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Such different evening schools

Subject of Evening Schools in the press rises seldom. Still there is an opinion that this form of education - for losers and poor students. Nevertheless, several thousands of citizens of Russia annually get secondary education in such educational institutions.

Business was in the evening

was died so that I did not get senior secondary education in time. Need to continue training in average, and then and for the higher school arose recently. I, of course, heard about evening schools, but specifically was never interested in this form of education. Therefore all information had to be collected “from scratch“.

my work is constructed by

on continuous traveling, I do not sit in one place. Therefore it was very important to find the school located close to the house - not to spend time and forces on the road.

First of all called

district department of Department of Education of the district, received addresses and phones of nearby schools. Planned for itself the main criteria of the choice.

+ evening schools
  • an opportunity to study not every day;
  • free education;
  • schedule convenient for combination with other study or work;
  • a variety of forms of education
- evening schools
  • uneven-age classes;
  • sketchiness of a statement of material on some forms of education;
  • does not suit people at whom self-checking

In - the first is badly developed, I only the supporter in a family, am not present “excess“ money. Education should not cost too expensive. In - the second, I was interested in training at which it would be necessary to perform a minimum of homeworks, - it is not enough free time. In - the third, the number of occupations in week and time of their beginning is important. From work are ready to release a bit earlier, but not every day.

Having weighed the desires and opportunities, began to ring round educational institutions.

Year for two

First of all I addressed to school which offered training external. Accelerated internally - the correspondence education is in every second “evening“. Graduates of the ninth classes can pass two last school years for one. At first sight, it is very convenient for “adult“ school students: it is not necessary to wait for the desired certificate long.

But, having talked in more detail, I understood what intensiv does not suit me. The program is very saturated. The majority those should study houses actively. The schematical system of a statement prevails: teachers give lectures, as at institute. The pupil obtains all additional information: prepares reports, studies textbooks and additional literature. After each block of subjects there take place examinations. Too it is necessary to prepare for them.

In the end of the year should take examinations in all (!) to general education objects. And there is a lot of them: algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, literature etc. To be prepared for such number of tests to the person who is working hard very difficult. At least, it is necessary to take vacation.

also the question of payment Confused with

me. The free intensiv does not happen. Training cost at schools varies from 500 to 1000 dollars a year. It is necessary to pay for each additional consultation with teachers.

For adults

At the following school decided to learn

from the list about the usual, not reduced programs. It appears, according to standards training term in an evening general education institution at the third step (high school) makes three years. The matter is that occupations take place not daily (three times a week - study, one day - offsets). The number of class periods a week are much less, than at usual school (23 instead of 36). The increased training duration - the measure compelled differently not to be in time to pass the put program.

By the way, thematic fullness of occupations at day and evening schools is identical. An exception - physical culture and so-called objects of an esthetic cycle: drawing, drawing, music, etc. Not at all evening schools there is an informatics.

of Occupation go in the evenings, with 16. 00 to 20. 30. For those who cannot ask for leave three times a week from work, the individual schedule is provided: by agreement with teachers the part of lessons can be missed, performing house tasks.


at the end of training take final examinations in the same system, as at usual school. Two subjects obligatory (the composition, algebra), two more - at choice from other school disciplines. The certificate of the state sample, just the same, as well as at usual comprehensive school is issued graduated school.

You want to pass the Unified State Examination? If persons interested are taken enough, the unified state examination is carried out centrally. If is not present, graduates can register in USE independently.

the Golden mean

“If is short and long programs, perhaps, there will be also average on duration“ - I thought and continued collection of information.

Such option really is. However, it is necessary to study … in the mornings. The full name “evenings“ - the Public educational institution evening replaceable comprehensive school. It appears, changes happen not only evening, but also morning. Lessons begin at 9 in the morning and come to an end practically as at usual school - after a lunch. “In what then difference?“ - I asked.


In - the first, it is necessary to study four days a week, but not five. Such mode suits children who left usual school to begin to prepare actively for entering a higher education institution. There is an additional day off for visit of the tutor or training courses. In - the second, such training suits also opposite category of pupils - those who at former school had problems with study. In “evening“ teachers are more attentive, if necessary are engaged in addition, practice the differentiated approach. Persons in need in psychological assistance (for example, children from dysfunctional families) can use free services of the psychologist or social teacher.

the Third plus - an opportunity in parallel to receive a profession. At some schools (in particular, VSOSH Public Educational Institution 51) for pupils of a day form special classes in informatics upon termination of which the certificate on the acquired laboratory assistant`s the profession - the programmer is issued are organized.

In the mornings more often children of school age (14 - 16 years) are engaged. It is a little adults - at this time all at work.


In morning groups thought over leisure of pupils: free visits of theater and the museums, bus excursions across Moscow and the next Moscow area will be organized. There are circles and sections (for example, theatrical or musical).

By the way, to some evening schools is admitted also without the main general education. Occupations for the ninth or even the eighth classes are organized. However, it is impossible to come to such school in accordance with general practice: surely the conclusion of the commission on early assignment with the indication of the reasons which forced you to leave the previous place of study is required.

Sitting at a school desk

Having analysed collected information, came to a conclusion: I will stop on traditional three-year system. Loss of time is offset by the convenient schedule of occupations, small homeworks, a statement razvernutost. Chose the school, nearest to the house, offering such form of education.

to register in evening school, the certificate on the main school education (9 classes) is enough to bring

. If for any reasons you cannot show this document though nine classes ended, an exit is. According to the provision on evening schools, in this case the special subject commission gathers. Her representatives examine the entrant on the main school disciplines. You will manage to show the sufficient level of knowledge - will enlist in school. Such cases happen. For example, one of young people lost the certificate during moving. As he studied in other city, time to restore the document was not. It was necessary to take examination!

All other entrants are exempted by

from entrance tests, testing or even interview. Admit everyone without any preliminary selection to evening schools.

In my class there were 26 people; it is more young people, than girls. Most of pupils - students of the nearest school. Such situation is widespread at evening schools. Children get professional education in school or college, a full average - in VSOSh. The schedule turns out intense: in the morning - professional works, in the evening - general education objects. But in three years pupils receive both the certificate, and the diploma at once.

Several schoolmates - people of my age - are a little

for twenty. All of them work in the afternoon. On supervision of teachers, the pupil is more adult, the more seriously he approaches business. Such school students went to study further consciously and do not want to spend time just like that.

I Rewrite the schedule. Every day it is provided five - six lessons. Before the first occupation I worry - suddenly I will understand nothing from the teacher`s explanation? In total - the big break can have an effect on occupations … Especially I worry about algebra and geometry - these objects were never given me.

First really it was necessary to me hardly: until it was involved in a rhythm, remembered necessary formulas and rules... Then it became simpler. Very much teachers helped - in addition explained misunderstood, helped to concentrate. It is much more difficult to learn uneven-age group, than the class which “got used“ for years of coeducation: each pupil has “evenings“ the motivation to occupations, the gaps in knowledge, the difficulties... One is tired at work and therefore fills up at lessons, another too strongly lagged behind the program, all thoughts are busy the third with a family or parallel study.

One of teachers told that the most difficult period in work - September. This month at most of pupils there takes place adaptation. Failures are possible: not everyone who comes to it graduate from school, unfortunately.

But should not think that pupils of evening schools are continuous losers. For example, last year 24% of graduates of VSOSh 51 entered to the university including state. Profiles of institutes - the most different, as well as pupils, and the reasons which gave them on a threshold “evenings“.