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The program of improvement

In the previous material we discussed how to make “A profile of your health“. Now we can see at once in what our weak places, and pay special attention to these aspects at the choice of techniques - subprogrammes of improvement of health.

you Want to improve your physical shape?

the Concrete type of the subprogramme of improvement of physical shape will depend generally on three factors: from an initial assessment of your physical shape, from whether you are ready to find special time and attention of physical activity or you want that she fitted into your usual daily routine.

But the necessary minimum of physical activity for each adult (irrespective of initial degree of readiness) is. It was established in 1995 by group of the leading American experts. It is the initial recommendation for all. you have to gather in a day not less than 30 minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity . It is preferable to do it daily.

Here that belongs to moderate physical activity:

These 30 min. average activity can be gathered during the day for several times (having walked upstairs instead of going on the elevator, having passed on foot 2 stops instead of going on transport, having been engaged in aerobics while you watch TV etc.) .


and write down the level of your physical activity.

Time the Movement Duration 8:30 On foot to a stop of 5 min. 8:50 On foot from a stop before work of 3 min. 12:00 On foot for lunch of 5 min.

we Will repeat

that the total time spent for physical activity has to be not less than 30 min. every day.

we will add to these general for all to recommendations Now those which suit personally you. If your purpose - improvement of physical shape, choose what option of physical activity suits you.

Option first

you are not able to make occupations physical activity special business. You are horrified by thought of a tennis court, the pool, a gym. Let`s try to make the program of improvement of physical shape that it was comfortable for you, did not demand big efforts and did not create the unpleasant moments.

  1. Daily you carry out charging of 10 - 15 min. (in the morning or in the evening). It has to include simple exercises: on an extension (it have to be the first exercises), aerobic and power.
    All three types of exercises are important. If there is no power loading, then by 60 - 70 years at you force of muscles of a humeral belt and a trunk can sharply fall. The people supporting or developing the force and flexibility are capable to carry out better the day loading, they almost have no back pains, they do not get out of the shape when aging.
    Starting active physical exercises, it is necessary to remember several general rules.
    • Governed for beginners: it is impossible to practise to exhaustion.
    • the Program has to be pleasant for you. Never do that it is unpleasant to you.
    • Should not be engaged in
    • earlier than in 2 hours after a breakfast or in 4 hours after a nourishing lunch.
    • do not carry out intensive exercises before going to bed, it is better - not later, than in 2 hours prior to a dream.
    • before occupations needs to empty intestines and a bladder. it is the best of all for li to be engaged in
    • in the fresh air.
    • After intensive exercises (unlike Hatkh`s asanas - yogis) it is good to li to take a shower. it is better for li to eat and drink
    • only in 30 - 40 minutes after classes.
    • If you began with
    • physical trainings, do not throw them. Appropriate them one of the highest priorities in the day schedule.
  2. Daily you have to carry out aerobic loading of 10 - 60 min. In your case fast walking best of all approaches. Use time which is spent aimlessly on the road from work, for work, in shop or specially leave to walk before going to bed. You go at fast speed, gradually increasing the pace and distance. Begin
    • from 10 - 15 min. if you in very bad form (but you remember that you have to gather 20 - 15 more min. physical activity during the day);
    • since 20 min., if - in bad physical shape;
    • since 20 - 30 min., if - in satisfactory physical shape;
    • since 30 - 35 min., if - in good physical shape;
    • since 40 - 50 min., if - in very good physical shape;
    • since 50 - 90 min., if - in excellent physical shape.
    If you spend for the road hour on transport, wait for the bus, are pushed in the stuffy car, you will feel soon, it is how more pleasant and more useful to make this way or at least part it on foot. Choose the road far away from thoroughfares.
  3. Use additional opportunities to move more: do not use the elevator at rise on 4 - 5 floor. In 1 - 2 month your organism adapts to rise, and you will cease to choke. From shop you go to shop on foot. On foot you go also to work. Put the car on the most distant end of the parking. You go out of the bus on one stop earlier. Undertake additional housework. You find occupations in a garden. To a bowl use bicycle for a trip to shop or for work. At work instead of conversation with the colleague by phone, you descend to it. You go to have dinner on foot.
  4. Once a week make walk of 60 - 90 min. in the wood, park on foot, on skis or the bicycle.
Option second If you prefer


fizkulturno - sports style of activity, are ready to allocate special time for occupations, to arrive to the improving center, to change clothes, go to a tennis court, to get on the exercise machine, then the recommended scheme of your occupations, certainly, will be other.

Before implementation of the program to you should consult to the doctor to be convinced of safety for you certain types of loading. This visit to the doctor is obligatory if you smoke, have the increased arterial pressure and other risk factors.

your program of improvement will look so.

