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The dope for the workaholic of

Exists opinion as if to successful people danger threatens to become an inveterate drunkard much less as they are able to control themselves and qualitative drinks under good snack unlike outcasts and low-paid hard workers whipping any muck under a traditional cucumber prefer to take. But whether so are impregnable for a green serpent rich and well-known?

of Costs of the high status

For many businessmen and careerists regular binge is an office need. Very often negotiations and the conclusion of contracts are connected with a feast. There is even such theory: a pier, in the conditions of our culture it is extremely difficult to absolutely teetotal official or businessman to achieve success in work. People around can just not understand this black sheep or count the nondrinker as the conceited person and in general “not our person“. In business practice constantly there are situations when the glass of cognac or vodka stimulates the solution of problems, helps to smooth acute angles in communication of partners or colleagues and to find a common language. One very famous Soviet minister in especially impasses authoritatively interrupted meeting with the phrase:“ Not - et, brothers! So we will never agree. It is time to change a negotiating table“. Then participants of meeting moved to a banquet room or a bath.

At the same time knows well to

what fantastic sincere expenses are demanded by business. Therefore it is possible to understand those who after the intense working day relax by means of several shot glasses of alcohol. That`s it for this elite category some psychiatrists and narcologists also thought up the theory - a consolation: allegedly if at them, people strong-willed and highly intellectual, over time alcoholism, then not “malignant“, as at the gray majority, and “good-quality“, that is elite also develops.


of One of features of “benign“ alcoholism it is considered to be ability to keep complete control over itself during all feast. You always know when you have to telling yourself “Enough!“ to be relieved of unpleasant consequences of search with alcohol. That is according to the theory about elite alcoholism social and personal degradation does not threaten professionally drinking businessmen and politicians. And if to ordinary drunks in 30 - 40 years the ditch is prepared, then to these lucky to drink and live to extreme old age. And, it seems, to that there are many examples. So, Winston Churchill all life had addiction to strong cigars and cognac, and nevertheless lived more than ninety years and even composed the known aphorism about alcohol:“ The reality is the deception caused by a lack of alcohol of blood“.

However the soothing myth for elite serious experts disprove

the cases from own practice confirming that people are arranged equally and alcoholic dependence will inevitably derail life and the mechanic from the city suburb, and the millionaire from the known country highway.

the Operated falling

However, slipping pictures in an alcoholic chasm of the person who is successfully building career, and the inhabitant who is going down a tide of life, of course, differ. The narcologist with a twenty-year experience Sergey Masterov claims that he for all the practice never dealt with the businessman who would take place in a profession, periodically completely without abstaining from alcohol intake for a long time. During these periods of absolute sobriety business people actively advance the business that then again to continue merrily life, “as it is accepted“.

the Drinking careerist nevertheless for the benefit of business is forced to operate the addiction (in narcology there is even a term “operated alcoholism“). The people who achieved success almost always differ in strong will and commitment. At such person internal brakes surely work:“ Tomorrow till two o`clock I have to be as a fragment of glass: important negotiations with Italians are coming “or“ all I will allocate the pasha over the project, but on Saturday and Sunday at the dacha I have a really good time“. Such rigid self-checking to the businessman liking to drink really helps to behave within months and years before rolling down to uncontrollable alcoholism. And rolling it will happen to high probability, because as experts speak, any harmful addiction tends to development.

Office alcoholism

However, people drink not from success much more often. Quite often the person that is called steps on a throat to own song to provide a family. That is changes favourite business, calling under pressure of vital circumstances. Results of recently conducted sociological research showed that most of our fellow citizens do not love the work, but are forced to be engaged in it for the sake of money. First of all it concerns men as for the woman the question of professional self-realization, as a rule, is not on the first place, conceding on the importance to family values.

