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The kid learns the world - to understand and help

of Reflection concerning the book L. Bredvey and B. A. Hil “The child from 0 to 3 years: how to develop knacks“.

the Fundamental thesis of system Lauren Bredvey which works voklakhomsky university, is as follows: of three main ways of knowledge of the world (with the help of sight, hearing and touch) one, as a rule, yavlyaetsyaprioritetny. It substantially defines abilities the child`s ipovedeniye. According to a priority way are allocated a tritip of children: listener, viewer and figure. Podrobnyetablitsa by whom it is possible to define to what type prinadlezhitvash the child are given in the book. Here I will provide short characteristics of these types.

Children - the audience likes to consider pictures, to them to interesneesmotret naillyustration to the fairy tale, than to listen to the fairy tale. In kindergarten they a sudovolstviye play cubes, put pictures from fragments, mold, cut out, in a word, their hobbies are calculated on vzaimodeystviyeglaz and hands. They quickly learn to draw and write with printing letters, and nasamy first lessons of reading with ease remember graphics of short words. And at more advanced age children - the audience prefers board games, willingly draws, makes, models, quickly masters the computer, lyubyatvideo - games.

of Babies - listeners are easily calmed by music or a znakomyegolosa, an anise pleasure reproduce the elementary sounds. Children are more senior like to sing, tell verses, set an infinite number of questions, correctly ikhorosho speak. They early show interest in reading, and in initial shkoleokhotno read aloud and easily remember instructions of the teacher. They to lyubyatslushat recorder cartridges and radio, quickly remember aurally, prefer colloquial games or games with guessing of words.

Most of babies - figures does not know rest. They mnogodvigatsya samiya love when they are turned and thrown by adults. Figures earlier, chemdrugy children begin to creep, and then to go. At preschool age onipredpochitat the games connected with jumps, to lasagnas, run, love cubes idvizhushchiyesya toys on wheels. Figures are more senior prefer games nasvezhy air, play sports, go hiking, look after zazhivotny. “

It is natural that division of all children into three types - is conditional. Zachastuyudeti is actively used by two ways of knowledge, or razvivayutsyagarmonichno. But I think that many parents can tell about a svoyemrebenka at once (or of myself):“ oh, the poured-out listener (or other type)“, also etomozht to furnish the clue to the solution of many problems in a family.

As a matter of fact, division into “meek creatures“, “talkers“ and“ runners“ not new. When I began to read L. Bredvey`s book, this idea seemed mnelezhashchy on a surface. But yet earlier I did not meet her, so chetkosformulirovanny and convincingly reasonable anywhere. I think, often roditeliintuitivno define type of the child and harakterirut it on the bytovomuroyena:“ from it you will not extend the word “, “ it has only a music on mind “, “ emuba to rush like mad“ and so on. A L. Bredvey well explains how most quicker to understand what ways of knowledge are preferred by the child to istroit education and occupations with it, proceeding from these prerequisites.

the Author of the book considers that the main way of knowledge a yavlyaetsyavrozhdennoyosobennost of the person. Just imagine! The kid is to this world, inachinat to pay attention to colors, sounds and touches of objects. One of this sea of feelings is pleasant to investigate something to it bolshevsy. But parents it it is for some reason angry, and mother speaks with asperity: “do not sit you with cubes, go run about, take a walk“ (or “though time would take the book of a vruka!“ ). Having remembered the similar remarks, I strongly regretted that I did not read this book earlier. Now it became obvious to me that we with the husband - the poured-out “audience“, and here our first son was “listener“, and we not really considered an etoraskhozhdeniye of “tastes“. I tried a uvlechmalysha books and drawing more, and the father - designers and the computer. The child talked without a stop and wanted that with him all vremyarazgovarivat, preferred to reading music. Now, when it a stalpodrostok, music became literally the environment of its dwelling: he is a slushayetpleyer when goes in transport and by breaks at school, and domaoborudovat the whole studio where plays the guitars and a synthesizer. In svoyevremya I did not want to send him to music school because I considered that it is too big load of the child. Perhaps, I was not right, being guided first of all own sad an opytomposeshcheniye of the House of Pioneers... I - that was “viewer“, and for a piano menyaprikhoditsya to exhaust with force, and to the “listener“ who here is growing up it to moglookazatsya not in burden, and further very much it would be useful.

