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Late climax of

How to warn unpleasant symptoms of a climax?


questions of readers are answered by the doctor of the first qualification category of a maternity welfare unit of Leninsky district of Voronezh Lyudmila Alekseevna Ilchenko.

“On what the age at which usually there comes the climax depends? Whether the number of childbirth, a regularity of intimate life, stresses can affect?“
V. Petrova, Saransk

- Age of approach of a climax is defined first of all by heredity. If mother and relatives on the female line had an early climax, almost for certain their lot will be shared also by the daughter. It is impossible to stop or slow down inner internal clocks. Today the means capable to prevent the descended insufficient activity of ovaries are not found.

the undergone gynecologic operations, a severe and long stress, infectious diseases during puberty Can bring closer approach of a climax. The climax can begin earlier at a serious illness, exhaustion.

To approach of a menopause is led by removal of ovaries or violation of their function owing to radiation or chemotherapy. It is considered that for 1 - 3 years there comes the climax quicker at women who smoke much.

the Number of pregnancy and childbirth does not influence age at which there comes the climax.

Thus, it is almost impossible to distance age of the entry into the climacteric period. But it is possible to try not to accelerate the course of inner internal clocks. It is especially important to avoid smoking and at long stressful states to ask for the help the expert.

“To me is 48 years old. A year ago monthly became more rare also less plentiful. So 8 months proceeded, then the cycle was restored and became as before. What was it? Really I began a climax?“
L. V., Tambov

- the Main manifestation of normally proceeding climax - rare and less plentiful periods.

Temporary violation of a menstrual cycle can testify to the coming climax. But to claim that the climax already began, is not necessary. Change of character monthly was, most likely, a harbinger of the forthcoming hormonal reorganization.

to you needs to seem to

to the gynecologist. By results of blood test on hormones - FSG, LG, Prolactinum - the doctor will be able to draw a conclusion in what there was a reason of failures in a menstrual cycle. whether

“Some advantages in a late climax are? At my friend it began in 44, and me already 56, but I still do not feel any changes in the organism“.
Natalya Chetverikova, the Moscow Region

- Average age of approach of a climax in the countries of a temperate climate which also Russia treats, - about 50 years. At most of women of periods stop aged from 45 till 55 years. At 5 women from the 100th regular periods proceed also after 55, and at some and after 60 years. At 3% of women the natural climax begins still to 40.


It is noticed that those women at whom it came at average age the easiest transfer a climax. The early climax, as a rule, lasts long and more often is followed by unpleasant symptoms.

the Late age of the entry into the climacteric period in some degree is useful to

. The organism is longer influenced by the estrogen protecting heart and vessels. At the woman skin and hair begin to grow old later, feminity of a figure remains longer.

the Only real minus of a late climax consists in small increase of probability of breast cancer or cancer of ovaries. Therefore to you and all others, it is necessary to pass routine inspections at the gynecologist once a year and to do mammography research.

“To me is 53 years old, already several months me inflow and irritability torment. What needs to be done easier to transfer a climax?“
Tatyana Vasilyeva, Moscow

- the Climax is not a disease, and only the period of adaptation of an organism to the lowered hormonal level. It is recommended not to smoke, limit the use of alcoholic beverages. It is important to enrich a diet with calcium, is well balanced food with the low content of animal fats, to be engaged in physical exercises.

be More in the fresh air as under the influence of a sunlight in an organism very important vitamin D is synthesized. It is dangerous to sit down on rigid, especially bezbelkovy, diets as they are an additional stress for an organism.

hot drinks, alcohol, spicy food, a physical overstrain, nervousness, too warm clothes can Provoke inflow. It is necessary to track what factors cause inflow in you, and to try to avoid them.


to Women with srednevyrazhenny symptoms of a climax is often helped by vitamin E. Its fine sources are wheat sprouts, nuts, vegetable oils.

If these simple measures do not help

, see a doctor. There is a number of modern replaceable hormonal preparations which can facilitate manifestations of a climax considerably.

“Is told about harm of hormones much now. As far as it is true? Perhaps, absolutely you should not accept them?“
Elena Grinevich, Novgorod

- In fact, these drugs “deceive“ an organism. He receives the hormones lacking it just in that quantity not to “be indignant“, but in much smaller, than was developed by ovaries. Therefore process of reorganization is not slowed down, and goes smoothly and almost without serious consequences.

the Question of that, it is how widely necessary to use replaceable hormonal therapy, still remains open. Many experts incline that replacement therapy is justified if only the woman feels very badly, and climax symptoms considerably reduce her working capacity.

Though hormonal preparations facilitate a state, help to grow old less, for an organism they are not indifferent. Therefore if indispositions can be endured, better to reconcile to symptoms but to avoid dangers from purpose of therapy.

If forces to suffer

is not present, it is necessary that the scheme was selected by very good expert. At treatment hormonal means recommend to do mammography periodically.

If in a mammary gland nodal educations are, replacement therapy is not carried out. Contraindicated hormonal treatment also at liver diseases, diabetes, violations in the curtailing system of blood and at tumors of any origin.

Instead of hormones the doctor can pick up the homeopathic remedies and preparations containing phytoestrogen - “Klimaktoplan“, “Remens“ and others. They facilitate climax symptoms too though force of their action, of course, considerably concedes to hormonal preparations. At the increased irritability and sleeplessness the new homeopathic medicine “Klimased - clinics“ not bad helps.

all manifestations of a climacteric syndrome are influenced by the non-hormonal preparation “Enerlit - Klim“.


From modern medicinal vegetable preparations successfully apply the preparation “Klimadinon“, effective in treatment of moderate climacteric symptoms. Klimadinon reduces inflow, removes irritability, normalizes a dream, and also positively influences safety of a bone tissue. whether

“Pregnancy in the period of a climax is possible

Svetlana. St. Petersburg

- Ability to become pregnant decreases already during this period when at the woman after 40 years of periods become irregular or poor.

However the temporary hormonal background favorable for conception can sometimes arise.“ Unexpected“ pregnancies at women aged from 45 till 50 years not a rarity.

About ability of the woman to conception can with high probability tell hormonal blood test. The main indicator which is estimated by the doctor, - the level of follikulostimuliruyushchy hormone - FSG. This hormone operates function of ovaries. At its considerable decrease ova cease to ripen.

It is considered p that if periods were not one year, then it is impossible to become pregnant.