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the Phrase “I am able to cook“ is at first sight senseless. Here “I am able to bake on coals“ is yes. And it is necessary to cook - unless special ability? But the second look opens in cooking of a subject really sacral, like preparation of crayfish and the Chinese tea ceremony.

Even simple transfer of ways of cooking by means of the boiling liquid and steam will occupy with

not less journal page in any way. Therefore we will choose only those who should be told about.

Vegetables - fruit

We live in the northern country, and vegetables at us - northern, that is there are no excess vitamins B them. Therefore it is necessary to cook them as soon as possible that though the available rather poor vitamins reached a table. For this purpose vegetables put in the boiling water and prepare under a cover. And here with an amount of water and that to add to it - it is already more difficult.

Water for cooking of vegetables is recommended to be salted. The ideal, checked by generations of cooks proportion - 10 g of salt on water liter. This rule extends to cooking of all vegetables, except beet and green peas. Beet in salty water becomes tasteless, and peas just refuse any cooperation. That is does not boil soft.

Now about an amount of water. All root crops, and potatoes including, are cooked in its rather small volume - water has to cover them no more than on centimeter. Green vegetables, such as siliculose haricot, broccoli, spinach, siliculose young peas, it is necessary to cook, proceeding from a ratio of 3 l of water on kilogram of vegetables. Discharge the boiling water, them it is necessary to drench immediately with cold water, and it is even better - to cast away on ice. Nutritiousness in them from this process will not increase, but color will remain.

Absolutely special vegetable - an asparagus. Its trunk and a head behave when cooking differently. For this reason for an asparagus there are special pans. It is necessary to cook it, having put vertically, at the same time the head of an asparagus has to be over water and be steamed, thus. Then all asparagus will prepare at the same time. Yes, and water for cooking of an asparagus, as a rule, slightly acidify.

One of key ingredients of vinaigrette - already mentioned beet. For preservation of its color sometimes add to water a little bit vinegar. But so it is possible to prepare, only if you are not limited in time at all. Because in the acidified water already netoropky beet will cook twice longer.


the Main problem when cooking potato (if, of course, you realize it as a problem) - it boils soft. It is more than that, having boiled soft, begins to absorb water. It, you see, is tasteless. Therefore if you precisely know that you bought a friable grade in the market, act this way. Put the cleared tubers in the boiling water, let`s it begin to boil again, mark 15 minutes and after merge almost all water. Cover a pan, lower fire to a minimum and bring potatoes to readiness.

Gentle vegetables, for example a cauliflower, cook in a large amount of water, at strong boiling and with an open cover.

Should mention

one cook reception which is fine saving time when cooking. The matter is that in the creamy environment any product prepares very quickly. Therefore if with vegetables to add a piece of butter to a pan or there are a little cream of average fat content, everything will cook much rather. The practical sense receives reception at preparation of dishes where cream or oil are required according to the recipe. For example, when cooking potatoes on mashed potatoes or a root celery.

two More important questions - to clean or not to clean vegetables before cooking and when to clean if nevertheless welded in a peel. In the latter case everything is simple. As soon as boiled then you clean, hot. When cool down - you will be exhausted. As for the first. To peel vegetables one garnish more logical at once. On the other hand, in crude more notorious vitamins remain. And, by the way, many adore potato in a uniform.

Fruit cook, in principle, as well as vegetables. Only much more rare. And without salt.



  • the Vegetable mix with chicken
  • of the Shrimp, stewed in fragrant broth with a citrus palette
  • Milk veal in strong broth with herbs
  • the Duet from carrot and apple puree

of Missile defense soup

In soup is important

  • each trifle. However, the most important - as it is correct to cook broth - at all even not a trifle. Here rules, opposite to rules of cooking of vegetables per se work. That is meat, vegetables and spicy herbs should be put in cold water and to cook long that as much as possible flavoring components went to water. It is not necessary to salt broth as it complicates calculation of the correct salting actually of soup. The foam which is emitted when cooking is removed just with maniacal persistence. And surely filter ready broth, it is the best of all via the paper filter. Then put it at several o`clock in the refrigerator and remove the fat which stiffened on a surface. By the way, it is not the so latest trends - act both French, and Italian this way and what you want the cook from time immemorial; and the caloric content of broth is specified in any nutritional reference book zero - that is any fat.

    you, of course, understand that the broth described by us has no relation to the fat chicken broth called also by “the Jewish penicillin“? On it any soup can be not cooked. He on soup.

    I absolutely a single question, what vegetables with what can be cooked and in what sequence to put. The most whimsical in this regard, strangely enough, potatoes. If to put it in broth where already some time some sour ingredient boiled - for example, cabbage (even fresh) or tomatoes, - slices or cubes will become steklyanisty, but all the same as though half-cooked. All other vegetables keep within soup according to that, how fast they prepare.

    If you decided to cook soup - cream, know: there are two approaches to this business - French and Italian. French pour in soup in cream at the very beginning of preparation, Italians - already before almost ready soup needs only to be pyurirovat in the blender and to wipe through a sieve, - and even quite often do not boil them. At the French soup taste turns out more saturated, at Italian - easier. To choose, as usual, to you.

    Again macaroni

    Should be mentioned

    once again how it is correct to cook pasta. Pour water in a big pan at the rate of 1 l on 100 g of dry paste, put on strong fire, salt to taste (but it is the best of all - 1 teaspoon of salt on water liter), let`s begin to boil - and add paste. It is necessary to cook it “al an awning“, that is to such state when at a paste raskusyvaniye you feel some rigidity in its core. It is necessary to tell that in Italy and in Russia the concept “al awning“ strongly differs, Italians eat macaroni which nearly crackles. The practical sense “al an awning“ is that paste is not eaten, as a rule, in itself, and in addition warm up with sauce - and for these 1 - 2 minutes it can quite reach and even as cooks speak, “to pass“ the readiness. Therefore you cook macaroni for 1 - 2 minutes less, than it is written on packing. Water they do not need to be washed out, except a case when you cook cold paste salad.

    it is not necessary and to fill ready paste with oil because the fat film on a surface of pasta will prevent absorption of sauce. And you receive paste separately, sauce separately. Is it is possible, but it is somehow unconvincing.

    of Prospect

    boiling of meat, fish and seafood is of special interest. Especially for this purpose very saturated, strong broth (almost already soup) called hens - broth cooks. Though various hens - broths are among classical recipes of French cuisine, recently cook them from the most unexpected ingredients. In this direction of the cook - innovators see the most joyful prospects. Fast heat treatment of products in the saturated environment, and in the sparing temperature condition - more than to 100? About broth does not heat up - gives rise to flavoring feelings, new, expressive, but classical on spirit.

    On the one hand, it is unconditional advance, with another - tasting of such dish does not demand special preparation as it often happens even to unconditional masterpieces of molecular cookery. The prepared product moves to a table, as a rule, in the same broth in which it cooked, but often also is seasoned with almost salad dressing. How to classify these dishes, there is no consensus. Someone gives them as soup, someone - as is hotter.

    the Most actual things occur, as we know, on a joint of disciplines. In this case - cookery and confectionery business. For example, confectioners already for a long time prepare baked ganash - bake mix of chocolate and almond meal on a water bath. As a result the confectionery liquid inside turns out firm outside, but. And recently the same began to be done from a fu - a gr. Filled with mix of a fu - a gra, butter and almond meal the form is placed on the baking sheet which is filled in with boiled water and put it in the warmed oven. And there ganash stays in a state, intermediate between cooking and roasting. Though the equipment of a bath, both water, and steam, demands separate consideration.