At our offices it is full of the men who did not realize themselves who brighten up a life dullness traditional beer after work. Still Herzen forced to come for the sake of earnings by the official to department (on ours - in office), very brightly described the experiences from hated to it services:“ Having stayed the whole day in this gallery, I came sometimes home in some dullness of all abilities and rushed on the sofa exhausted, humiliated and incapable neither on any work nor on any occupation … And when came to my mind that after a lunch it is necessary to go again and tomorrow again, rage and despair seized me, and I drank wine and vodka for a consolation …“ These torments are almost not familiar to the people who are sincerely loving the business. If for the worker dissatisfied with life binge becomes the only outlet, the keen person can offer it for the sake of what more significant. So try to find yourself, and you will not need a dope and mental anguish medicine rolled into one.


of the presentations

the joke went To Soviet period in corridors of the high power: only the person with a “pig-iron“ liver can make good career of the bureaucrat. At government dachas appreciated the people able to drink much and not to lose solidity of a look. Since then in the world of our politicians nothing changed. Alcohol intake - necessary ritual and the admission in ranks “of“.

Especially not just it is necessary those who on office need often are on the various presentations. However, more often nevertheless there is a choice - to drink or not and how many to drink. Here it is important to have common sense and sense of proportion. For example, the famous Russian politician Evgeny Primakov has around the world reputation of very wise person in affairs and the excellent professional. At the same time he does not hide that he wishes to use moderately good wine or cognac, and even supports the addiction with a favourite proverb:“ That is not clever or silly who does not drink under soup“. A conclusion is simple if you are adequate, then the regular presentations with hot will be for you not a damnation, but the privilege of the chosen profession.

the Female payment for success Several years Irina began every morning


with a cup of coffee and a glass of cognac. This dope for a shake-up was advised to it by the girlfriend who too had low arterial pressure. Usually, having arrived to the office, Irina during the day several times encouraged the beginner to reduce turns a brain habitual “medicine“. Position of the head of quite large company obliged her to be always in shape. But over time Irina began to notice that after the mad working day all other forms of rest are preferred by alcohol. Gradually alcohol became a core of her life, stimulating to activity and giving sincere rest. And than more successfully business developed, especially it needed support of “loyal friend“. Eventually Irina realized the problem and asked for the help the narcologist.

Domestic psychologists sound alarm: more and more active business women suffer from the veiled form of alcoholic dependence. Among them there is also a top - managers, and owners of the prospering business. Experts consider as the main reason of this misfortune inability of ours business - vumen to have a rest. For example, the narcologist Sergey Masterov remembers a case when the co-owner of successful construction company from near Moscow area which because of provided loneliness reached that put near a bed for the night a vodka bottle as strong sleeping pill addressed it. In conversations with the psychologist it became clear that life of a successful businessmensha full of risks extremely weighed this woman, but so there was her destiny that it could not change it cardinally. In forty five years she got divorced from husband, the son grew up and lived separately. Around it there was a vacuum, and she considered it as a payment for success, pain from which tried to dull alcohol.

Thirst of professionally taken place ladies for alcohol often is substitute of love and not developed private life. Cases when the woman who is reliably protected by the family back looks for emotional support in alcohol are very rare. whether

Can be drunk “in a civilized way“?

the Medicine recognized by

salutary action on the adult of a small amount of good wine long ago. Moreover, by science it is proved that to people is more senior than fifty years it is useful to accept one - two glasses of red dry wine a day as it reduces risk of warmly vascular diseases. But at the same time it is about the therapeutic use of good qualitative wine or cognac. If the alcohol became for you necessary attribute of a profession or daily antidepressant, then you in risk group, and depends only on you what will be a payment for financial and office success.

Should not hope that from alcoholism you will be reliably protected by the high status and intelligence too. Of course, consumers of expensive vintage wines and elite cognacs extremely seldom finish life under a fence or in a ditch. But sometimes still young businessmen are overtaken by side effects of a business way of life - the ulcers, heart attacks, strokes characteristic of early stages of alcoholism. Agree, it is better not to abuse alcohol that, being rich and successful, to remain at the same time healthy.