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Boy or girl? (part 2) of

If pulls the Beginning on sweet, so will be Sweet. And if on meat - the guy means.

Some try to connect by

a sex of future child with culinary addictions of the pregnant woman. It is known that at women “in the family way“ tastes in food sharply change, there are “whims“ which became the talk of the town. Who did not hear jokes about the husband who nearly in a pajamas runs to look for at night for the pregnant wife chocolate or oranges …

the Passionate fan of salty cucumbers during this period can turn into the thorough sweet tooth, and the lover of chocolates, ice cream and jam suddenly will want to eat all salty and sharp.

Of course, doctors make quite strict recommendations concerning a diet. But if the organism persistently demands any product, it is better to listen to it. As a rule, it is caused by shortage of certain vitamins or minerals. But also you should not abuse “forbidden“ viands, of course.

A that sex of future kid? Whether it is possible to judge it on your flavoring addictions? Opinions are various. At one of this sign “works“, at others - no. As one mother told:“ And I all three pregnancies ate sweet. And here the result - three sons …“

the Frequency of blows of heart

They say that at the girl heart fights less often, and at the boy - is more often. It is not the most right sign though even doctors at times use it, - they determine the frequency of heartbeat of a fruit. And still, probably in view of complexity of receiving basic data, this sign is widespread a little.

I others...

In the desire to predict future (and the forecast of a sex of the child is his version) people sometimes reach to the point of absurdity. There are several signs which it is better to leave without comment.


“If it is pushed on the right, then the boy and if at the left, then the girl“. “If in a dream the pregnant woman felt
as the man, then there will be a boy“.
“If at the pregnant woman urine brightly - yellow color - the boy“.
“If a breast strongly increased - that the girl“.
“If the woman easily squats and at the same time does not groan - the girl“.
“If you like to put one leg on an eminence, and pulls to put right - there will be a boy if left - the girl“.
“If on a stomach strong pigmentation appears, then precisely the girl will be“. “If the strip on a stomach passes
from the right from a navel - the boy, at the left - the girl“.

also even more exotic ways of sex determination Exist. The part of them assume carrying out certain mathematical operations of parents and date of conception with age. By the received result define a sex of future child.

“The age of mother shares

on 3, and the father on 4 (at the time of conception). The remains at division are defined. Whose is more, that will also be born. At the woman with negative a Rhesus factor - a factor - on the contrary: whose is less, that floor there will also be a kid“.

of Similar techniques not one ten exists. Under some of them the “scientific“ basis connected with blood updating, the events, allegedly, time in several years is brought. Many similar techniques are issued in tables, and even the special programs calculating a sex of the child according to the data entered by the user. Efficiency of similar techniques makes about 50% for 50% of percent.

Fans of studying of the abnormal phenomena connected with magnetic lines power elevators, etc. offer pregnant women the way.

needs to take

a needle on a thread and to lift over a palm a needle down. If the needle begins the girl will be shaken along a palm, so if across - the boy. In that case if there is already a child, it is necessary to clean a needle from a palm and to suspend once again. This way it is also possible to learn how many will be children. Option of this way: it is necessary to hold a needle over a stomach and if the needle shakes a pendulum - that the girl and if circles - that the boy.

theories Sometimes move forward that the nature defines a sex of the child very wisely. If at present is weaker, in different parameters, a man`s half of a family, the boy will be born if female - the girl, i.e. occurs as if natural compensation. There is one example: at the man the son was born the first. During this period he was terribly loaded, at institute studied, earned additionally, stuck very much. And the nature to compensate such unbalance in forces between man`s and a feminine, created the boy. And when it and his wife were solved on the second child, he already had permanent job, led normal family life, i.e. more wife - economy in the house, work was tired. And the nature made the “correct“ choice again - the daughter was born.

Partly this version is confirmed by scientific researches:“ On the example of 3072 babies who were born in Denmark it became clear that the severe stress transferred parents on the eve of or during conception conducts by the birth of girls. Doctor Hansen conducting research considers that the mental trauma promotes change of hormonal balance, reduction a stake - va sperms and even death of man`s embryos“.

It is considered p that during the periods of wars and conflicts when many men perish, more boys are born. Also there is a theory that the birth of the child is always connected with death someone from relatives. Of course, the theory sad, however hardly refusal of the birth of children will give the chance to the senior generation to live forever...

to Trust

or not?

of Signs and superstitions concerning a sex of the expected child in human practice collected much. What of them should be trusted and whether it is worth trusting in general? Here what is told about it by mothers having several children:
“Seems to me, there are no similar pregnancies as there are no identical children. I have both a boy, and the girl. Now she is pregnant for the third time. In total in a new way, it is not similar neither to the first, nor to the second pregnancies. I think that there is no dependence meanwhile as pregnancy and a sex of future child proceeds“.
“All signs are so deceptive! If at two was confirmed, then at the third can not meet absolutely“.

And still we involuntarily continue “to try on“ on ourselves each new sign. That - there is no harm in trying, especially if it brings pleasure. The main thing - you treat all superstitions with humour, do not go in cycles in the received result - and you remember that soon an opportunity to check it will be presented to you.