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Size, spheres and there is a little passion of

of Bowling for all family

How the peanut, happy “imprisonment“ with it within four walls with incidental visit of shop and park in the neighbourhood pleased with the progress, can bring any mother to a despair. Meanwhile, there is a real opportunity to change scenery, having combined business with pleasure: and to keep sportswear and to have a good time, and new to find friends. How? In the next day off to go to bowling.

Even those who never forced down spheres size for certain at least once saw this game at cinema or on the TV. Of course, to take a detached view and play most is not same. But to be afraid of unfamiliar game everything is is not necessary. Even the beginner can achieve success in it.

history has some

according to scientists, bowling can be considered as one of the most ancient games on the earth. Several small stone balls, three pieces of marble and nine thin size were found in a tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh who died in the 5200th year B.C. The English historians assume that the ball should be thrown through the gate put from marble pieces. And the size built in a rhombus form were the purpose. Ancient Polynesians played bowling too, and length of paths was same, as well as today - 18,228 meters. And here Germans consider that this game arose in their country. In Germany in the 4th century BC of bowling entered into part of religious ceremony. As historians assume, size put in one end of monastery and threw into them a ball from other end. This procedure represented eradication of paganism.

endured the inconsistent relation of society About the history of bowling more than once. Such famous people as the fighter for the rights black Martin Luther King and English counter - the admiral sir Francis Drake were fond of it. And here the English king Edward III, on the contrary, put in due time this game beyond the law as the interest in bowling among his soldiers led to the fact that they lowered indicators of archery. This game began to enjoy special popularity in the USA. Exactly here instead of 9 size appeared 10, and uniform rules were established. Women began to play bowling at the end of the 19th century, and this fact is connected too with America as in this country in 1917 the National Women`s Association of Bowling was created.

In the XX century the technology of popular game evolved dramatically forward. In a beginning of the century (1905) to replace a gvayakovy tree, or a bakaut of which spheres were made rubber came. At the beginning of 1950 - x years there was a new breakthrough on the way of progress. There was it in the USA. To the middle of the XX century specially employed people - pinbo were engaged in arrangement of the size which are brought down by players. In 1951 - 1952 bowling was automated. Since then one mechanic could watch the equipment on several paths at once.

However the largest modern bowling - the center is not in the United States as it would be possible to assume, and in Japan, and has 141 paths. In Russia this game only becomes popular, especially - in the last 3 years though the first bowling at us appeared at the time of the Soviet Union, in 1970 - e years, in Kosmos hotel in Moscow.

the Equipment and accessories to

For game in modern bowling is necessary to

a special path, and also size, spheres and footwear. These things - expensive therefore it is better to hire spheres and boots in club. If, of course, in a family nobody is going to be engaged in bowling professionally.

Spheres happen different weight: lungs - for children and teenagers, averages - for women, and heavy - for men. Their weight is specified in pounds (1 pound is equal 0,454 kilograms). Spheres of identical weight are, as a rule, painted in the same color not to mix them with easier or heavy. If the sphere is too heavy for the player, pleasure from game will not be derived and the hand from unusual tension can long shiver then. And it is more difficult to operate too easy sphere during a throw. So himself needs to select a necessary shell thoroughly. Spheres weighing up to 9 pounds intend for children and teenagers, spheres heavier - from 10 to 12 pounds will be suitable for women, and men can play “ball“ and 16 pounds.

In balls for bowling three openings by means of which the sphere is taken big, average and anonymous fingers are available. It is important to pick up to itself shells with a suitable diameter of these openings that to fingers it was not close, and at the same time that the sphere did not slide off during a throw. The thumb has to “roll“ completely in the opening intended for it, and average and anonymous - to enter “holes“ only to the second phalanx. The remained two fingers cover a sphere on a surface, and the palm freely touches it. By the way, before game it is better to cut nails, otherwise there is a risk to leave them in a sphere. It is necessary to implant fingers into sphere openings serially - at first average and anonymous, and after them big.

the Path for game in bowling very equal, smooth, for the best sliding it is rubbed with special oil. The line of a spade (throwing a sphere, the player has no right to take up for it) and seven arrows are applied on her surfaces (they help the player to aim). In a zone of running start there are lines put with a dotted line which will prompt the correct place for start.

Length of a standard path for bowling from the line of a spade, including the platform for size, makes nearly 20 meters, and width is slightly more than a meter. Paths are equipped with computers, over everyone the monitor on which the points gathered by players and the current game situation are highlighted usually settles down. On the right or to the left of a path - the device for automatic return of spheres (elevator), and behind - “bank“ of spare shells.

