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Childbirth without prenatal record of

there was everything so. I to doctors do not go because I feel awful fear before them. Therefore, having used financial hardship, I for all pregnancy never descended to the doctor. Though as I all - conscious, the thought such had. Well, did not leave.

the Moment of childbirth suited

, besides, by my nonsense: it is necessary to walk last days pregnancies on foot of km 10 and on a frost! And to whom it is weak? Well also received fights at 4 o`clock in the morning, well and waters departed. Well, the husband was at home. But my nonsense at me.

Ya, having read literatures, on the Internet and in the printed look, I know that at the first pregnancy of fight can last till 12 o`clock, well and besides my fear at me, I do not hurry, I speak to the husband:“ Have a sleep so far, and I will wake when it is necessary“.

of Hours in eight I think, it is time! I awake the husband, we call an Ambulance, we go. Snow, cold, the car which froze even inside. Fairy tale.

Arrived to an accident ward, did not allow me to take the things, I do not wear dressing gowns, I do not love them therefore I had a house suit, distances the dressing gown some torn, smelled bleaching powder. Took an interest whether normal I what was not at the doctor, but me asked about it still the doctor Skoroy so I was ready to a question, and answered - of course, normal, it seems?

generally as strange personality with unstable mentality, allocated me huge chamber where soon gave one more same, mother 5 - x children, 45 years old, “too not in“.

She gave rise to

the first, but for a start tore to me all nerves, constantly repeating - is painful to me, is painful to me... But after the delivery the neigbour was very lovely woman.

By 12 o`clock doctors decided that you will not wait when I decide that it is time for me to give birth, carried me to a maternity office. Pushed on a chair. And once again took an interest whether normal I, and still offended me by suspicion that I am an addict (I for 32 years never smoked and did not drink, essentially, of course), but to me was at that time all the same. By force got from me the child what I am grateful to them for as they told, my muscles of a uterus reduced a spasm, and I nearly strangled the child.

the Child was given, though poniteresovatsya whether I want to leave it to the state. Probably, I did not express suitable delight, but at that time I also could not.

But the most interesting happened to

then when we were written out: my husband forgot all my clothes, except boots. So I was wrapped up, in a children`s blanket and by a taxi taken home. So that`s that.