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Health subject on the Russian Internet: a look through Nagrada prism. ru (part 1)

Hi, reader!

As usual, for those who do not like to read long articles a tongue twister I retell the maintenance of the next series.

Today I conducted the independent research of a subject of health on the Russian Internet on the example of the list of the websites given on competition Intel the award Nagrada Internet. ru.

From of hundred the given websites after rejection of the commercial, wrong and poor websites remained to of 58 participants . It turned out that they cover practically all layers meditsinsko - the improving Internet, moreover, it was not succeeded to remember any standing website on health from those 600 that I know which would not be included in the list of applicants (except unless, the lovely website the nurse. ru). The list from 15 websites which everyone should include in the list of useful links became a result of the analysis. Also in personal (prejudiced and subjective, but independent) a rating of the place were distributed as follows:

the Best thematic portal : www. herpes. ru , of www. doktor. ru , of www. harbor. ru

the Best thematic catalog : medlink. webservis. ru

the Best portal about health of a family : www. , of www. mama. ru

Opening of year : Club of large families 8ya - www. 8ya. ru

- is more detailed Now than

for those to whom it is interesting.

the Portals devoted to subjects of health and medicine - the recognized “gold mine“ new El Dorado of the world Internet. They regularly beat in ratings of such bisons as Google and Yahoo, their owners is universal became multimillionaires, their quotations are strong as the rock at any crashes of Nasdaq , their investors are cheerful, happy also belozuba.

But it at them, in that country over the ocean where the era of Big Bubble was a thing of the past , the Internet lost an aura of romanticism and took the modest place somewhere between Dirol and Pokemon.

A what is created in this area in Runeta who is reliably separated from world open spaces by a language barrier and features of national mentality? Until recently this question did not arise as the professional website on medical subject was exactly one - the wonderful project “All to be treated by honut “ which evolved in two portals subsequently - of Doctor. ru and of mama. ru . And very long these two websites regularly served the population Runeta, shone in various reviews and in turn won any ratings.

However last year the situation radically changed. The investors frightened of the become frequent convulsions of the western market high - tech and become stupid from fresh air of virgin prairies Runeta came to Russia. As mushrooms after a rain began to propagate the websites, portals and monstrovidny “vertically - horizontal super - portals“, devoted to everything on light, including to health subjects. At one time even it seemed that the number of the medical websites exceeded the number of the students knowing HTML and surely approaches total number of the computers connected to the Internet.

However investors both came, and left, without having understood mind and without having measured by arshin this original country, and having dug a fair stock of gold coins on our field of wonders. The RuNet was provided to itself again, projects - a something ephemeral were closed, and each sphere Runeta found the circle of professionals and enthusiasts, free from a momentary environment. Convenient time to look round and sum up the results. Well, let`s try.

So, a subject of medicine and health on the Russian Internet. According to definition of Academy the Internet, the websites with information and resources about health and medicine enter this category “. Here the websites with medical news, information about health and means of on-line diagnostics belong. The category of health is not limited to professional and traditional medicine, it covers also alternative approaches, questions of sincere health and physical culture “.

of the Websites, anyway belonging to this subject, in my catalog gathered by about 600 . It seems that this number is close to truth as in “the Catalogue of Medical resources Runeta “ is registered as 561 websites. It is not enough even to the Russian measures (we will tell, the websites devoted to cellular communication in Runeta about 900, and the websites on building materials - more than one and a half thousand). It is the absolute miserable amount from the point of view of the world Internet (for comparison: for example, in response to inquiry “how to grow thin to inhabitant New - York“ the searcher will issue more than 5000 references). However this rather large number to confuse the nonspecialist and to provide employment to authors of state-of-the-art reviews:-).

Let`s look at

on the category “Health“ through a prism of the competition Nagrada. ru . Who and how treated this award, it is necessary to recognize that for today it is the most representative, prestigious, and if you want, a legitimate award Runeta.

we Will separate grains from a ryegrass …


On competition of an award in this category it was given exactly of 100 websites (at least, creators of an award so consider). I do not love round numbers therefore let`s reduce this quantity a little.

In - the first, we will delete the websites, in any way (even with great reserve) not belonging to the declared subject. Such websites three:

First Russian Aquarian Website (www. aquaria. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 25 Date of giving: 17. 10. 2000, 11:19 Description: This website - the center of communication and obtaining information for the people who are fond of aquarian fishes and plants. On the website there is enormous (more than 1200 units of storage) an archive of articles on aquarium husbandry, sn...

Krymanyak (crimaniak. da. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 33 Date of giving: 21. 11. 2000, 17:29 Description: All about the Crimea for the real judges of the nature!...

Island of Good luck (freetime. sinor. ru/tavern. shtml) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 50 Date of giving: 27. 11. 2000, 22:58 Description: This project arose even somehow spontaneously: one night, wearily wandering in local Mezhdunetye in search of something inspiring and almost without finding anything, we asked a question:“ And that it is necessary for us...

