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Give hell

When business concerns even habitual technologies of preparation of dishes, it becomes clear: it is a question difficult. And its complexity that for each product (and for each type of a product!) there is the correct answer. Here, say, equally you will not fry peaches and a flounder

the Most difficult

Before difficulties of frying of meat everything turns pale. Let`s try to understand them.

Here meat which you should not fry: leg, shovel, neck. The considerable part of their weight is made by well developed muscles and rigid connecting fabric. It is possible to soften it, but only at long suppression on slow fire - not when frying.

A here parts of ink which can be fried: cutting, edge, okovalok. It is easy to recognize them by thin muscle fibers. Behind cutting in a touch there is a fillet, and it is the most gentle piece - the best it for frying there is nothing. Cutting and an okovalok demand to themselves the different relation because anatomic cutting is a sedlovinny part under edges, and an okovalok - part of a hip of which all - is the share some loading. Respectively cutting is softer.



  • of the Caret of a lamb with pineapple sauce

Krom of anatomic features quality of the fried meat is influenced also by other factors. In - the first, age of an animal. What it was younger, that meat is more gentle. In - the second, quantity and quality of muscular fat. Professionals define this line as “a meat mramornost“. At heat treatment intramuscular fat divides muscle fibers and does not allow them to compress, so, and the piece of meat does not dry up; besides, fat is kindled and gives to meat juiciness.

Well and of course different types of meat prepare differently. It is the simplest to fry pork: in it almost always rather intramuscular fat, and even well-done, she is not dry. Most difficult - beef. It is necessary to tell about it in more detail.


a good stake - cut out from soft part of ink, it is the best of all from fillet; at all not from a fresh-killed meat, and from correctly sustained; cutting - only across fibers; a fat strip from above meat - no more than 6 mm. Americans consider that the stake can be from 3 to 6 cm thick. Before frying, carefully dry a piece.

two ways are farther than

at you. The first - frying on a grill; act in the majority a stake this way - houses. However grills among us are not really widespread in home cuisine. Therefore most likely you will choose frying on a frying pan.

the Dry frying pan very well warm

. Slightly oil a stake vegetable, it is better olive. Do not pour oil on a frying pan! Fry a stake at first on the one hand within 20 seconds, then - with another that fibers of a stake “were closed“ and all juice remained inside. Then lower fire to an average and continue to fry. It is impossible to call exact time - but no more than 15 minutes, differently a stake will turn into a sole. The stake of average thickness reaches a condition of average pro-frying approximately in 10 minutes.

can Determine by

degree of readiness of a stake differently. The easiest and most reliable way - to use the special meat thermometer. It plunges into the center of a stake, you look at a scale and draw conclusions. If the thermometer shows 55 º C, this meat with blood. The following extents of pro-frying - so-called medium: medium rare, average pro-frying with blood, - 58 º C; medium and medium well, meat of average readiness, - 61 - 65 º C. And well done, very well-done, - from 70 º C.

the Ready stake put

on a warm plate, cover with a foil and let`s it stand minutes 3 - 4 that all juice was distributed on a piece.

the Stake can be fried also on oil. Frying on oil is called “saute“. On a frying pan a small amount of oil, olive or mixes olive and creamy in equal shares is strongly warmed (and at first it is warmed olive, and then creamy is added to it). Stakes are seasoned with salt and pepper and 5 minutes are fried. Before giving on a table they are stood by 3 - 4 minutes on the warmed-up serving plate. From the juice which flowed out on a frying pan sauce prepares.

meat is fried by

In French cuisine on butter. At first the frying pan is heated. Then, already on the warmed surface, butter is put - then it does not perekalivatsya and does not burn. Meat can be fried when oil was enough warmed. It is good to add to oil seasoning and spice. To mutton - garlic, to beef - a thyme etc. Meat quickly, within 10 - 15 seconds, is fried on both sides. And then, at further frying, the cook actively waters it with oil from a frying pan - oil does not manage to burn, and meat becomes impregnated with oil and a smell of seasonings. As well as in all other cases, to meat 3 - 4 minutes allow to reach.


Technically podrumyanivany - too frying, but its result - not a full-fledged dish, but the meat ready to roasting or suppression. Taste of the reddened meat is more saturated, aroma - is more difficult and looks the reddened roast beef more beautiful.

Meat needs to be dried well that the allocated steam did not reduce frying temperature. Then it is necessary to warm strongly a frying pan, a pan or a grill. It is impossible to put too much meat in a frying pan - it will be just aloof. Fry meat in the small portions, spreading every portion on a plate.

the juice Emitted at a podrumyanivaniye - very valuable thing. If to add them to ragout, it will turn out especially appetizing.

the Single question - fire force. At a podrumyanivaniye fire has to be a little more average, meat has to hiss, but at all not burn. It is evenly fried to the crackling brownish crust.



  • Warm salad from a mozzarella with tomatoes


Fish prepares very quickly. Therefore the main thing - not to overroast it. In the best way of frying of fish the grill admits today. But we have, as we know, own pride. At general love to shish kebabs we prepare fish on a grill extremely seldom, preferring a habitual frying pan.


For frying on a frying pan are suitable thick fillets, fish stakes and the whole carcasses of fish of the average size - about 450 - 500. Thin fillets and a fish trifle it is very easy to overdry - though this matter of taste. When frying the whole carcass make 3 - 4 superficial cuts on its sides, and then rub with spices and spicy herbs: fish will well become impregnated with their aroma. And besides, it will be easy for you to track readiness of fish - to glance in a cut enough: if pulp opaque to the ridge, it is possible to spread on a plate.

the Frying pan should warm, pour in a little oil very strongly. Many, by the way, advise directly fish will take to add salt to oil - it exactly so much how many it is necessary, and it will never be put too much salt.

can Also roast fish in well warmed oven. For medium-sized fish expose temperature 270 º C, for big, kilogram on one and a half, 230 º C, differently it will burn slightly.

the Chinese way

Is not present anything more democratically than so-called Chinese frying. Find a huge frying pan. Ideally - a wok, the Chinese frying pan with a convex bottom. There is no wok - can take usual with an antiprigarny covering, rather big and with high boards that it was more convenient to mix. A secret not in the equipment, and in preliminary preparation of ingredients. All vegetables, meat or fish should be washed up, dried, peeled in advance, and then to cut on medium-sized pieces of more or less identical size. When business reaches frying, will once swing a knife.

the Basic equipment is simple

. At first on a frying pan vegetable oil is warmed. Then seasonings and spices (small cut garlic, anisetree asterisks, pieces of cassia cinnamon) are added to it, fried seconds 30. It is enough this time that their aroma as much as possible revealed, and oil managed to absorb it. Then sauce quickly joins a frying pan. Chinese use soy, Thais - fish and oyster, Malaysians - kedzhap - attract, a version soy with saturated, sweetish taste. