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Vacation in style ``âåëëíåñ``

For many successful people holiday is the only opportunity to get rid of the collected fatigue and tension. How to organize the rest that it did not turn into the next source of a stress?

is Advised by the associate professor, the candidate of psychological sciences, the known business - the trainer, the author of numerous books Natalya Vasilyevna Samoukina.

- Today in our country there were many successful, taken place women. What sort they need to overcome a stress?

- Everything depends on what the woman is successful in. In our country it is possible to allocate two main ways of achievement of wellbeing. The first opportunity - to make good career. Today at top of success there are ladies of 30 - 35 years and are more senior. More than 10 years they gave to persistent work, broke through all difficulties and barriers.

Such women, at all external wellbeing, almost always get to a peculiar trap. They have a success, but for the sake of it they often have to endow communication with a family, friends, personal interests.

Successful and assured in tomorrow, they face that their own “I“ leave from - under control. And it becomes a source of constant internal discomfort.

- And what second way to wellbeing?

is a successful marriage. I mean a happy combination of the sincere relations with material success. It would seem, it is very harmonious situation. Nevertheless such women very often face a house depression, effect of “a gold cage“.

we Will begin

with the fact that they have no need to try to obtain something - it seems everything already is. And this lack of vital “drive“ always negatively affects feeling of the person. There is a certain monotony of existence.

at the same time at such women uneasiness level for health and wellbeing of the husband is high

; they are most often torn off from his life, are far from its business and professional interests. Such “separation“ is dangerous. The man can have a temptation to address for support someone from ladies - colleagues.

the Exit from such situation, strangely enough. It is important to find time for the hobbies, education. Such employment will raise the status of the woman in the opinion of people around and own husband.

Well and of course any successful woman the effective weakening rest which gives it the chance to support the high level of a self-assessment is necessary for

and it is easy to cope with difficult vital tasks.

- As ideal antistress rest has to look?

- the First step on the way to the correct holiday - “reorganization“ of consciousness. To make the decision on rest, it is necessary to relax, calm down, adjust first of all itself on a positive wave.

For many successful women this step is quite difficult. Often they just are afraid to leave the company. It seems to them that problems and “failures“ in their absence are inevitable. As a result business - ladies leave on rest with several mobile phones and do not leave the laptop - what relaxation here!

Besides, gathering for rest, people quite often get to a trap of stereotypes. Traditionally it is considered that the best rest is surely tropical countries and beach resorts. Very few people reflect that such holiday has very low antistress value. The organism is forced to fight against heat, unusually plentiful kitchen - many forces leave on adaptation. A time of people comes back from holiday not by absolutely well rested.

Other stereotype - ekskursionno - tourist programs. The group of tourists is sent literally on sights. It is not possible to feel a charm of personal contact with masterpieces of art and architecture.

- So, a heat and excursions are cancelled. But where and, the main thing how then to go to have a rest?

- Ideal rest for Russians - the European countries with habitual climate. It is, for example, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Northern Italy, Slovenia. You will find in these countries not only the culture level close to us, but also that is not less important - “picture“ habitual to heart and a look. It is proved that landscapes can be “genetically pleasant“ our unconscious or on the contrary. And the Egyptian deserts or the African prairies are alien to inhabitants of our latitudes. Just our unconscious simply “does not learn“ such landscapes, so, all spiritual and physical forces are spent for adaptation.

Very popular type of rest became so-called vellnes today - tourism. It means that during travel you get acquainted with a complex of the various rituals and actions which are thought up for relaxation, care of themselves and restoration of your creative potential.

For example, it surely includes care of appearance - and it is especially important for women. It is proved that well-groomed women live longer and easier try to obtain success in all spheres of life.


Besides, vellnes gives the chance to concentrate on itself, the thoughts. It is important for maintenance of harmony with the inner self. The concept of a vellnes excludes any directives, all programs are selected individually.

- That is the care of itself helps to relax really?

- Yes, but it is not all. From the point of view of psychology, vellnes gives the chance of practical application of visual psychoequipment - representation and contemplation of the most pleasant and inspiring images of the nature. These images have the curing force, help to get rid of tension and a depression. Surprisingly some landscapes allow us to work even with such structures of consciousness as a self-assessment and self-confidence. There is a simple exercise: imagine the mountain. Someone sees himself standing at the mountain and does not even think of rise up. Someone clambers and very much is afraid to fall. And someone feels freedom of soaring and observes beautiful views from the top. The last image shows that the person is not afraid of the success, is self-assured, feels freedom.

present to

A now that we speak not just about images, and about surrounding reality. You with own eyes see mountains, lakes, fine landscapes. Vellnes - rest gives the chance to feel a unification with the nature, to absorb it in itself, to be loaded with its improbable energy. It is necessary just to be exempted from unnecessary “covers“ and to accept this force. It is the most powerful source of revival, restoration of forces.

- you suggest to look for this remarkable nature in Europe. But and in our country there are a lot of beautiful places.

- Of course, in Russia there are a lot of tremendous corners - we will take the same Baikal or Kamchatka. But it is impossible to organize rest “in style there vellnes“ meanwhile. Lack of service and the delicate relation can spoil all charm from communication with the nature. And after you opened towards to fine feelings, it will be especially unpleasant to you to face costs of domestic tourism.

Harmony arises only when every minute of rest is perfect and brings pleasure. The system vellnes - hotels in Europe was created for years. Everything is organized here so that as much as possible to use your time for original relaxation. Already every other day you begin to feel in a different way. You suddenly understand that the world around is filled with sounds, paints, smells. You begin to pay attention to its beauty, feel revival of interest in life.

- As often you advise to have a rest?

- the Dosed short rest is the most harmonious option. At the same time itself should not put accurate terms. It is necessary to leave when you feel that was tired. Besides, good rest has “after-effect“: the condition of harmony and internal fullness remains about three months after return. And then you begin to plan your following vacation, the holiday anticipation appears. As a result you create to yourself continued antistress support, vellnes - maintenance.

Good rest will always help you to feel

as the successful and prospering personality. Each person doing career or occupied with the family can and has to dare to enjoy life. And you - not an exception.