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For technical reasons

Life and housing - cognate words. We in MIAN - real estate agency understood it long ago. Behind real estate - there is a lot of movable: emotions, relations, pits, people and memoirs. Helping with a room problem, always you solve still some. This story - “a practical grant“ on business management with the personal real estate, only this grant - in persons...

* * *

Everything began

with the fact that Mashka turned the compote on my laptop. It burned down a blue flame with tasteless hissing, and together with it my bases, a notebook, addresses post and other hotly favourite files. There`s nothing to be done, the child grew up, in one and a half years learns the world, despite of convenience of people around. Thus, Masha let know to mummy that she - mummy - needs the “protected“ workplace.

Probably, I am non-standard mother that first of all about a workplace I am concerned, but not about the cozy nursery. Meanwhile, communication between existence of the good nursery and safety of the mother`s computer - the most direct. When the child is engaged in the room when there is enough place for its toys and compote, mother can quietly work, including and earn on new toys for the baby.

concerning the laptop I so was upset because to equipment I treat as the animated beings. My laptop and had a name - Tisha. Because it works quietly. To it I had an old Pentium with the noisy fan and absolutely smashed disk drive: he rustled, cracked, thought slowly and loudly, because irritated. And when I, the girl very business, became pregnant, computer noise began to irritate me and it was inconvenient to work, sitting at a table. And then Volodya is my husband - brought to the house small flat greyish MAS with an apple on a cover which did not hum, had keys transparent on some rubber special small pillow. Generally, not the machine, but dream.

Yes, I did not tell, than I am so strongly busy that about the computer it is more, than about the daughter I tell. I am a partner of the husband in business. It delivers from Europe of a difficult technique (the equipment for the enterprises, I will not explain that to what). We have a small firm, but office decent, managers with the German and English languages, accounts department and other - all of them led by my Volodya work every day on workplaces. I have a specific function: I am a partner of the husband from Germany. The representative of the German firm - the supplier. It is clear, that I am engaged in all our difficult correspondence in two languages, transfers to both parties, drawing up contracts, and, therefore, in consultations with lawyers of both countries, support of transactions. Here also present my grief concerning untimely late laptop now?!

And here real estate? In general it seems to me that it always “and“. Frankly speaking, we discussed a subject of expansion of our living space with the husband long ago and somehow everything was not before. Lived in a two-room flat in Krylatskoye, everything suited us. At first together five years lived. And as soon as Masha appeared, of course, at once began to carry on conversation on the bigger apartment. Strangely enough, the problem not especially rested against money, but time, forces! It separate work: even to sit down and understand what to begin with, demands concentration. Means, it is necessary to distract both from business, and from the little one. Well, there is no such opportunity! And search of the new apartment, moving, arrangement... It seemed to me that all this is an excessive task for very busy family with the small child.

As soon as Mashka, so to say, went the legs, my parents expressed readiness a vnuchechka “to observe“. All this summer she carried out at the dacha in Malakhovka with the grandmother and the grandfather. Mashka - that got stronger, but parents umuchitsya slightly. To children - any giving - the high, but for adults, happens, instead of a high a headache. Giving got from the grandfather - the mother`s father, - and the place seemingly remarkable, but the house old. It is necessary to be engaged in the house all the year round, or in the summer there to organize a building site. But in the summer there my parents a garden - a kitchen garden raise, speak: “Let`s life be glad on an open air quietly and without building!“ Struik it is not necessary, but as business goes by winter, problems begin. Parents reap a crop, and to Moscow. The house stands and slowly collects new problems. Every summer again we powder something, “building is not necessary“, in the fall “oh, horror“ - and till next summer. Six years this roundabout is turned.

generally, all began

with the fact that I from parents from ill-fated giving brought Mashka, and it buried my laptop. “All! - I speak, - It is time!“ .

It is time for

- that is time! But without Tisha - to buy newspapers and reference books already anywhere weaned, without the Internet I cannot. Condoled over Tisha, calmed Mashka frightened of scintillating hissing of the laptop and mother`s tears. Well, the father was not that evening. It absolutely would rasperezhivatsya, having decided that the last contracts are forever buried together with the computer.