I try to consider system of “three types“ at occupations by the snashimvtory son Now. But here everything was much easier: Maksimka - typical “viewer“. And I can examine in the pleasure with it books, draw, play in the designer. By the way, Lauren Bredvey writes that, on eenablyudeniye, children inherit favourite type of knowledge oky - nibud from parents. Of course, this reasonable solution of the nature:“ same“ it is easier for parent and child to understand each other. It is a pity what etopravit does not manage without any exception :)

the Second aspect of the theory of Bredvey: after you an opredeliliprioritetny way of knowledge and, respectively, strength of the child, it is necessary to be engaged in development of other spheres of activity. Though it is difficult to achieve an absolyutnogobalans between all ways, should aspire the kgarmoniya that the child could remember successfully information as visually, and from hearing, and also did not lag behind in physical training. In knigeprivedeno many various recommendations, I chose a little, on moyvzglyad, the most interesting (from the section for children from a year to three years).

Improvement and development of skills of the viewer:
- Teach the child to give rest to eyes or to relax them. It Metodzaklyuchatsya in that the child, having covered eyes with palms so that light did not get, on command closed eyes for ten seconds.
- Study together some subject, then move away him and on ocheredipytaytes to describe this subject.
- Tell the child of a srazka and various stories in the dark. Etopomozhet to develop at it visual imagination. - Be engaged in
together in art creativity. Give to the child of a krasivyekarandasha, paper clip, felt-tip pens, paints. Buy for it simple puzzles.
- Buy the child a board with the magnetic alphabet or other figures; konstuktor of LEGO or similar to it. Perhaps, he will be interested a modelimashinok with trailers, the opening doors and other fine details.
Such games develop hands and fingers.
- Give to the child as much as possible magazines, let it do with them everything that wants.

Improvement and development of skills of the listener:
- Give to the child the chance to listen to more music; get kassetys records for children. The children`s tape recorder gives the chance to the child to samomunazhimat on multi-colored buttons.
- Try to provide to the child contacts with peers.
- you Say, using compound sentences, definitions. To Opisyvaytevsa in details. It will also induce the child to build and the speech. Beseduytes the child at any opportunity (on walk, in transport etc.) ask it more questions.
- read aloud More often and discuss read. It is possible to vmesterassmatrivat advertizing magazines and to tell that in photos. To expand with Takmozhno a lexicon. For reading it is good to choose special, especially cozy place. The child can be interested volume ilidvizhushchimisya in pictures.

Improvement and development of skills of the figure:
- Give to the child a small basin, a certain similarity of a house sandbox. Pour water there, or fill various grain, corn flakes ity similar. It will be pleasant to child to dig in this basin, peresypayarazlichny materials.
- the Swing in the yard or a sports complex of the house - excellent incentive of dlyafizichesky exercises. It is very useful to register in a children`s sportivnuyugruppa. - Dance
together to music. Play pantomimes - as though to a vypylesosita, you have a shave or you open a window. Sing and show in type litsakhpesenka “Here is how we sweep a floor, we walk upstairs etc.“

Small retreat about terms. Probably, “the listener - the viewer - the figure“ are the loss for words which is been by the translator of this book. They vpolneadekvatno reflect the general idea though “figure“ also generated at me not multistrange associations (in my opinion, the figure is a type which it is eternal that - toorganizut, or holds a high post in the organization - “profsoyuznyydeyatel“ etc.) If I only could, I would call three types “the musician - the artist - the athlete“, but the present scientific terms already, of course, are thought up long ago. In the Internet articles I met takiyetermina as “vizualist“ and “kinestatik“ and as will be on - scientific “listener“, I do not know.

in conclusion would like to wish

that such simple things, kakprinyaty in attention of priority type of knowledge, would enter ours use would be natural to parents (and also employees of kindergartens ishkol!), as, say, accounting of build or type of temperament. And ours would detyamstat easier with us to live...