Sincerely grudges for

authors of all three websites - they are really curious and interesting, everyone in the area, and the Island of Good luck - certainly is talented and original, but do not treat a subject of health even so far as - as.

Also can probably exclude the personal page Sergey Vasilyevich Stonogin (stonogin. narod. ru/sergeyvs. html) which is really personal page and that is interesting, but as the phenomenon medical Runeta is not perceived at all.

we will exclude from consideration Now duplication of the same websites which are given under different names and are kept in the list probably just through an oversight. Such too three:

of SCN - Dianetics and Scientology (www. SCN. al. ru) Applications: 2 Rating: 0. 00 Date of giving: 06. 11. 2000, 18:44 Description: It is information - the search website about Dianetics (modern science about sincere health) and Scientology (applied religious philosophy). On the website it is possible to find the latest news, tens of thematic articles with fo ...

of House of Magic (www. omens. lgg. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 00 Date of giving: 12. 12. 2000, 02:52 Description: The website is devoted to fortune-telling, magic, astrology. to an occultism. The first in the Russian Internet website which published articles containing information: 1. about icons and the Saints who are responsible for these or those diseases, 2. infor...

In the list turned out to slip four lines as e - Care managed in a rating under the guise of even three different websites.

it is natural, rational to P to keep in the list each of the called websites only one time.

Further let`s deal with portals which submitted separate pages as the independent websites on a competition. Of course, whom and how in this case to consider - business of owners of a competition, but to us as regular visitors of these portals, do not have sense to dismember them on separate pages.

Split personality sin three portals: doctor. ru (six different pages are submitted), of mama. ru (three pages are submitted) and of harbor. ru (the portal and separately the page “is given to a counting rhyme of calories “). We leave to each portal on one line, excepting the following applications:

Sexologist. Questions and answers (doktor. ru/sexolog) Applications: 1 Rating: 3. 80 Date of giving: 06. 11. 2000, 02:02 Description: Very delicate sphere in which the author of the website works allows to use advantages of the Network most fully. The developed stereotypes do not allow much to go for reception to the sexopathologist, the urologist, ginek...

Cosmetologist. Questions and answers (www. doktor. ru/cosm) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 75 Date of giving: 21. 10. 2000, 23:34 Description: Popularly about cosmetology and esthetic medicine. Consultation of experts. Archive of answers to questions of visitors. Articles about diseases, procedures and operations, cosmetics and drugs....

World of homeopathy (www. doktor. ru/homeopat) Applications: 1 Rating: 4. 66 Date of giving: 04. 12. 2000, 09:44 Description: Obshchirny popular and professional information on homeopathy, homeopathy history, practical recommendations, translated materials, materials from pre-revolutionary editions, questions and answers, consultations...

Psychiatrist: questions and answers (www. doktor. ru/psycho) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 00 Date of giving: 16. 12. 2000, 15:18 Description: The place in a network where everyone can discuss questions of mental health with the psychiatrist and learn ways of the practical help to the suffering relatives....

Telephone hotline (www. doktor. ru/phone) Applications: 1 Rating: 7. 05 Date of giving: 16. 12. 2000, 15:39 Description: An island of attention in which you can not only anonymously share with the psychotherapist a personal problem (irrespective of its social odobryaemost) but also to get acquainted with situations of other visitors, century.

Pediatrician: questions and answers (www. mama. ru/pediatr) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 50 Date of giving: 25. 10. 2000, 14:59 Description: The website which helped very many people...

the Obstetrician - the gynecologist (www. mama. ru/gynecolog) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 50 Date of giving: 05. 12. 2000, 22:01 Description: Very good website of my fellow countrymen from Tomsk. Idle time without excesses, and very convenient. It is easily possible to find answers to all interesting questions. I think not only me but also helped many mummies - 2000 questions...

Counting rhyme of calories (www. harbor. ru/kalorii) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 78 Date of giving: 17. 11. 2000, 07:57 Description: A counting rhyme of calories - for those who protect a figure or want to grow thin: - caloric content, individual calculation of energy expenditure of the person, an expense of calories at different kinds of activity; - COUNTING RHYME of CALORIES (programs...

So, a little bit brought order, now it is possible to be engaged in the analysis of contents. However before let`s take samples of the remained websites on “dovarennost“. Agree, to visit the crude and left unfinished website - it is all the same that is crude potato. After the express - the analysis of all websites from the category “Health“ testing for readiness was not undergone by one website:

- formation and control of consciousness (www. control. ru. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 50 Date of giving: 24. 11. 2000, 07:42 Description: On this website collecting materials on “control of consciousness“, available on the Internet is made. Comments to systems of formation and control of consciousness are not given. The website is created for acquaintance of visitors...

It is offensive for

as the initial idea of the website is very curious, and many with pleasure would get acquainted with its materials - when they are really collected, generalized and supplied though with some similarity of design and navigation.