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The excommunication from a breast in ten days of

to my daughter Nastyusha will be executed Soon 1 year 5 months. Absolutely already big! Also I decided to disaccustom her to a breast. I unconsciously delayed this moment, understanding all charm of GV for the baby and for myself. Any to you cares with small bottles, nipples (neither to wash, nor to sterilize), not to buy dairy mixes; at night the daughter woke up - on you, the baby, tityu. GV - continuous convenience and pleasure to both!

But ahead the summer, at last the sun loomed … And by rules the excommunication from a breast is not recommended in the summer. Here I also decided. Read magazines for mummies (“My child“, “Aistenok“), polazit on the Internet on the parental websites (many mummies impart experience - good support, you feel that you not one such, all pass through it).

At first I tried to nullify day applyings. Of course, it is possible to distract easily in the afternoon - “cats and doggies on the street run“, to look at books and just to tell a rhyme. But for the night all rights for Nastyone`s breast belonged completely, she as though tried to enjoy sucking for the day ahead. And milk - that already all will exhaust, is does not want, but titya has to be near. Here I only also am shifted from one side to another, the benefit a bed big, we sleep with the daughter together (the daddy with understanding sleeps the second year on the sofa in other room, occasionally being interested when it is allowed to it to return on the lawful place).

I was not going to Smear a breast with mustard, garlic, an aloe and other “delicacies“.

Day of X came by itself. In the evening, luxuriating at a breast, Nastena unintentionally bit teeth of pacifiers. Of course, pleasant it is not enough. I represented that is very sick, explained that to mother “bo - bo“. She with interest looked at me and decided “to bite“ still me a time (to check my reaction). I again - mother “bo - bo“, and did not give a breast any more.

But that very much surprised me! At night she refused to take a breast. Woke up as usual 4 - 5 times, but turned away from a breast and in the sleep spoke to me “bo - bo“. I right there decided to use that at night the daughter never sucked a breast and next day explained again that mother “bo - bo“, does not have a milk.

the Breast I tied

elastic bandage, not really hardly (now do not recommend to be drawn). Also my “sufferings“ began, milk collected on second day, I feel - heavy, in the evening a little (150 grams from both breasts) decanted a simple manual milk pump (in a drugstore costs 51 rub). I advise hands not to decant! It is a pity to pour out, poured in a poilnik, allowed Nastenke to drink at night. And she in a dream also did not understand that she to what, drank and farther to sleep.

the First three nights the daughter woke up 2 - 3 times, but quickly calmed down (that is very surprising). It was difficult for me! A breast - that hurts, touches very painful. Tried to decant seldom - 1 - 2 time a day when absolutely nevterpezh. For the night did cabbage compresses (to scald a leaf of cabbage boiled water, and to make many holes a fork or a chopped hammer) and cottage cheese with honey (you mix cottage cheese with 1 tablespoon of honey and you wrap this gruel in a double gauze and you wrap up a breast, from above to cover with a napkin). I think, well when all this will come to an end - it is possible to sleep only on a back! Especially painful feelings when you raise hands upward, for example, to get a cup for tea from a locker. Tried to limit itself in liquid, but the organism which got used for 1,5 years to plentiful drink badly understood why it is necessary to thirst. Refused to itself and acceptance of a hot shower, bathtub and did not go to a bath.

during an excommunication the daughter became a little kaprizny, to ask more to me on handles, but all this is clear. At me the fine fellow, the hysteric did not roll up Nastenk, tityu did not ask but only became better to drink a milk from a mug.

I today 10 day, with surprise found out that slept almost all night long on a stomach. And the breast does not hurt! It is possible already and to the husband for the night to appoint “meeting“. I feel perfectly! So life is fine, and it proceeds!