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Entertaining process - to establish a canopy! Having felt

spring, many owners even more often began to visit on the country possession, considering plans of repair and improvement of the territory of a site. It is known that style is defined by details. In this case such designs as an arbor, a pergola, or a canopy - what finally gives to our green drawing rooms a special cosiness and originality. Allow to offer you several councils thanks to which rest on the fazenda will become for you even more pleasant and comfortable.

the Arbour, or a canopy from the sun

So, an arbor. It can be the wooden construction of easy type consisting of several support which bear on themselves an easy covering. Its form can be any: the circle, a square, an oval or a rectangle, and the area, as a rule, varies from 4 to 7 sq.m. Arbor walls usually represent the wooden decorative screens executed in the form of figured lattices. It allows vacationers not to be fenced off by nature, and to get closer to her.

In an arbor, or a canopy are put by the table, benches executed from a tree, aluminum with a dense fabric covering. For production of canopies and benches use strong coniferous breeds (a pine, a fir-tree, a larch), and also deciduous (an oak, an alder, etc.) . To protect wood from rotting, it is processed special means - antiseptics. At desire the shelter from the sun can be painted, having given it an elegant look.

the Pergola - a vertical green dress of a garden

Beauty of a garden can be emphasized with

also by means of such construction as a pergola which will separate one site of a garden from another and will become shelter in summer heat. The pergola represents sadovo - a park design in the form of two and more arches or lattices twisted with plants connected among themselves, and green walls will become good protection against wind whiffs. Not only steel rods, but also wooden whetstones can be material for production.

of the Pergola are created by green vertical accents, surprising on beauty. They are used as a frame along paths or as independent designs in which it is possible to put a bench for rest. Very easy pergolas constructed of poles (a cross crosswise), call lanes. They well look in case it is necessary to isolate part of a site near the road or to decorate something. Quite often pergolas carry out a role of the green screen around a recreation area, a playground. Beautifully the green wall looks if it to diversify klematisam of various flowers and shades. These perennials are ideally suited for climate of a midland. The approximate cost of such decorative furniture for 1 sq.m - 2000 - 2500 rubles.

of the Design temporary and constant

By the way, the canopy or an arbor for rest on a site can is executed from sborno - folding designs which can be cleaned in a shed for the winter period. For such designs use various breeds of wood, aluminum shapes or tubes, a wire or a cord.

Other type represents the constant stationary construction put from a stone, collected from a tree or other incidental materials. Such canopies serve for many years and can be used not only in summertime, but also in the early spring or late fall.

it becomes frequent a canopy a reliable roof - a tent for preparation of a shish kebab or a barbecue, the center for cooking.


- folding canopies

are the easy designs consisting of two wooden support and a horizontal frame on which threads of a cord or a wire are strung. Such canopy occupies the small space, and it can be established in any place of a site. For its realization it is necessary to collect at first a rigid rectangular design of a canopy - an awning. It will serve as protection against sunshine.

of the Thread, tense on a framework, create a certain rigidity to a roof - a canopy and serve as a peculiar support for color fabric. In the middle of the summer when climbers braid threads, fabric is removed and the foliage becomes a natural green roof - the screen.

In order that the canopy was steady and did not fall from strong wind, its support rigidly connect to a roof, creating a uniform design. Bolts with lambskin nuts are applied to fastening.

Stationary canopies

belong To this category constructions which remain to winter on a site. As their support serve the decorative wall which is laid out from a stone and two racks (pipes from metal or an asbotsement with a diameter of 100 - 120 mm) on which the wooden beam serving as a support for pergolas keeps within. Other support - a wall from a stone in which through openings for installation of flowers and plants are made.