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Belly dance of

Sometimes seems to you that with the child`s birth life became monotonous, and the husband: perceives you only as the housewife? Distract from life, feel the charming woman, desired, beautiful, graceful and graceful, learn to derive a sheer pleasure from life! With it you will be helped by the belly dance which became recently unusually popular in Russia.

of Bellidans (belly dance) - not just dance. It is philosophy, harmony, health, ardent and graceful expression of feelings and emotions. Occupations by the Arab dance are not similar to heavy physical activity. Bellidans gives pleasure, pleasure, in it loading and relaxation evenly alternate that does not allow to fall down flat-out in exhaustion.

the Way to health and harmony

of Bellidans is invaluable

to a female organism, both with physiological, and with psychological the points of view. Doctors claim that, being engaged bellidansy, the woman develops in the body all groups of muscles, including the deepest and even intimate which are difficult for involving, being engaged in some other type of physical activity. Dance helps to support the general tone of an organism, to improve figure contours, forces the woman to feel the tightened and elegant, but not tortured life and life. Are gradually got a regal bearing and fascinating plasticity of movements that emphasizes feminity and grace irrespective of age, growth and build of the lady. Taking the Arab dancing classes, the woman learns to accept and love the body it what it to eat, make impression on people around, to give herself in the most advantageous option. Many say that thanks to occupations belly dance at them changed the relation to the body. If earlier they considered themselves as “fat women“, then, having adjoined to the Arab dances, suddenly felt interesting and attractive and now speak about themselves only as about women “with curvy shapes“. They trust in the charm, forcing to find thereby them charming and all people around. And such metamorphoses become possible thanks to an oriental dance. Dancing, the woman can choose for herself those movements which best of all allow it to express the feelings which will show beauty of her body.

Despite the name, the main role in belly dance are played by back muscles. This dance allows to involve and train all groups of muscles tied with a backbone. From here faultlessly direct back, flexibility, a light step, improvement of blood circulation and work it is warm - vascular system. Bellidans will help to strengthen deep muscles of a back, and it, in turn, will allow to prevent such unpleasant diseases as hernias of intervertebral disks, osteochondrosis; besides, will help to relieve you of a curvature of a backbone and to kill back and shoulders pains.

of the Movement by a basin and hips intensify blood circulation of bodies of a small pelvis, kill pains during periods. Training of muscles of a basin allows to solve problems in the intimate sphere, to adjust sexual life. Dance will help to prepare an organism for pregnancy and childbirth, and after the delivery - as soon as possible to restore all functions of an organism, to normalize a figure.

One of the main issues which interests women - whether are promoted by occupations bellidansy to weight loss? Whether it is possible to lose weight, taking belly dance? The Arab dance helps a body to reach harmony, to improve figure proportions: to grow thin respectively that who needs to grow thin and to recover that who needs it. After several occupations the waist begins to be excreted more accurately, the condition of skin improves, displays of cellulitis decrease. But even if you will not grow thin, you learn to love the body so that you will force to fall in love with it all surrounding.

the Idea to begin to take belly dance by much seems to

ridiculous thanks to a heap of the acquired complexes. “No, it not for me, I too old / thick / ugly / bandy-legged / clumsy/!“ - standard excuse. And it is valid only an excuse because for occupations bellidansy there are practically no restrictions and contraindications. All can dance - from young “lolit“ to gray-haired matrons, from magnificent “fatties“ to weightless “fuzzes“. Also it is not necessary to hesitate of anybody! Get rid rather of an inferiority complex, and bellidans will help you to make it as soon as possible.

Many-sided dance

As well as where there was a belly dance? On this question there is no definite answer, and versions a set. On one of them, it originates in ancient ceremonies of inhabitants of Central and Central Asia when belly dance was executed on the occasion of some significant events. On another - wives of the Turkish sultans began to dance belly dance to develop muscles of the body, to give it feminity, plasticity and sexuality, to win a special arrangement of the regal spouse and a privileged position in a harem. The third version says that bellidans is the modified Indian dance delivered by the Indian nomads in the Arab world.

the huge number of styles - dance of Pharaohs, a haggal, dance with a saber, dance with a shawl, dance with a fan, dance with candles, the Turkish national dance, the Tunisian dance, the Turkish belly dance, Saidi (dance with a cane), the Alexandria dance, nubian dance, halidzh (dance of Gulf States) and others Exists. Modern bellidans arose thanks to merge mainly of two folklore styles - Ghawazee and Baladi. Ghawazee (gavaz) are egipetsko - the Gipsy family dance which is executed during various holidays in which the female part of family dances, and man`s accompanies on musical instruments. Each family has the, only to it the inherent style of dance passing from father to son. Baladi (balad) - the Egyptian rural dance which women danced in the house. As it is paradoxical, but women acted as spectators too. Today bellidans is a spectacular show, the colourful dance having a little general with the primogenitors.

That is necessary for occupations

For occupations to you will be required first of all the suitable center and the skilled teacher. Specialists in a bellidans do not recommend to begin to master technology of the Arab dance independently, to teach you to carry out the movements beautifully and that the most important, correctly, very often the teacher should not just explain how it becomes, but also to show, and then to control your attempts, to help you to experience and fix each movement in consciousness.

