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The nursing mother always I Want to share in honor of

the brief experience. When I was pregnant, I precisely knew that I will nurse the child, and was ready only for it. But after the delivery on third day when my neigbour in chamber had milk, I did not have it.

Ya began to worry, asked the doctor, she did not encourage me, told that if not yet, so and she will not be. I was upset, I had colostrum. But the children`s pediatrician came to this moment and told that I did not worry. She advised to drink tea for increase of a lactation and to suck tablets on the basis of bee milk (I used all this 3 times a day).

When I was discharged by

from maternity hospital, I had enough milk for my Alinochka. Now we are 8 months old, and I continue to nurse and I will continue to feed further.

When I came back home, I had the following small problem - feeding on hours or on demand? But my beauty herself determined for herself time: 2 - 2,5 hours in the morning and in the afternoon, 1 - 1,5 evening, night did not eat, and woke up in 8. 00.

the First 3 months process happened so: at the beginning of feeding of a posasyvaniye were intensive, then speed was minimized, and the meal is finished. I raised Alinochka a column (surely after feeding) to let out the air. After that feeding continued before full saturation, then a column again. Before a night dream this process could repeat to three times.

When the district doctor asked to tell

about our diet, she was revolted with time and separations during feeding, and told to observe exact time: 2,5 - 3 hours, and any separation during feeding. And I decided to observe the mode.

But everything was unsuccessful. By the evening Alinochka began to revolt from a lack of food and corporal contact with me. She calmed down only when I gave it a breast though she just ate. She did not release a breast within three hours, came off only to let out the air, and demanded continuation of a banquet.

generally, evening at us ended hardly. Alinochka fell asleep, but after this day I did not set the new modes for the daughter any more, she had the, and she did not want to change it. By 3 months she already matured and did not eat with breaks any more, and gorged on from the first.

Now I know

precisely and I say to the girlfriends what the kid himself solves when as well as how many to it to eat, and it is not necessary to try to change his schedule is excess nerves to both mummy, and the kid.

I Hope, my story will help young mothers. The main thing - a spirit on chest feeding then at you, and at children everything will be good! Good luck!