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Marriage with the quality mark of

the Wedding - business serious, differently why to people to delay this formality. Everyone dreams to make the wedding bright and unforgettable. One go for this purpose to far tropical islands, others rise in the sky or fall under water, and some daredevils even dive into an aquarium

Usually it happens to sharks so: the magnificent white limousine with invariable rings, ribbons and the doll spread on a bumper with the maximum speed of 40 km/h rushes young people in a registry office. Then a trip around the city, the use of alcoholic drinks in the fresh air (and as a result - convulsive searches of a toilet), a banquet room in cafe or restaurant, the learned toasts, repeatedly tested jokes of the host, “Ah, what woman!“ and other obligatory numbers of the musical program, performance of relatives with a statement of their views of the correct arrangement of family life. Then will steal the bride, but nobody will notice it as the most vigilant and zealous by that moment will already take a nap in a salad bowl.

the Habitual scenario can diversify

with professionally prepared fireworks (from $500) or salute from pigeons approximately on 500 rub

Can invite the jazz - gangs or the string quartet - should be paid for such music not less than $500. Actors “from the TV“ - from $5 thousand can replace anonymous musicians. But the rollicking feasts giving recent Soviet past are pleasant not to all. The modern public is eager if not for romanticism then exotic. Especially as at the known desire to make own wedding really unusual and remarkable event it is possible without special problems.

would be Allowed by means.

Some love
more hotly
Not all want to go let and the unusual, but already blazed way. Then, without hoping for marriage and travel companies, include the imagination.
Americans Wayne and Gayle Lendri under music from the movie “Jaws“ exchanged rings in an aquarium with nine sharks. Fishes had nothing in common with a huge monster from the famous blockbuster and to the groom with the bride did not show the slightest attention - and still about 50 guests watched a ceremony with a shiver. By the way, the palace of underwater weddings is promised to be opened also in the Moscow oceanarium which opening is planned for 2007.
can be Admitted in blood of adrenaline and without sharks. One of shopping centers in the Japanese capital suggested visitors to organize free of charge a wedding in a trading floor. One nuance - newlyweds have to hang on cables in seven meters from the earth. To get married, having hanged over a trading floor, Hirotomo Esikava and Tomomi Sato decided. The priest making a ceremony was not so brave and fulfilled the duties, standing on a balcony.

Bananas, cocoes...

It is unconditional, it is possible to organize a beautiful wedding also most: to develop the detailed scenario of a ceremony, to carry out a casting of actors who will entertain public and to arrange several rehearsals.

Other question that on the similar victims even if for big love, not everyone agrees - time and nerves are more expensive. For this reason the optimal variant - to address services of one of the companies specializing in carrying out festive actions.

Businessmen caught a fashionable tendency long ago and offer, besides the organization of classical wedding celebrations, ceremonial ceremonies with observance of national traditions and customs, and also alternative weddings when wedding turns into extravagant show. You want, it will be the Latin American holiday, fancy-dress procession with fireworks, a sea of flowers and driving in the balloon? And it is possible to be engaged in the company of pirates of the Caribbean Sea in searches of a treasure. In one hour of such fun it is necessary to lay out from $1 thousand

But not to organize a piracy party in the middle of the Moskva River. Other business - tropical islands. Only one view of beaches Seyshel, tropical gardens of Bali and Polynesia adjusts on a romantic harmony: the southern sun plunges into the ocean, you from darling exchange rings, standing on the coast under an arch from tropical flowers... It is considered that the fashion went for island weddings from the Hollywood stars. Today this pleasure to quite well general public - travel agencies will organize a trip and symbolical wedding on islands. However, you will not call money which takes for it symbolical.

Tropical exotic can season

with native wedding ceremonies, the organization and which carrying out is offered by owners of local hotels. The wedding on - Bali is popular thanks to the beauty, and it is possible to arrange it directly in the territory of hotel in Bali. At choice will offer several scenarios of “traditional“ wedding ceremonies at once. At desire it is possible to become the participant of the present (well, or almost real) ancient ritual if to arrange wedding in the home temple of the notable Balinese (representatives of the companies agree about it). The bride dress in a sari - a long strip of fabric which one end is wrapped up around hips, and in the manner of a shawl throw another over a shoulder or the head; on the groom - free trousers and something reminding not a shirt, not a caftan.

Then a procession accompanied by girls in garlands from flowers goes to the temple.

the Real Buddhist priest blesses with

newlyweds and makes an ancient ceremony of wedding.

the Groom and the bride with flowers between the put palms say prayers. The Balinese priest sprinkles newlyweds with holy water, in turn says prayers, puts several grains of rice on a forehead of the bride and blesses young people.

