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My first marathon of

When I only began to run, the book “the Purpose - 42“ fell of me into hands. Thumbing through it, I then thought that now I hardly so will be able. Well, maybe, sometime...

Now, 17 years later, I decided to try. To run a marathon. It cannot be that hard. 3 months of persistent trainings. In any weather - in a frost, snowfall, a blizzard, a rain... I persistently came for jogs. The beginnings, it is necessary to tell, not with “0“. By then already ran 20 km. Once even at competitions (/pub/article. aspx? id=4899). Well, and 10 km were a habitual training distance.

as a result ran: January - 173 km, February - 239, March - 274, well, in April to a marathon (it was on April 23) 198 km. It apart from the marathon. Here only trouble - I run slowly. At best 6 min. on km. But, as, the knowing people told that the main thing is to gain volumes, I also gathered. Was not engaged in high-speed training and on it there was no time.

Here, at last, there came day of “X“. April 23. In soul I knew that I will not descend. I will reach all the same. But hoped that in 4,5 hours. Sacred naivety! Ran. In 5,5 hours.

Well, and now one after another. We arrived with the daughter Ania to the place of start, Gorky Park, KLB “World“. Found teammates. I got a number, paid a starting contribution. Ania speaks:“ Listen, your adrenaline from ears drips“. I do not know, it seemed to me that I am quiet as the tank.

Dressed up as

. It was run before start. Teammates advised not to begin quickly. The route 3 circles on 14 km everyone. 7 km there, 7 back. And so 3 times.

START. I begin at the speed. It is run normally. We agreed with Ania that she will meet at the subway of the groom and they will come to be ill between 2 and 3 around, it somewhere in 2,5 - 3 hours. At the end of 1 circle the teammates who already ran 10 km ask, how are you doing? I Speak, normally.

I Come on the 2nd circle. It seems, anything. At stadium Luzhniki across the river there is a match, the roar of fans is heard. Still the overtaking cyclists who are jumping out from - for backs irritate. Skilled marathoners left forward long ago. The main group of about a kilometer ahead of me on 2. Behind same nedomarafonets, as I. Towards the leaders who are already finishing 3 - y a circle run. Especially vividly the uncle with the fluttering long hair and a beard looks. He swings hands on the run, and speed at him, as at the engine. On a beard - green snivels. This crank ran already 200 marathons. Where to us, with a snout in a kalashny row!

Suddenly the knee sharply begins to hurt. It did not disturb me more than half a year, and here suddenly such ambush! I reduce speed, I am fitted. If to run more slowly, then it seems does not disturb. But begins to get call of the nature. I begin to look after bushes. Then beheld a toilet. But decided to hold on 2 circles to the end.

Vot and Ania with Stas. Photograph me. I represent what will turn out! Took from them kapsikam ointment, drank - ate on point of food and trotted further. Here toilet! All this is park, thank God! While answered call of the nature and it was smeared with ointment (time was necessary to take off trousers), wasted time, probably, minutes 15 - 20. It was enough that the marathoners running behind me overtook and left kilometer on 2 forward. Offensively. And it is already not enough forces. The general health of nothing, and here legs ached.

I Try to run, but not to go. It turns out slowly - slowly. Dotrusila to point of food, drank, went on foot a little bit. Forced itself to be afraid before turn. And from turn under a hill too. Further a little bit at a slow pace. I look, and us there was a person 5: three old men, the guy who is periodically dropping into a walk, and I. And the guy went with the same speed with what I was afraid. Then he all - ran. Also disappeared in the distance.

Point of food collected by

belongings. But all allowed to drink-. Looked at the watch - nothing to herself! 5 hours! And start was in 12. Means, I run 5 hours, and did not even notice how time ran. Now only on the finish. Rather I will reach, the quicker it will end.

All already finished, well to them, probably, drink tea. Or Easter is celebrated. It became so a pity that I still here suffer. Trotted further. Each kilometer stretched to the improbable sizes. There is a metro bridge, there were 4 km, here the monastery, 3 now. When finish? And here the park begins. Now it is close. I run, I mutter aloud “Anechka, wait for me“ And that, I think, still will leave... And blue tape of the finish. What is it? Yes it is removed! Well also put!


, which - as. The board was already removed. The guy ahead finished minutes for 15 to me. On the finish speak: “Your time of 5 h 30 min.“. Offensively, offensively. Well what to tell? It is necessary to learn to run quicker. Ania speaks: “We were already frightened, maybe, with you what happened? Be not upset, you at us now the marathoner! Anybody has no such mummy!“ Well, it at me the remarkable daughter.


to tea from a thermos, it seems felt better. Changed clothes and hardly - hardly pokovylyal to the subway. Legs “bo - bo“. And state of anything. I thought, what will be worse. But next day legs ached so that hardly I go. Neither the bathtub, nor ointments, nor recovery jog (a prokovylyala 2 circles on the route) help. Let`s wait till tomorrow.

A a marathon I still will run! 5 h are 30 min. old! The shame is simple! It should be corrected!!!