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As Artemka was born of

I Gave rise on November 14, 2005. I will tell in more detail.

we tea drink

In 3 days prior to childbirth with the girlfriend. My stomach ached a little, term was 38 weeks. Well, I also speak, the stomach twists something, now will pass. And each time is stronger and stronger. I understood what better will not become any more. Decided to wait till the morning, I think if that, the Ambulance I will call.

at Night I slept badly, periodically woke up. Here, I get up at 6 in the morning, I take a shower, I pack already prepared things, and we with the husband went to the 20th maternity hospital.

viewing me looked at

B, and told that we will go to give birth. Brought me straight into the operational block. All around give birth, and to me it is terrible. I began to cry. The doctor came, calmed me, and told if in 6 hours you do not give rise, we will transfer to office of pathology, will dokhazhivat there.

I did not give rise to

Till the evening. I “lived“ in office of pathology 2 days. All this time I had harbingers of childbirth. There came the girlfriend, did me massage of a waist. Generally, endured all hardships of the forthcoming childbirth.

I here, next day so the stomach ached that I could not go even. Called the husband, told, let comes and talks to the doctor. That I want to give rise, there are no forces any more. The doctor me checked, told that patrimonial activity began. The uterus already on 3 cm opened.


me again, in this, already familiar, operational block. I did not feel patrimonial pains as I gave birth with epiduralny anesthesia. Though read the book. But when attempts went, felt everything on herself. My baby did not want to get out, pressed all personnel.

here the midwife me asks

I: “Who, you think, at you?“ I even understood nothing that I gave rise, told, the boy. She answers:“ Correctly“, also lift mine the baby. I with the fallen-down happiness did not even understand anything.

When I had a rest in chamber after the delivery, brought me my Artemka on the first feeding. Such bittock, tried to grab a breast to eat. I began to cry with happiness. My first favourite whom very much I love.

the Husband and the father of my child thanked doctors good cognac. At an extract from maternity hospital, for nervousness, even forgot my clothes. Now Artemke 5,5 months, he grows and gets stronger. And I still want to repeat this feat.