No special clothes for occupations by the Arab dances to you will be required to

at the beginning. Quite usual training trousers and a topic will approach, it is desirable short to see the stomach in a mirror, and on legs - socks, Czeches or ballet slippers: no shoes will be necessary. Usually pupils still tie a colorful scarf on hips to emphasize their line. Looks very beautifully. You can for mood put on brilliant bracelets which will be poured and publish a melodious ring at the slightest movement hands. Further, if your hobby for oriental dances passes into something serious and you will want to act on public, you will be able independently to buy or sew a suit for dances. The thought that you will be able to become the real dancer seems to you unreal? Absolutely in vain. Many schools will organize performances of the schoolgirls in various concerts and on festive celebrations.

Second in popularity a question which concerns persons interested to learn to execute belly dance: how much time you need to study? It depends only on the level of your physical training and your purpose. If you want to dance for yourself, the relatives and friends, then in 4 - 6 months you will be able already to flash at a friendly party. There is only one condition: do not skip any class! At the initial stage each lesson is invaluable and if you miss something, then it will be very difficult to make up.

we Will dance


One of the main exercises which beginners have to master is so-called “eight“. In order that to execute it, try to imagine mentally the horizontal eight in which center you stand. Initial position: legs at shoulder length, the left hip slightly is given forward. “Carry out“ by this hip on the left half of the imagined eight, taking away it as much as possible back, at the same time do not tear off a heel from a floor at all! Then repeat the same with the right hip to the right side. The eights can be “drawn“ both forward, and back. Do so many time how many want. This exercise, very useful and pleasant for execution.

present to

Now that you cost in the middle of a circle. Leaving a back perfectly direct, try “to draw“ buttocks a back line on the maximum amplitude, at the same time pulling in a stomach in themselves.


Very much likes exercise under the name “rocking chair“. For its performance you should stand up on pans, holding legs having together and slightly bent knees. Now in turn raise that right hip up, left. Pay attention that all upper body has to remain at the same time motionless, only hips work.

the Following exercise is called “dome“. It is rather difficult to execute it, this exercise from those which need to be experienced each muscle that it turned out correctly and beautifully. It can be explained with words so: strongly inflate a stomach, and then also strongly pull in it in yourself, then repeat everything at first. At the same time it is necessary to keep absolutely free breath, without detaining it and not learning. At first exercise needs to be carried out at slow speed and when you experience it, gradually increase speed and move to a music rhythm - the show will be fascinating!

Carrying out the dance movements, you remember that your body and the head have to remain motionless, only hips move. Do not straighten a leg and do not stand on them as on stilts, you hold knees slightly - slightly bent. You watch a bearing - you hold a back directly, remove a breast forward, lower shoulders. Muscles of your buttocks and a stomach remain weakened, do not strain them!

of the Hip hips and where to put hands? Certainly, they should not dangle lifeless lashes! Move them smoothly, imitating the movements of a sea wave.

Where to learn?

Demand generates the offer. Thanks to the prompt growth of popularity of oriental dances in Russia the number of schools and courses where train in this art, became huge. Unfortunately, not all of them are capable to teach you to dance rather correctly. Many centers put the task only to follow style to attract as much as possible clients. Courses of oriental dances can be found practically in each sports club now. You will hardly be able to seize the real equipment of an oriental dance in such centers. Therefore if you want to be engaged seriously and correctly, it is better to address to special schools of oriental dances which quite a lot too is opened.

Usually occupations take place two - three times a week, and you will be able to choose for yourself the most convenient to you the schedule and time. The number of people in group about 8 or 10, sometimes happens more, but if the hall in which you should be engaged, big then nobody interferes with each other.

As for payment, the price will depend also on prestige of the school chosen by you, and on reputation and popularity of the teachers working there. At many schools art of an oriental dance is trained by the well-known dancers in professional circles who passed training in the countries of the Arab world and having a wide experience. It is natural that occupations in their groups are appreciated much above. Single visit costs an average of about 200 - 300 rubles therefore it is more favorable to buy the subscription - 1500 - 2000 rubles for 8 occupations.

If does not have


Well and if the kid absolutely small, it you do not leave one, and do not have relatives or they extremely negatively react to each your attempt to escape from the house? What to do? Lessons of a bellidans can be taken, without leaving the house - there would be only a videorecorder or CD - a player because the huge number of cartridges and disks which will help to seize equipment of an oriental dance is already put on the market. Certainly, it is better to be engaged in group and under supervision of the expert, but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to manage also the cartridge. At least, it is better, than at all nothing.

Educational movies on a bellidans for beginners contain detailed recommendations as it is correct to operate muscles how to develop their mobility what movements by them can be carried out and as to do it in a music rhythm. The instructor from the screen will show you the main movements of a bellidans, that base on the basis of which further you will grind the skill, - the eights, the Arab step, circles hips. Even will show you in some training programs on the scheme as well as where you have to turn a hip on what trajectory it is necessary to execute a wave as muscles when performing joltings work as it is correct to put legs and where to put hands.

When you will master

the simplest technicians of dance, it is possible to pass to the second stage for continuing to study separate dancing compositions, including compositions with objects (a shawl, a cane), day by day perfecting the movements of the Arab dance.