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Coals and Chablis (combinations: a barbecue and wine)

the Unextinguishable love to the food cooked on naked flame generated many traditions. Having taken from the different countries the best wines for a barbecue, it is possible to feel harmony of wine and food with a smoke.

we Will begin

, certainly, with native shish kebabs. Wines which the authentic Georgian grade of grapes of a saperava enters, - the real classics of a shashlik genre. This grade reports to wine unique garnet taste and powerful structure. Such strong partner best of all accompanies heavy, well-done meat - mutton, beef, pork.

A here in Bulgaria, for example, the tradition exists to serve to shish kebabs local Cabernet Sauvignon. What is absolutely justified: wine from this classical red grade of grapes is rich with tannins thanks to what Cabernet Sauvignon maintains heavy taste of shish kebabs - it turns out faultless is wine - gastronomic couple. Love in Bulgaria and wine from a “native“ grade of grapes a kadarka. It is not less saturated, pleases in the deep garnet color and aroma with tones of cherry.

Ideal wines to meat - a barbecue can call by

the Australian “Shiraz“ and South African “Pinotazh“. The strong structure and concentration of taste of blackcurrant and blackberry with notes of ground black pepper create in “Shiraz“ an excellent background for the fat saturated with smoke lamb.

If we had a country house where - nibud in Italy and fried a good piece of beef on fire, then by all means would serve to it the wine from Tuscany made on the basis of a grade to a sandzhioveza, for example, “The classic`s chianti“, “Brunello di Montalcino“, “Nobile di Montepulciano`s wine“ or “Supertoskanskoye“. The bright acidity and a hint to a sandzhioveza as if invites to salt to gastronomic pleasure rich, fat taste of meat.

In Spain for stakes on a grill is taken classical to “Riokh“. This wine of “average weight“ with a bouquet of fruit and spices is created from tempraniyo, differing in bright fresh taste. Such combination of red wine and meat of hardly anyone - that will leave indifferent.

all are literally mad

In California about the dishes prepared on coals. And sacredly keep custom to drink with them red wines from a local zinfandel. Simple dzhemovo - fruit taste of a zinfandel turns wine into the irreplaceable partner of vegetables, chicken and even the cheese sandwiches roasted on an open grill.

Having given in to foreign trends, all of us spread on a grill lattice burgers and vyursta, our way cutlets and sausages more often. If you take fat products - and in the majority such and there have to be products for a barbecue, - that to them, as well as to usual meat, it is necessary to serve dense red wines with high acidity. From France will suit red ronsky, from Italy - wine from the country South, for example to Apulia, and from the New World - made of such grades as Shiraz, grenash, a zinfandel or malbek. It is possible to arrive, however, in German and to wash down sausages and sausages with big glasses of beer …

One more red partner of a barbecue, but this time for fish, - a pin noir. And the low content of tannins it is possible to emphasize with these not heavy wines with an earthy shade in taste advantages of a fish shish kebab. But fish for it needs to be chosen fatter, for example, than a salmon.

If you are drawn towards white wine more, then for chicken and seafood suitable option is the French Chablis.

the Baked vegetables, such as eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and pepper, thanks to a grilirovaniye gain some sweet which is imperceptible in a fresh and boiled look. Selecting maintenance to the baked vegetables dishes, it is necessary to address first of all light white Italian wines from verdikkio or a pin byanko which can “pass“ through sweet of vegetables, without having killed at the same time their taste. To those fans of fruit which are ready to take fire peaches or pineapples, I recommend to increase taste of a dessert the wines made of grapes of late collecting, for example, the German - the categories “shpetleze“ or new secular - with a mark “leyt harvest“. They are rather sweet, but at the same time usually not so luscious to kill taste of fruit. If you sugar fruit, then for a perfect bliss it is possible to wash down them with the French soterna sated with honey taste, German to an ausleza or the corresponding fruit liqueurs. And having sprinkled them your dessert, you receive such magnificent dish that you will be envied even the chief - cooks of the most refined restaurants...