Put Masha to bed, called “ambulance“ computer. There arrived some young genius and all information was rescued. I saw off the young man, went to bed, in the head two thoughts: new MAS and new apartment. Well, with MAS more and more or less clearly: as I will get up, I will go and I will buy a latest model, with the monitor it is more - for viewing of Mashkiny photos...

Began new to dream of the apartment. It is not dreamed. I do not know what to begin with, where to go. Here with the computer I know where - one service - the center at MASA, and real estate? It is a lot of firms in the market how to choose? With these questions in the head also fell asleep.

in the Morning Volodya returned, I to it laid out everything also about the new computer, and about the new apartment. “Well“, - says, - “both problems can be considered imminent. Model you wanted the last long ago, about the apartment too a year it is talked. Go, buy to yourself new Tisha. And apartment then. Well?“


the new computer. I will not paint what happiness for the business young lady is! Called the technical lassie Makony. Restored that could, and - in the Internet, to look for to whom to hand the destiny. I am, of course, a lady educated and in business understanding, but directly earlier was never engaged in real estate.

that it is necessary to address only to large agency I did not doubt seconds. It appeared, three large operators work at the Moscow market of real estate, it is necessary to choose among them. It is difficult to make a choice, but here advice to the same beginners searching: you look that the website was normally made, without amateur performance, with convenient navigation that information, even that about which need you do not suspect caught sight. Of course, such requirements are imposed by the experienced user, but the company has to strive for satisfaction and our “advanced“ interests.

Opened all pages, put bookmarks, analyzed the prices. And suddenly understood that I just became engrossed in reading, long ago I do not leave one page anywhere, on all questions I find answers at once. It was website MIANA. I make decisions quickly when I feel coincidence of vision of the world to my potential partners. Generally, I at once as soon as understood that I want to work with MIANOM, there also called. Made an appointment with the realtor.

Went with Volodya to the central office on Krasnaya Presnya. I liked the atmosphere at once: from the entrance “smells“ of success and efficiency. The smiling girl Oksana with a difficult job title on a badge - the project manager on VRN was engaged in us. We told that we have very simple situation - we live in good two-room, we have 50 thousand dollars, we apply on good three-room, in the same place, in Krylatskoye. Oksana told that she has to come to estimate our apartment. Agreed about a new meeting.

It arrived to us the next evening. Naturally, I began to treat her with tea with mother`s country jam. “And where you have a giving?“ - Oksana took an interest. From this harmless question, one may say, of a usual sign of politeness, our tremendous history began.

Oksana in a fit of temper told

Ya all our problems with giving. And how it is difficult for the father from Timiryazevskaya on the Moscow traffic jams a harvest from there to carry, and how this truck farming not especially - that is necessary for our provided family, and that the parental apartment disturbs us. When they at the dacha on half a year, we should look after it that takes away plenty of time. Broke through me on revelations though I do not like strangers not to load with the problems. But, probably, at that moment I felt rather realized that giving, the parental apartment is real estate too, and with it it is possible to make something. And Oksana showed quite sincere interest in my stories.

“And you did not reflect what it is possible to lead this unstructured set of immovable property to some logic and the general order?“ - the realtor located currant and my confession took an interest. “Already reflected“, - I answered. “Let`s make an appointment with your parents, it seems to me, it is possible to find the worthy solution convenient for all“. - “Parents? I am afraid, they are not ready to anything radical“, - I skeptically noticed. “But to arrive - that on a meeting they will not oppose? Just invite them to conversation“, - Oksana already almost at the elevator quietly told.

Parents as all elderly people, not really - that wanted to change something. But my arguments concerning the collected problems took effect. Every other day I with them already arrived to Presnya. Oksana met us by the question turned to mother:“ But you would not like to live in the cottage settlement? Where the general infrastructure where it is not necessary to care in the winter for snow export, and in the summer for transportation of gas cylinders?“.