Upon termination of a ceremony intending spouses will receive the Bali diploma “lontar“ on palm leaves written in Sanskrit, - this document, certainly, has no validity, but looks very beautifully. Besides, will give a videotape with professionally mounted movie. Any can participate in a symbolical wedding the man and the woman - there would be a desire and money. Wedding ceremony in the home temple costs more than $600, about $400 more should be paid for video filming, transport and a festive dinner by candlelight. And it apart from round cost to Bali (from $1200 for the person).

Necessary formalities
the Exotic wedding - only some kind of dessert after a traditional ceremony of wedding
to Exchange rings from darling on tropical islands, in sea depths among corals and exotic fishes or in a free-fall jump, of course, it is devilishly romantic. But you will not manage to pass at the same time a habitual campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE. By the Russian legislation the colourful actions offered by travel agencies and also an extreme delicacy a marriage are not.
the Papyrian diploma about participation in a Bali ceremony of wedding is valuable only as a souvenir, but not as the document confirming marital status.
the Wedding with pies

is Not less colourful and exotic

a Polynesian wedding. The groom dressed in pareo - a local kind of a loincloth, waits when sounds of the sinks replacing to natives wind instruments notify on the beginning of celebrations. To the place of wedding future husband goes on pie to the companies eliciting sounds from sinks of the same natives. Travel of the bride is more comfortable. She which is also dressed up in pareo in a special chair is brought on brawny shoulders by porters. The procession is accompanied by girls in loincloths.


the animator who is Dressed up under the local shaman - the inventor meets young people, says prayers to three elements - the earth, air and water, and then goes to a sanctuary where there is a wedding ceremony.“ The shaman“ appeals to Tahiti god Taaroa with a request to bless newly married. The groom and the bride do couple of drinks of coconut milk and receive congratulations, and together with them - the pergament certificate on holding a marriage ceremony of “Tapp“.

can put on flower garlands Now, to sit down in pie and to go to the leased yacht to have fun. Depending on a set of services the Polynesian ceremony can cost from $800 to $2,5 thousand (besides round cost - from $1000 for the person).

If the wedding in tropics seems to

too thoughtless, perform ritual in style of the 17th century in one of medieval castles, for example in France.

From hotel to the place of a holiday can reach by top or in the carriage accompanied by musicians and actors in historical suits. If you want, you can also to replace a habitual dress coat and a veil with magnificent dresses in which sported court the King - the Sun.

you will be married by the “cardinal of France“ (it the professional actor will play), and then - a ball in Louis XIV`s style, ancient apartments, to carved furniture and pictures on walls, a romantic dinner by candlelight during which you will be served by footmen in era suits, a magnificent bed under a canopy. It is possible to go further to depth of centuries, in the Middle Ages - then tents and knightly tournaments will become decoration of a wedding: actors will play scenes of historical fencing. And in church you will be accompanied by “pages“ and “court ladies“ in clothes of times of Philip Krasivy. If you wish, then and the holiday table can consist of viands of a far era. But there is medieval European delicacy not one thousand (and at times - not one ten thousand) dollars.

Marriages consist in heaven

the properties is not pleasant, there is a wish for unforgettable thrills?

As exchanging rings with the darling in a free-fall jump at the height of 1,5 km or to lift a wedding toast in sea depths? About tens years ago such act would become a plot of telenews, and today special marriage firms suggest anyone to make a wedding ceremony under water, by plane, the balloon or a parachute. It is possible to go, for example, to Egypt or to Maldives and to get married directly among corals of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. To services of intending spouses - diving equipment and the real priest, the expert in scuba diving. The place of underwater wedding will be decorated, will prepare also a wedding table. The prices of the special wedding round including underwater wedding begin with $1300. You are not able to swim with an aqualung - it does not matter: newly married at half price will offer two lessons of a diving. There is no money for a trip to warm edges? Be not upset: it is possible to get married under water and in Moscow, in one of pools where divers train.

of Corals and motley sea inhabitants will not be, but there will be aqualungs, champagne under water and even wedding march performed by an underwater orchestra. You, of course, will not hear music, but the surface audience will be able to admire bubbles.

it is far more difficult to p to Organize wedding in a free fall with a parachute behind the back: it is not too simple to find the father who will agree to make a ceremony in slings. Therefore offers from the Russian marriage firms are limited to the organization of the jump - as a rule, with the instructor (so for beginners it is safer) - plus an exchange of rings, drinking of champagne directly in air and, certainly, video filming.