Size are exposed to

on a path by automatic machine and are protected by a special level. The throw can be made only after the automatic machine exposes all size on a path, and the bar will be raised.

the game Footwear in bowling is necessary to

special, similar on leather Czeches with different soles for the right and left leg too: one of them smooth is also intended for sliding, another - rough, it carries out a brake role. Besides, these shoes protect a path from damages. It is necessary to watch closely bowling footwear: it is impossible that to soles something stuck, they got wet or were soiled by something. If the player suddenly needed to leave in a toilet or to come into the bar, it is necessary to put on special covers legs or to change the shoes.

of the Rule of the game

One game consists of ten so-called “frames“, and in other words, of ten stages. On each of them the player has the right to make two throws a ball on size. Size too ten, they are established in the form of a triangle. The next to the player of a size is called main and has number 1, the others are numbered one after another, with the second on the tenth. The task of the player is simple: to try to bring down all size from the first blow. If it works, it is a great luck. In bowling language it is called as “strike“. The player receives for one “strike“ the whole 10 points plus number of size which he will bring down for the subsequent two throws.

Of course, not too possibly, but it is possible

, the player will manage to make “strike“ two times in a row. In this case he writes down into the account already 20 points, and then and adds to them number of size which will bring down in the first blow after the double triumph.

If all size did not manage to be brought down from the first blow, and “strike“ did not turn out, it is possible to make the second throw and to bring down remained. The situation when all size at a stage are brought down not for one, and for two attempts, is called “spea“. It is too very good result, and the player who reached it, had the right to be proud of himself. If rebellious size did not wish to fall as it is necessary to them, despite all efforts, that into the account will be written down by only so many points how many size everything is the player managed “to put“ “. “ And “spea“ additional prize-winning glasses allow to receive a strike.

If at the last tenth stage the player beat out all size for one or two blows, that is made “strike“ or “spe“, then by rules he is allowed to throw the third sphere. At the most successful game it is possible to score the whole 300 points! The truth for this purpose is required to make 12 “strikes“ that it is not as simple as it seems from outside.

can be played bowling on one, it is possible team. The one who scored most of all points wins naturally. They will be counted by the computer which will track all process of game and will report when it is possible to make the following throw, and also will prompt the direction for it and will notify players how many frames remained to the end of the game.

If did not manage to bring down all size from the first, then the quantity brought down for the first throw at once is displayed in the top left corner of the monitor, and for the second throw - in the top right corner.

we Seize equipment

Even if in the company there are skilled bowling players, the beginner should not be lost and refuse game. In bowling there is a handicap - such system of counting of points which equalizes chances of beginners and already skilled players. In other words, on this system of the master give to inexperienced players the odds allowing those to feel more surely. Also some simple nuances will help:

Strangely enough more successfully to bring down size, it is not necessary to watch at them. It is necessary to aim on one of arrows which are drawn ahead on a path at distance of four and a half meters from the line of a spade and point to the purpose. The shooter only seven, average is drawn directly on a path and specifies on main to a size. The main thing - to be accustomed!

the Code of behavior

the Special attention is paid by

to footwear. It is necessary to put on special boots for bowling surely, otherwise just will not allow before game. In other clothes, as a rule, there are no restrictions - whether it be a sports suit, jeans or a dress - the main thing that the clothes did not prevent to play and did not hold down movements. The most convenient option - soft trousers or a skirt and a shirt or a t-shirt with a short sleeve. However, in some bowling - clubs there are rules for appearance of players and if the visitor does not correspond to them, it will not be let in just. Therefore before going to play, better to call club and to learn about the schedule accepted there in advance. There are in bowling also own rules of etiquette. For example, if two players at the same time approach the line of a throw, by rules, the first has to throw a sphere the one who is on the right path. And the neighbor is obliged to concede to it. If both play at the same time, it will prevent to concentrate, and blows, most likely, will be not too successful.

Should not forget

about safety - as the, and people around. If the sole of footwear of the player incidentally became wet, it is impossible to come for start. Otherwise he risks to slip, fall and be traumatized. Besides this precaution, it is necessary to remember also another: spheres from a vozvratnik need to be taken out both hands, but not one not to injure a wrist, fingers and not to stretch a back muscle.

of Bowling perfectly unites people, in it all, regardless of age can play, professions and builds, - children and adults, women and men. And for young mother it is an excellent way to have a good time, listen to music, to communicate to people and to feel inflow of vital forces.