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We choose children`s camp

By the time of when your child breaks into the house with shouts: “Hurrah! Vacation!“ it is quite good to decide on what your child will do in the summer. Therefore if you want to send it to children`s camp, then think of the permit in advance and choose camp to its taste.

And whether the camp is necessary?

Psychologists consider that if to the child 8 - 10 years were executed, it is healthy a body and soul, so rest with peers separately from parents is simply necessary for it. Your child matures, he needs “to get rid of an umbilical cord“, and children`s camp in this case - a fine inoculation of independence. For the first time it is possible to send the child to camp together with friends - so it will be simpler to it to adapt in an unfamiliar situation. Certainly, first he should have some stress. Earlier it never got to the world where there is no mother who is always ready to make for it the decision and to help which always loves it independently from anything. And here the tutor or the leader - foreign person whose respect and love still it is necessary to deserve. Not to mention ten absolutely unfamiliar peers who should become friends or even friends. In other words, the camp is the real school of life and growing. Prepare that you literally do not recognize the child when he returns. Certainly, in good sense.

How to choose camp?

the Main thing governed

: the camp should be chosen not only by the principle - “where good weather and where tasty feed“, is much more important that children were busy all the time and could show the activity efficiently. If before you the choice: for the same money to send the child to usual camp (4 - 5 - single food, works an athletic field, in the afternoon in the evenings - a disco and gaming machines) to 2 changes for 24 days or in camp thematic where time of the child will be painted on minutes and he will be constantly busy with something interesting, but only for 2 weeks, remember the worst enemy with the name “boredom“. Even if the child should carry out other part of summer just at the dacha, at the choice of camp it is better to be guided not on the number of days, and by their quality. If at the very beginning of summer you send it to camp of active recreation, then then all remained time he will live under impression of fascinating camp entertainments, trying to transfer them to the usual life. Remarkable camp - such where all change is devoted to some thematic psychological game. For example, game to the state. At the beginning of change are chosen the president, parliament, the television, mail etc. is created. All children find to themselves the place in life: someone becomes a journalist, someone the actor, someone the politician or the businessman. It is possible to open the business, to marry and even to appoint to itself... children. There are also other games: in the detective story, to the city where each group presents the street, to school of foreign languages, to space newcomers... There are also unusual projects like “Robinzonada“ where children live on the island in tents and under supervision of adults study art of a survival of the person in extreme conditions. And as all children different, it would be still useful to apply an individual approach here and to pick up to the child camp of the corresponding subject.

“I became the citizen of Great Britain and now every morning I sit at parliament...“

are lines from the letter of the boy who only - only arrived to English club camp and did not manage to get used that now “Mr.“ or “lord“ will address it, and to further add not his usual name, but English - that which he chose to himself at the beginning of camp change, or as it is accepted to call it here, sessions. Each session is thought carefully over, has the focus according to the chosen subject. The schedule for every day is densely painted, occupations by English are bound with games, competitions and entertainments. Day in club begins with parliament where all cities (in each session clubmen are divided into the cities; each city has the flag, the coat of arms, laws and a set of other differences which are thought up by its inhabitants) “The English club“ discuss controversial issues and vote render verdicts on them. After parliament English Hour - English in a game form follows, it is a little history, folklore and traditions of old England. After a lunch of all invite in clubs on interests which here a huge set: etiquette, nonverbal lexicon, communication psychology, theater, rock-climbing, weaving of “baubles“, club of the English song, a bluff - club, a sign language etc. And in the evening all are waited by a special holiday. It can be shows of fashions, Halloween, St. Valentine`s Day, KVN, the Hollywood show and many other things. Prepare for a holiday after a lunch - invent suits, hairdresses, competitions. Before going to bed, after a holiday or a disco, “cities“ gather to “candle“. In a close circle there is a conversation on what interests that it would be desirable. There are no taboo subjects and unimportant questions at this time - it is time of informal conversation.

English club Camp - a surprising invention, the unique program for children from 8 to 16 years, and the most important: to take part in it, it is not obligatory to know English at all, there is enough desire to get acquainted with it. Groups for occupations are formed on age and level of knowledge of language - so that it was easy for all. And bases of camp are both in Moscow area, and on the bank of the Black Sea!

“Syuzhetno - role“ sanatorium

Game, game and once again game! If in “The English club“ play the English state, then in sanatorno - the improving and educational center “Vyatichi“ this year arrange “Teleportation“, “A star landing“ and “Ecological hunting“. The summer is broken into 4 changes, and everyone has the carefully developed subject. In the first change (“Academy of adventures“) children daily pass fascinating game tests. They not only study skills of safe activity (Fundamentals of Health and Safety in operation!) but also try on on themselves various difficult everyday situations, play psychological aikido, train in decision-making. The second change (“A star landing“) is entirely devoted to space: here and “disembarkation“ to unfamiliar planets, both research of new civilizations, and meeting with space pirates, and even interpretation of “a black box“! In the third change (“Ecological hunting“) of game and conversation will be devoted not only ecology and purity of the nature, but also ecology of human soul. Children will try to teach to make thrifty use of everything that was presented to us by the nature - to world around and to itself. The name of the fourth change (“Secrets of free time“) speaks for itself. It is the real practical work of good mood. Here children will receive a set of answers to the question “What to Do when There Is Nothing to Do?“ will complete courses of acting skills, will develop the creative abilities.

