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Occupations in a gym of

during pregnancy the woman should refuse many things to which she got used, and ahead of it wait for even more notable changes. But, as the majority of us knows, pregnancy is not an illness and if it proceeds without complications, then it is possible to try to keep habitual tenor of life - for example, to continue to be engaged in a favourite sport.

of Occupation in a gym - one of the most popular types of fitness. Most of the women aspiring to an ideal figure know that not to do without power occupations. They are necessary to give to a body a beautiful relief, help to cope most quickly and effectively with such typical female problem zones as an internal surface of a hip, hand, buttock, weak muscles of a back. But, unfortunately, the result of occupations is very quickly lost if you stop training. Whether it is possible to continue visit of a gym during pregnancy?

you Can be engaged in


the First step is a consultation with your obstetrician - the gynecologist. Only it, having weighed all pros and cons, can competently answer this question.

In this case the main thing - to remember that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are the most dangerous from the point of view of pregnancy interruption therefore occupations have to be very sparing. Since 7 - go month of pregnancy in a gym it is better to refuse occupations since any, even the most insignificant, power loadings on this term become unsafe and can lead to undesirable consequences, up to premature birth. Also there are contraindications, the general for all future mothers, irrespective of pregnancy term.

Necessary precautions

If your doctor not against occupations, it is necessary to consider how long ago and successfully you are engaged in a gym.

In case your trainings continued a long time, were regular and you well transferred them, then you can continue studies - naturally, having introduced in them certain amendments. If you began to be engaged on exercise machines only recently and after training were in a subconscious state, then for the period of pregnancy it is better to refrain from power occupations.

the Gym is an injury-causing zone. And not only because the dumbbell can fall on a leg. The matter is that occupations on exercise machines is very big load of joints, especially if not to follow certain safety rules.

At first needs “to adjust“ the exercise machine to itself (to lift sitting on the necessary height, to choose weight etc.) then to accept the correct starting position and, at last, to watch that the axis of your movements on the exercise machine lay in strictly certain plane. The instructor will help to understand all these nuances to you.

during pregnancy joints become even more vulnerable. In an organism production of hormone under the name relaksin which softens a linking of a basin and allows them to stretch elastically increases: it is necessary for normal childbirth. A problem only in what relaksin affects any copular fabric, including ligaments of elbows, knees, shoulders. And therefore your habitual weight can be risky for the weakened sheaves - you can be traumatized. So the exercise machine needs to be installed on lower weight: it should not exceed 60% of weight with which you were engaged before pregnancy. For the same reason it is necessary to refuse occupations with free scales and exercises on an extension.

How to organize occupation?

can Be engaged in

in a gym during pregnancy only personally with the skilled instructor. Even if before pregnancy you were regularly engaged on all exercise machines and well are familiar with them, not to do you without the help of the trainer who will make for you the safest and effective program of trainings for this period. The scheme of occupations remains without changes: at first warm-up, then the main part and at the end - hitch. It is possible to be engaged 2 - 3 times a week. Trainings less than 1 time a week, “occasionally“ are every time a stress for an organism. Therefore if you owing to any reasons cannot regularly be engaged, it is better to stop occupations in a gym.

are contraindicated to

of Occupation in a gym:

  • at sharp diseases and an exacerbation of chronic diseases, for example at flu, a SARS, an exacerbation of gastritis;
  • at the raised uterus tone, bloody allocations from a genital tract,
  • to pregnancy interruption threat;
  • at sharply expressed toxicosis (unrestrained vomiting);
  • at the pregnancy gestoz which is shown increase of arterial pressure, emergence of protein in urine, hypostases;
  • in the presence of abortions in the past;
  • at a mnogovodiya;
  • at systematically developing skhvatkoobrazny pains after classes.
Begin with

your training with 10 - minute warm-up in the cardiohall. The cardiohall or a cardiozone is that part of a gym where there are cardiovascular machines: the racetrack, the exercise bike vertical

(usual) and horizontal (with a back), the elliptic exercise machine etc.

during pregnancy best of all are suitable

the bicycle with a back For occupations and a racetrack. On a racetrack you should not be engaged in run. Walking with a speed no more than 4 - 3,5 km/h is optimum. During all training and especially during warm-up it is important to monitor pulse. It will help you to dose correctly loading and to avoid possible overloads. Modern cardiovascular machines conduct pulse calculation independently. Besides, you can use cardiomonitors of a warm rhythm which consist of two parts: a belt which is put on a breast and reads out your pulse directly from heart, and hours which are put on a hand and display your pulse throughout all training. It is especially convenient to use them in a gym since power simulators do not measure pulse, and you should consider independently during training pulse and to watch that it did not exceed of 60% from pulse of the maximum consumption of oxygen (R 02 max) in the first trimester and of 65 - 70% in the second and third trimesters. It is possible to calculate P 02 max on a formula: 220 - age . For example, if you are 25 years old, then 220 - 25=195, 195*0,6=117. Means, pulse should not exceed 117 beats per minute in the first trimester at 25 - the summer woman.

the Main part of occupation is devoted by

directly to occupations on exercise machines. It lasts no more than 15 - 20 minutes. Remember that your main objective is preservation of the result achieved earlier.


for this purpose best of all suits the following scheme: two - three series on 10 repetitions weighing no more than 60% from your usual working weight.

1 - y the block of exercises - muscles of a forward surface of a hip:

  • leg extention;
  • cultivation of legs;

2 - y the block of exercises - muscles of a back surface of a hip:

  • bending of legs;
  • data of legs;

3 - y the block of exercises - the broadest muscles of a back:

  • draft of the top block for the head;

4 - y the block of exercises - pectoral muscles:

  • of the data of hands and legs, sitting on the exercise machine;

5 - y the block of exercises - deltoid muscles:

  • a press sitting on the exercise machine;
  • of cultivation of hands through the parties, sitting on the exercise machine;

6 - y the block of exercises: bicepses and tricepses of hands:

  • draft of the top block with a direct handle;
  • extension of hands in the crossover (the multipurpose block exercise machine in the form of a vertical frame).

exclude exercises with free scales, exercises on an abdominal tension, twisting, various inclinations, complex exercises, such as squats or stanovy draft (raising of a bar from situation in an inclination). Choose the exercises which are carried out sitting, with an emphasis for a back. Avoid sharp movements, increase loading gradually. Between repetitions (sets) you are able to afford small rest.

Training finishes

5 - minute hitch . As hitch the cardiozone is optimum, but loading has to be less, than during warm-up. Unlike usual training, exercise on an extension at the end of occupation are not carried out.

To, in time and after training try to drink enough liquid. It is the best of all if it is simple still water of room temperature. The correct breath when performing exercises is of great importance: the exhalation becomes at the most intense stage of exercise, a breath - on the easiest. Trainings increase body temperature that can exert negative impact on a fruit. Body temperature during occupations should not exceed 38 ° C. Therefore it is necessary to avoid trainings in too warm or damp rooms, and also to put on too warmly. If you had a short wind, weakness or dizziness, nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, bloody allocations or any other unusual symptoms, - it is necessary to stop immediately occupation and to see a doctor!