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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: Sanatorium Friendship of

Sanatorium “Friendship“

Should tell Food

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  • of Missile defense that we perfectly from the very beginning chose sanatorium, but not boarding house. And matter not only in treatment, but also in food, and in total absence of household problems (light, hot water). However, in the spring boarding houses also do not work. It is the best of all to choose that sanatorium which costs directly on the seashore. In general all subsequent black PR, concerning the Crimea, me, from there just come back, brought into bewilderment. When you say what was bad, it is necessary to say where, specifically, it was bad. In sanatoria of Yevpatoria it was good.

    In two months we visited four places: in sanatorium “Friendship“, on the private apartment, in sanatorium “Prometey“, in Mercury boarding house. I chose the last boarding house from low cost reasons. In the summer the prices raise considerably, and in “Mercury“ offered good discounts. It was our only mistake. However, even in “Mercury“ there were light and water (cold always, hot - in the evening). Of course, I state only the impressions, but you can look also at responses of other people, for example, here.

    In “Friendship“ the best case in all Yevpatoria was found“ (the Case No. 7, “Dnieper“). The multystoried building stands directly ashore. You sit on a balcony - full feeling that on the beach. Ksenya slept in the afternoon, and I opened wide open a balcony (view of the sea), pulled out a mattress there, read and sunbathed. Remarkably!

    the Housing and infrastructure

    In “Dnieper“ are numbers luxury and a junior suite. We lived in a junior suite. The average sizes the room with two beds, bedside tables, a little table, couple of chairs, a three-leaved mirror and the built-in cases. The furniture is decent, new. It is quite enough cases and bedside tables to spread out all things. Carpets on a floor and beds. There is a balcony. In number still a small hall, a bathroom with a shower (not a bathroom, namely a shower). Refrigerator and TV. Cleaning daily. The bed linen was changed on demand. Though, in traditions of our service, beds, for example, had to be re-made most. In luxury - two rooms from a hall, a bathroom from a bathroom. And the furniture has more. I decided that luxury - it is already excessive. Usually, when there is no husband nearby, I save.

    Hot water was constantly and not only in “Friendship“, but also in all sanatoria where we had to visit and about which it was necessary to hear. However, we devoted the first day on each new place to fight against plumbers. Usually good mixer was just rearranged from other empty number. As a weighty argument of the maid gave a chocolate. The benefit, 90 percent of numbers are empty in the spring, even during May holidays. From shortcomings: in “Dnieper“ there was a repair on the first floor up to May 1. It was necessary to leave through one exit, through another, below in a lobby (but not in number) smelled of paint. Advantages: this year repair, perhaps, any more will not be.

    In sanatorium waited for Kuchma and therefore painted also so quite fresh shops, arranged well also so equipped territory. The number of service personnel sometimes exceeded the number of vacationers. But, the main thing - any cares. Feed, clean, treat. All the time could be devoted to the child. And Kuchma did not arrive.

    What “Friendship“ was still good

    ? There it is not boring. Inhabitants of the Chernobyl zone have a rest according to permits. System “mother and child“: adult with the child. Children were even younger, than my daughter. However, all Chernobyl veterans live in cases worse (No. 4 and No. 6). Look sideways a little when learn how many “rich“ Muscovites pay for number from the pocket. But all the same people very sincere, are to whom to communicate. In the dining room you sit at a table with one more mother (or the father) with the child. You go for the general treatment. You meet all. By the way, the three-storyed case No. 6 is also located directly at the sea. Numbers are trimmed more simply, furniture old, but these are numbers with the bathroom with a shower too. They cost much cheaper.

    the Territory in “Friendship“ big. In essence, two territories nearby - one nursery - the camp territory, another adult on which there are all the year round operating cases 4, 5, 6 and 7. However in a week everything bothers, and there is no place to go especially more. To go to city park far with the child in incomplete 2,5 years, and in the evening just frightening. In the spring in a sanatorium zone there is nobody around, only in territories of sanatoria. To the nearest shops with the minimum set of products where we bought juice, with the child of minutes 10 - 15. The majority of stalls closer are closed in the spring. Phones are in the territory, but it is much more favorable to agree that you were rung from Moscow certain time, for example, for the maid`s phone.


    Unfortunately, very bothers a local cuisine. At the beginning it seems that it is necessary, even decently feed. There is a dietary table, in some limits it is possible to plan the menu. It is quite possible to feed even the small child. But it is very monotonous. In the morning milk porridge or if you specially ask the doctor and the nutritionist, salad, plus meat (fish, steam cutlet) with a garnish, tea or cocoa at choice. During the lunchtime: salad, soup and meat with a garnish, compote. During an afternoon snack: fruit and a roll with kefir or juice. Added some immunostimulating seaweed to rolls and cutlets. In the evening meat with a garnish, tea. We did not go to an afternoon snack, slept at this time. Took away an afternoon snack during a dinner. Garnishes: rice, buckwheat, macaroni or mashed potatoes. It was almost always possible to choose one of two garnishes. Exhaustive list of vegetable dishes: cucumbers, salad from fresh cabbage, a radish, grated carrots with sugar, boiled grated beet and potatoes. Fruit in the spring: apples, bananas, oranges. Everything was prepared normally, but is always identical. Little changes were only on holidays. In three weeks of such monotonous food I flew into a rage. Though, in general, everything is learned in comparison. When I learned how it is accepted to feed in “Mercury“ and in other boarding houses, I changed the opinion a little. By the way, Ksenia to my astonishment, ate perfectly. Even it is better, than houses. And I, later, already in “Mercury“, became just more often to go to restaurant, for a change. The benefit of the price allow to have dinner though there every day. The lunch with all excesses for three (I, the husband and the child) kept within 50 - 55 hryvnias (10 dollars). One with the child I always kept within 20 hryvnias (4 dollars).

    Medical care

    Other feature of “Friendship“ about which it is just necessary to know: if you want that appointed those procedures which are necessary, massage, for example, or the pool and in general that they were to you and to the child are more attentive, it is necessary to present something to the attending physician. There is enough box of chocolates. If you want that massage was put in convenient time and made with attention, it is necessary to pay in addition to the masseur of hryvnias 20. Twenty hryvnias are about 4 dollars. The masseur will be very happy as she receives about 30 dollars a month. I understood it not at once, thought that I paid by local standards also very much. As a result, two weeks convinced me to wait with massage until the child acclimatizes, and then on massage there were no talonchik... And it was possible without appointment just at all to approach the specific masseur and to agree. It would make also is much better. In general masseurs in Yevpatoria very professional. Thank God, we had enough time both for acclimatization, and for treatment. Later we made massage in “Prometheus“.

    on the other hand, opportunities in “Friendship“ really big. They can even make the analysis on the immune status in own laboratory. Though, for example, the analysis on dysbacteriosis is not done. There is ultrasonography, an electrocardiogram. From exotic - we passed inspection by the Fouling method. In Moscow, as far as I know, such inspection is rather fashionable and costs very much. Do the analysis on radiation and other harmful substances, on hair, it seems. In “Prometheus“ in respect of diagnostics of an opportunity is more modest. However, in Moscow all the same they are higher, than anywhere in Yevpatoria therefore I advise Muscovites to go to be treated already with the concrete diagnosis.