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are A lot of articles and reviews of chest feeding, but not each described situation can be tried on on itself. I want to tell about own experience of breastfeeding, there will be a person to whom it is useful.

Ya as well as many authors of letters, gave birth in hospital, “friendly to the child“. In the rodzal the daughter received one droplet of my colostrum, and it was taken away at once to weigh / measure since childbirth was long and intense, the child very much panted and did not even look for a mouth of pacifiers. But as soon as we were brought to chamber, I asked to put the girl to me in a bed and began to filter droplets of colostrum and to try to feed her. The baby did not want to suck and only funny pinched drops from a nipple.

in the morning of the next day began

A … There arrived a lot of milk, the breast hardened, and the doctor told that I have flat nipples, and offered a slip. Nastenka tried very much, milk exuded literally on a drop, nipples were also very hard. In the first two days the daughter lost 500 g with a newborn weight of 3900 g. Nurses brought me mix and each three hours forced to awake the daughter and to finish feeding, but the child so was tired of works that I could not wake her, and she continued to lose flesh. For the third day the daughter was appropriated for a dropper, but, having fed with mix, returned to me. I was decanted all the time, but the breast remained firm, temperature rose. But I put, put the daughter to a breast …

of the House the nightmare proceeded, Nastenka hung on a breast continuously, I even ate, lying in a bed. The mother-in-law constantly pressed: be decanted (when? I have no free minute!), you have not enough milk (where a little, a breast full!) drink tea with condensed milk (everywhere discredit this myth, it gives nothing), do not hold the child at a breast more than half an hour and t. e … Reached what the mother-in-law tore off Nastya from a breast, “that I have a rest“, and carried away to download. The daughter cried … For the first month it gained only 200 g, i.e. did not return itself even newborn weight ….

my decision costed me the relations with the husband`s family. We with the husband moved to my grandmother not to be constant on a platoon under pressure of foreign authorities. And I got down to business. Put on the first peep, refused a slip (milk at me dense and constantly hammered holes in a slip, i.e. the daughter sucked empty). Allowed the child to suck so much how many she wants, I do not lie - five hours continuously! Nastenka even in a dream did not let out a breast. When the breast became soft, I ceased to be decanted not to stimulate an excessive lactation.

I the main council - across Nikitinym! For relaxation of nipples took a warm shower before feeding, during feeding warmly took cover and drank hot tea (not very well what, the main thing - hot). Of course, and at me did not do without cracks (rare mother does not face them), but I was rescued by Purelan cream of Medela firm, it does not need to be washed away before feeding and heals instantly. It was especially actual for me since I did not know how soon the daughter will ask a breast - in half an hour or … in five minutes.

All my efforts yielded results! In the second month Nastyona gained 700 g, in the third - 1100! Many thanks to kind modern magazines and the Internet, they gave me strength to hold the ground also confidence in the opportunities. Now my girl is 9 months old, I continue to nurse, during this time the daughter was never ill, temperature did not even increase. I trust: the chest milk protects from everything! And when the crumb will grow and will get a family, I surely will help it to adjust breastfeeding and I will present it all the remarkable magazines and favourite references to articles on GV.