Mother was struck dumb a little, the father, as always, silently thumbed through some booklets. Oksana as the school teacher, pulled out the big sheet of checkered paper from a company notebook and began to draw the scheme. “Here you look“, - it began with voice of the sure lecturer: “We have: two-room in Krylatskoye - 150 thousand, three-room on Timiryazevskaya - 200 thousand, giving in Malakhovka - about 170 has to cost, it is necessary to look. I think that for parents the house in the cottage settlement can become ideal option, and it is better to choose the direction connected with an apartment location“.

my Parents were silent, probably, impressed with faultlessness of arguments.“ Following question: why to have the three-room apartment in Moscow when the most part of year it is possible to live in a comfortable country house? I suggest to consider option two-room, and in the area, near from children - for example, Kuntsevo, or Youth“. Parents continued to be silent.

“And how many can cost a cottage?“ - I took an interest. “About 300 thousand“. Pondered over all figures - is not enough. At parents “did not admit“. We exchanged glances with Oksana and asked parents almost at the same time: “Well, how you like such prospect?“. - “Unexpectedly somehow“, - mother told.

“And the house - something like it?“ - the father asked, showing the picture in the considered booklet. “Yes, can quite be. Here specifically this cottage from the booklet from a glued bar in the protected cottage settlement near Golitsyno it is possible to get for 315 thousand“. - “Also it will be possible to live in it at once?“ - the father took an interest.“ Yes, of course“. - “And what, is pleasant to me! House wooden, and new at the same time. It is possible I the booklet with itself I will take away, I will look at plans of houses attentively?“

Here and mother left some catalepsy: “You know, girls, I, of course, it did not think of anything, but why I am not present! Olechka, you will be able then Masha in general without problems at us to leave. And if still apartments are near! Just dream“.

Carried parents home, having agreed with Oksana on the next meeting. On the road mine fell in a reverie. I, frankly speaking, did not even think that they wanted to live to us closer long ago. It appears, these old intellectuals were afraid of us - young businessmen - “to burden“ with the problems! Here so, apparently, about parents you know everything, but itself you hang on them stereotypes: a pier, elderly anything will be wanted to be changed. Told them about it.“ And you think, Olyun in whom such business and resolute“, - the father laughed.

Of course, rest the thought did not give

that somehow figures do not meet. Two apartments are approximately a cottage. Giving, let our 50 thousand. All the same is not enough for three-room, or the cottage is impossible. Told the husband about the offered scheme. Volodya was not surprised: “Good offer. To us the credit will be suggested to be taken“. Frankly speaking, such thought did not come to my mind. “And what, - I say, - we will agree?“ - “Why is not present? In business we are credited. It is possible and to lend for private life“.

It is valid, for the missing sum Oksana suggested to take a mortgage. We on website MIANA already analysed in the evening all possible options of mortgage lending so were ready to conversation. Search, first of all, of apartments for us and for parents began. In Malakhovka and purchase of a cottage the department of country real estate was engaged in sale of giving.

Of course, neither I, nor Volodya, in connection with big employment were able to be engaged in all affairs of family real estate, to parents was too not before: Mashka on them almost completely. We issued all necessary powers of attorney and agency contracts. Generally, we only watched apartments.

also for us three-room on Krylatsky hills, with a tremendous view of the reserve, and for parents the small, but cozy two-room flat on Mozhayka, just on the way to Golitsyno Was. With a mortgage, of course, it was necessary to run about a little, but it is already other subject. I tell about the main thing: as people (we) do not even think of the mass of opportunities which professionals can offer.

All transactions passed

quietly. So far we all family live in a parental cottage “from the booklet“ - in Golitsyno. In apartments repair goes. I so fine thought up to myself a workplace in the new apartment: it will be behind specially sliding door with a lock that the younger generation had no access there.

Parents are simply happy

. Really in a modern cottage all cares of old Soviet giving disappear. Service all city, and air - country. And as they are happy that the house wooden! It though on new technologies is made, the bar is impregnated with something specially protiovpozharny, but the spirit of a tree all the same lives. The house as though waited for the owners, and grew roots very quickly. I can come to parents more often now and longer remain because to work and here I can: in the modern settlement of any problems with the Internet. Came to see the daughter, Makonya - herself, entered a network, checked mail, answered to whom it is necessary, obtained information.

It here in the way the burned-down laptop provided with

comfortable life to the successor, and us, all family of five people, in addition. Or it is Mashka provided? And, maybe, at all compote - to all the reason?

This history only one our client. To read other stories of our collection or you can solve an own problem, having addressed to any office of MIAN - real estate agency.