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You want to be happy - be it!

Speak, pregnant women are terribly susceptible, sensitive, vulnerable... It so. But when the situation is aggravated by people around, to nausea it becomes offensive.

We with the husband decided to become parents when I was trained on the fourth year of university. Of course, my carefree life changed a little: I told “no“ to trips, to discos, etc. the Child is a value which is given from above, and no other priorities matter for you when you hear long-awaited: “You can be congratulated, you expect a baby!“

When to me about it was reported, I like mad departed to tell the husband and the best friend. Only the girlfriend appeared not such “best“! Well I remember its cold tone and the first question: “And with the child everything is all right whether there are no deviations?“ My heart went to heels, such impression that I told so joyful news to the enemy. And from that call our relations with “girlfriend“ changed: I is banal it became it is not necessary. There were other workmates in trips and entertainments.

A what was with me? Everything fell down the head at once: fatigue, session, the one-room apartment and the husband at work, tears, offense, memoirs and even a call was not to ask, how are you and health me. Not for nothing say that friends are learned in crisis situations. And, you know, my husband became me both the girlfriend and support at this time.

Passed month three and understanding came: it is good that here so everything occurred, it is to much me taught. In - the first to look for support and the help only in a circle of close people. In - the second, I accurately found out that the friendship is checked for years and circumstances. In - the third that all depends on me. And here what program of moral healing thought up.

  1. Pregnancy - an unusual state of mind and bodies for this reason in me there has to be a harmony. I decided that from now on continuous self-improvement will be my principle: began to go to gymnastics for pregnant women after study and to read classical works.
  2. my child - the supreme value. I bought up almost all magazines and books on pregnancy that Ksyushenka was born healthy and did not need anything. Thought up the mass of ways to communicate with it while it was in a tummy, read it books, sang songs. We with it even danced under my favourite melodies.
  3. to itself not to forget
  4. O. I flatly refused to carry loose overalls for pregnant women in style “and-la a sundress in a section“, bought free trousers, but in youth style and the mass of T-shirts, T-shirts and Tolstoyans. It turned out it is sports - an urban style! We with my the baby went on foot to the house from university (three stops) to breathe air and to be in shape. By the way, here was important uses of creams from extensions and the moistening means. In day off we were waited surely by the pool, walk in the wood together with the father and visit of grandmothers and grandfathers!
  5. Uchenye`s
  6. - light. I studied even more diligent. Wrote scientific articles, participated in conferences. Decided that I will make when the child is born: I will improve English, I will hand over on the rights and I will enter other institute on second higher education!
  7. Love and tenderness. The main thing, dear girls, do not forget about the husband. Look narrowly, it at you the best, you chose it such, with all shortcomings and delights. It needs your care too, to realize that you will become a parent, without carrying the child under heart, much more difficult, than to you!
  8. Smile to all to spite and on pleasure. While I went hung, it seemed to me that my former girlfriend rejoices to it, thinks that my life on it came to an end! But not here - that was: it is proud the raised head and a smile upon the face never will leave indifferent! And I understood that envy was the only cause of such relation of my friend, this feeling broke our relations. Of course, I have a loving husband, the daughter and family happiness, and it does not have anything it. That`s all.

Not far off summer, and I already plan where we with the daughter descend in what we will be dressed that I will tell it and as we will be happy three together. As D. Addison told: “Main components of happiness: the person has to work on something, someone to like and to hope for something“.