut and add to unsalted porridge. But it is how more tasty to drink fresh juice from a crystal glass, than to chew orange with porridge! And why did not come to my mind what is on beautiful ware more pleasant? We protect it for solemn occasions, but plates will not fade if sometimes to get them for no reason at all, just that it was pleasant! When the table is beautifully served, there is no wish to hurry during food at all.

Probably, the French women are not so not right: when you know that everything is possible for you, it is not necessary to gorge on for the future. As usual happens: you know that you after six - - and eat till this time even if are not hungry. The real hunger appears in 9, and then infinite small having a snack begins. How more pleasantly with appetite to eat in 7!

Following recommendations of Frenchwomen, I rise by the fourth floor on foot and I write down everything that I ate in a day during a diet, and the fact that I eat now. It appears, I eat not much more. Earlier nearly a half of eaten fell on low-calorie having a snack which developed in the decent sum of calories.

Surprising row

the Eclair in coffee glaze, with cream and coconut flakes. Chocolate cake with cherries. Hot pizza with olives, pineapples and seafood. Macaroni with cheese, eventually! It dread to think that will turn out if to put together all that time which I spent, dreaming of these inaccessible pleasures. But here Frenchwomen noticed: if you want some ice cream, and you try to replace it with something useful, then eat apple, then a dried pear, then there is a little raisin and the vitaminized muesli... But all the same it will come to an end in ice cream, only if to suffer three days, on the fourth you will eat this ice cream much more.


Exactly in two months I get scales from a case. For all this time I was never weighed. I feel on clothes that I recovered. But I do not feel that the increase in weight was catastrophic. Scales show 66 kg instead of 64,5 at the beginning of my pleasant food. I gained one and a half kg. With a height of 168 cm it is a little, but in a year the increase would be very essential.

Of course, I will correct councils of Frenchwomen. I will not eat sweet every day, but all - rather often and by all means with pleasure!

Ya already registered to the gym. It appears if you do not keep to a diet, then forces appear in order that few times in a week to work aerobics or to swim for a while. Yes, we will also not forget that the most favourite gymnastics of the French women is a sex.