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How, you still feed?!

Some manage to ask this question with such intonation that necessarily you feel in something guilty. To nurse what is the time? Breast milk after one and a half years - advantage or harm? So, personal experience of mother who fed the daughter two years and week.

Prevention: the author imposes nobody the point of view. Material does not concern mothers who for the objective reasons could not feed the child.

We sat, we will call it “in the game room“, and cheerfully argued as it is good to nurse. Someone to the child has no a year, to someone was already executed two. The employee of an institution joined our conversation.“ I am convinced that after a year to the child mother`s milk to anything“, - was surely told by her. - “In it there is nothing useful, it is only an addiction“. From its party general phrases and delicate hints went for the life experience. Further the following dialogue took place.

- All do not feed any more...

- Who all? And why I have to equal on society in this question?

- the Child has to eat only “ordinary“ food.

- you have children?

- Yes, the adult boy.

- Tell how many you fed the child?

- I will not answer this question.

- And all-?

- I refuse to answer this question.

- Wait for

, you joined our discussion...

- I fed one month.

- Then, I`m sorry, what you can tell about harm or advantage of breastfeeding in principle?

Further conversation nearly took the form of the open conflict. I was asked not to come to this institution, time at me such point of view... To admit, I not really understood what relation my opinion has to visit of office, but thought - both of us agreed to differ, quarreled, - so why we touched upon this INTIMATE subject?


Well, you satisfy curiosity, and by and large to whom what difference, you nurse or not? This your personal record. Regardless of reaction of the interlocutor, you will not cease to feed, and will spoil mood precisely. It is necessary not to extend to this subject especially to those who are subject to all pressure of “public opinion“. Let it will be your small secret.

As, you still feed?

The is become more senior by the daughter, the I saw more surprise in the opinion of acquaintances. In implication of a question to me it was heard - all do not feed any more, here you as if a mineral, it was found. Especially the senior generation surprised. If the woman has one child, means experience at her not much more, than at me. Why I have to trust it, accept her point of view?

Actually, where the truth and where lie, NOBODY knows because...

We really know

of the Logician, intuition, opinion of the authoritative person - here composed our opinion. What such “authentic“ information differs from rumors, not really clear in. We listen to arguments of the parties and we accept that opinion which is pleasant to us. It turns out that everyone believes in what he wants to trust in.

Look for to Feed with

or not after a year?

Arguments of supporters of breastfeeding.

Arguments of opponents of breastfeeding.


the Standard scenario of familiar aunts

- I wanted to feed longer too, but I had not enough milk (it was not enough, it almost left, was gone - necessary to choose) therefore I ceased to feed.

Is not present

, they did not face the concept “installation of a lactation“. And let it pass, the child already big, will be enough him...

Of course, they did everything possible for feeding continuation - went to the next supermarket and bought food more. Because it became terrible, and suddenly the child is hungry, to him, most likely, there are not enough necessary substances any more. So they were told by the pediatrician. Mummy, of course, tried to ask - a pier, feed children and till three years. And in reply habitual - at you is not present medical education, you in it understand nothing. And they, of course, understand... Yes, they are learned to call and make the diagnosis, God grant, that they coped with it... They - that know about breastfeeding much.

my personal experience