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It is possible to shoot the animated film and to start a glider for nothing

Palace revolution

Today nobody stories that everything for children became paid surprise - beginning from schools and higher education institutions and finishing circles. And though in Moscow there was “a palace revolution“ - Palaces of pioneers became Palaces of children`s creativity now, in them it is possible to be engaged absolutely free of charge. And these palaces neither more nor less - nearly one hundred and fifty! Also real masters of the business work there. About it is our page.

can Shoot the animated film and to start a glider for nothing

In Moscow 147 palaces (houses) of children`s creativity and the centers of technical development of the children who are logging in additional education of Department of Education of Moscow. For years of reorganization any of them was not closed. All of them free (in some cases money takes for rendering additional educational services). At the same time at justices of the city the municipal junior centers in which occupations, as a rule, paid work.


Besides usual versatile establishments of additional education of Department of Education in Moscow the Moscow city club of seamen and river transport workers of Peter the Great, the Moscow city club of young motorists, the Moscow city station of young tourists work. And still there is a Children`s center of technical creativity (the assignee of the Moscow city station of young technicians created 80 years ago). 98,8% of the children who are engaged here - from socially unprotected families. And all in it 3200 children since 6 years are engaged (the center supervises also houses of technical creativity in the different districts of Moscow). Here it is possible to be engaged in an avia - vessels - in a car - railway modeling, to study technologies of processing of different materials, to be trained in carpenter`s, joiner`s business, electronic technologies (here both robotics, and web - design) and to many other. The center has good communications with higher education institutions (their representatives literally “sort“ children). Representatives of prestigious American university of Berkeley get accustomed to young technicians also.

Absolutely free is also the Moscow city palace of children`s and youthful creativity of “Maryino“. Here the esthetic and sports directions prevail. Children shoot animated films (the studio of graphics and animation works), do slides and posters. The children`s sports school of the palace works in three directions: rugby, softball (girls won the Russian Cup three times) and field hockey. Besides, in “Maryino“ it is possible to be engaged in karate, power triathlon, go (the Korean chess), an automated workplace - sport, acrobatic fate - N - a beater, aviamodelling.

New life of the Palace of pioneers

B 1936 in the center of Moscow, in Stopani Lane, the town house of pioneers which became subsequently the main educational institution of Russia in system of additional education of children opened. At the beginning of 60 - x he received the new building on the Lenin mountains and became the Palace of pioneers and school students, and in 2001 - m the Palace was renamed into the Moscow city Palace of children`s (youthful) creativity. This year to the Palace - 70 years. In research laboratories, computer classes, studios, art and technical workshops, sports schools and sections, on-stage performance groups, groups for children and parents 14 232 persons are engaged now. In the Palace 1200 educational groups on 70 educational directions work. Training in 93% from them free. The palace will organize scientifically - search and folklore expeditions, training and profile camp, hikes and excursions.

In the Palace the groundhog Mitya and the author of a plasticine crow

is Travel on the main building of the Moscow city Palace of children`s (youthful) creativity on Vorobyovy Gory begins with the Winter garden where relic plants (a gift of the Botanical garden) violently expanded, and over the pool with large, not so aquarian, goldfishes inclined a huge banana palm tree. The Winter garden is looked after by children from the Center of ecological education. Under its aegis there is also a nature corner in which cages and open-air cages there live two huge raven, a pheasant the groundhog Mitya sleeps, monkeys rush, the iguana and a three-meter python stiffened.

Quickly cannot bypass the Palace: there is a wish to consider everything. For example, exhibits of a constant exhibition (it - a circle) “XX century toys“. Her head Sergey Romanov collects old industrial toys from the end of the 19th century to 70 - x years of the 20th century. Children who are engaged here, study history of old toys, and then do the, using former technologies (materials can be and modern). So, they get acquainted with history (one change of a uniform of tell-tales of what costs), with history of fashion, hairdresses. It is possible to understand a lot of things about generation, having studied what his representatives played. And in the neighboring room - a game store where, for example, there take place occupations for levoruky children. Further - aviamodel laboratory, “Children`s collective radio station“. Along a corridor the author of “A plasticine crow“ - the composer Grigory Gladkov meets halfway (it conducts Club of an author`s song here).

In the Palace of children`s creativity also the only planetarium in Moscow is (The big planetarium on the Garden ring did not open yet, speak, it can lose the scientific value). In the hall only 60 people, but persons interested much, however, are located: the whole classes of school students come, and scientists give them lectures. The Department of astronomy and astronautics knows planetarium. 700 children are engaged in its educational groups, 40 teachers work with them. In the planetarium foyer - huge globes of Mars and the Moon (they did not remain even in Big planetarium), and a fragment of a meteorite it is possible to touch. Having looked out of a window, it is possible to see a dome of observatory.

Actually, it is possible to list long: here and the well-known Ensemble of a song and dancing of Loktev, both driving school, and Young Paratrooper club, and parachute section. The little boy meets halfway. “What is your name? What are you engaged here in?“ - I ask it. “I am Vova Lupanov, I was 11 years old today. I am engaged in three circles - rocket production, a gerpetologiya and art reading“, - he willingly answers. - “And what it is more interesting to you?“ - “Everything is interesting“. - “You, probably, at school the excellent student?“ - “Yes“.

the Glorified graduates

Among the famous graduates of the Moscow city Palace of pioneers and school students - Andrey Tupolev, Mikhail Botvinnik, Rolan Bykov, Natalya Bessmertnova, Sergey Baruzdin, Vladimir Vasilyev, Natalya Gundareva, Lyudmila Kasatkina, Sergey Nikonenko, Stanislav Rostotsky, Tamara Sinyavskaya, Olga Kabo and many other famous scientists, journalists, actors.