For those who love more extremely

dreams of which implementation practically each child dreams Exist: to ride a horse, to move the car, to plunge with an aqualung on a seabed, to polazit on rocks, to go down in the real mountain cave... This list could be continued. And creators of the project of children`s camp in the Crimea “Pit“ were guided by it. If to consider successful work and the increasing popularity of this unusual camp within several years, they did not lose!

you send to

the child to the Crimea for 21 days, and during this time he manages to visit not one, and in the whole three camps located in the most picturesque places of the Southern coast of the Crimea. The week program of stay in each camp includes or classes in riding, or instruction of driving of the car, explaining the ground, technology of mountaineering and spelunking, radio sport, swimming, firing, bases of scuba diving, and also visit of the museums of Yalta (Livadiysky and Vorontsovsky palaces etc.) excursions on local sights. At the end of the first week a baby is expected by the real travel - an eight-kilometer campaign on a mountain Botkin track to one of the biggest Crimean falls - Wuchang - sou. If in the first camp (“Banistro“) children live in capital cottages, then in the second (“Tarpan“) - in specially equipped tents. But what romanticism and beauty around! And the third camp, “A tea lodge“, is a kingdom of the magnificent beechen woods, steep rocks, grottoes and falls. And again a baby is expected by fascinating campaigns - with songs at an evening fire: on the rock Eagle it is filled in, to Grand Canyon of the Crimea to a youth Bathtub, descent in the real wild cave. You ask: and whether there will be a sea? Will be, of course, and in enough - but what such boring lying on the beach in comparison with the real adventures? By the way, the trip to “Pit“ does not require any special sports and physical training at all. And arrivals are carried out all summer - on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If the child asks to take away it from camp

the Trip of your child to camp - it is not simple several weeks of freedom from it, and serious educational action. Therefore our sacred duty to watch its stay there: whether all as it should be whether it is happy with the new life? Having come off parents (especially for the first time), the child should not experience negative emotions. However, there can be also a situation when the child is not ready to such test. It is necessary to treat seriously its complaints, and if for some reason it was not pleasant to your son or the daughter in camp, take away he (she) home better. Or it still morally did not grow to “free“ life, or you should prick up the ears and talk to the psychologist. It, of course, provided that you incidentally did not “run“ on bad and incredibly boring camp where nobody takes care of children and they are provided to themselves. The similar situation is almost improbable if you choose camp with the “dense“ program: there the child will have no time to remember mamochkina pancakes and to keep ringing by phone with type requests: “Take away me from here, here it is boring...“ or “Come to day off, and that the roof will go...“ .

Teach him to have a rest

Some parents do not send children to camp for basic reasons: it ponabertsya there it is unknown what, will communicate it is unknown with whom, feed for certain awfully, discipline and kollektiviz - you will not understand, whether army, whether prison. Generally, better let out of harm`s way at the dacha will be bored for a while. There too air fresh. Other parents, on the contrary, send - moreover as! According to the trade-union permit at a discount, on all three changes that did not get in the way. The child is fed, looked after, physicians watch him - what else it is necessary? But parents can quietly work and have a rest. These two, apparently, opposite positions actually have the general defect. In them words it is not told about in what the child will be engaged - whether at the dacha, in camp... It is correct to have a rest is a big art for which it is possible and it is necessary to study. If your child goes to interesting camp, it is possible to consider that he was lucky: he will get not experience of long and tiresome inaction what usually reigns in resorts, and invaluable lessons of active recreation. But, suppose, for any reasons all of you cannot send your child to camp with the highly topical cultural program. Then the care of its camp leisure and bright impressions lays down on your shoulders. No, it does not mean that you need to give up urgently work and to go to camp as the guide. But the child can receive from you the corresponding instructing how it is possible to spend interestingly free time in boring camp. And then it will have a chance most to become the organizer of unforgettable leisure. Teach him to intellectual games (“Crocodile“, “Mafia“, “Ministry of Railways“), give idea to put a small “house“ performance, to organize show of fashions or a carnival. For certain leaders will support such undertakings provided that children will promise everything to do. By the way, boredom - the frequent guest not only in usual (inexpensive) camp, but also in “dollar“ camps abroad. So elements of entertaining science will be useful also to those who will want to go by all means to the warm countries like Turkey, Bulgaria or Egypt. Of course, and interesting programs will be organized there, but just in case prepare the child for the fact that he should have a good time in process of own opportunities. At the worst supply the child with fascinating literature that it was not so tiresome to lie under an umbrella on the beach.

Simple councils the Instruction to the young egoist

to the Child who goes to camp the first time is required to


some psychological preparation. Talk to the child about on what, perhaps, did not focus attention earlier, - how to live near others (strangers!) people, that means to be pleasant for communication by the person. Rules these simple but to remind them to the child before departure will be useful.

  1. Always treat people as you want that treated you, think of feelings of others.
  2. Try to be tidy and pure, do not create a disorder in the general room.
  3. Watch how you build conversation: do not interrupt, do not tell too much about yourself, favourite, do not develop subjects unpleasant to your interlocutor.
  4. Learn to enter in a civilized way the conflict - do not swear, do not offend others, try firmly, but at the same time it is polite and correct to state and argue the point of view.

P. S. Summer is at hand, various children`s health resorts wait for your children, and you armed now with our instructions perhaps, still will manage to make the choice for one of the projects submitted by us.

  • English Club Camp, ph. 229 - 22 - 01, 229 - 57 - 38
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  • - the improving and educational Residents of Vyatka complex, ph. 195 - 94 - 42, 913 - 33 - 78, 195 - 94 - 27
  • Camp of active recreation “Pit“, ph. 250 - 28 - 26
  • Collection of Adventures Camp, ph. 632 - 13 - 00(01)
  • Representative office of Artek camp in Russia, ph. 725 - 47 - 97(98)