  1. Having risen in the morning. You have to make 5 - 15 - minute charging.
  2. the Main part of the program - aerobic loading: vigorous walking, run, swimming, skates, rowing, skis, dances, tennis, basketball, bicycle. It is possible to choose those types which give pleasure. At the same time it is necessary to be engaged vigorously, but to monitor breath and pulse. Optimum heart rate during performance of exercises depends on age.
Age Pulse rate
20 140 - 180
30 133 - 171
40 126 - 162
50 119 - 153
60 112 - 144
70 105 - 135

If as a result of occupations heart rate exceeds optimum, it is necessary to slow down speed. If pulse below optimum borders, so you do too easy exercises and it is necessary to increase speed. Depending on your level of readiness you can choose such types of aerobic loading.

of Satisfactory
readiness Level Bad, very bad Good Excellent Excellent
the Type of aerobic loading walking, swimming, skis walking, very slow run, swimming, skis, cyclings, a ladder walking, slow run, swimming, skis, cyclings, a ladder, rowing, a jump rope, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, table tennis run, swimming, ski race, the bicycle, a ladder, rowing, a jump rope, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, table tennis run, swimming, ski race, the bicycle, a ladder, rowing, a jump rope, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, basketball

If you chose by

a type of aerobic activity, carry out the multiweek individual program. It depends on your age. For some types of aerobic activity we provide these programs.

the Program of walking for a ladder (till 30 years)

Week the Number of the ladder marches passed in a minute Duration of occupations, min. Frequency in a week
1 5 10,00 3
2 5 10,00 3
3 5 10,00 3
4 5 12,00 3
5 5 12,00 3
6 5 12,00 3
7 6 8,30 4
8 6 9,30 4
9 7 10,00 5
10 7 10,30 5
11 8 11,30 5
12 8 13,00 5

When calculating this program the march numbering 10 steps, height of each of which of about 20 cm at a ladder 25 tilt angle - 30 degrees undertook.

can suit the First six weeks to

a respite during trainings. Since seventh week training should be carried out without interruption.

Program of run (do30 years)

Week Distance, m Time, min. Frequency in a week
1 (walking) 3,2 32,00 3
2 (walking) 4,8 48,00 3
3 (the mixed movement) 3,2 26,00 4
4 (the mixed movement) 3,2 24,00 4
5 3,2 22,00 4
6 3,2 20,00 4
7 4,0 25,00 4
8 4,0 23,00 4
9 4,8 30,00 4
10 4,8 27,00 4
can already be reached

According to this program, good degree of readiness (36 points) by the end of the sixth week of trainings. If to continue this program, then by the end of the tenth week it is possible to come to the level of excellent degree of readiness (61 points).

the Program of running on the spot (till 30 years)

Week Duration of occupations, min. Quantity of steps in a minute Frequency in a week
1 10,00 70 - 80 3
2 10,00 70 - 80 3
3 10,00 70 - 80 3
4 15,00 70 - 80 3
5 15,00 70 - 80 3
6 15,00 70 - 80 3
7 10,00 70 - 80 4
8 10,00 70 - 80 5
9 12,30 80 - 90 4
10 12,30 80 - 90 5
80 - 90 4
12 15,00 90 - 100 4

Quantity of steps in a minute consider

11 by 15,00 on a touch of the left leg to a floor. At running on the spot of a leg have to rise over a floor approximately by 20 cm. It is better to run in running shoes on a rug. Within the first six weeks time specified in the program can be interrupted by the rest periods. “Pure time“ of exercise performance is only taken into consideration total. Since seventh week it is necessary about 3 - minute slow walking for warm-up, and at the end - for cooling. Told treats all age groups.

the Program of walking for a ladder (till 30 years)

Week the Number of the ladder marches passed in a minute Duration of occupations, min. Frequency in a week
1 5 10,00 3
2 5 10,00 3
3 5 10,00 3
4 5 12,00 3
5 5 12,00 3
6 5 12,00 3
7 6 8,30 4
8 6 9,30 4
9 7 10,00 5
10 7 10,30 5
11 8 11,30 5
12 8 13,00 5

the Program of dancing aerobics and other exercises which are carried out under music (30 - 49 years)

of to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to
Week Time, min. Pulse, beats/min. Frequency in a week
1 15,00 110 - 120 3
2 21,00 110 - 120 3
3 21,00 120 - 130 3
4 27,00 120 - 130 3
5 27,00 130 - 140 3
6 36,00 130 - 140 3
7 36,00 140 - 150 3
8 45,00 140 - 150 3

It is desirable good health!

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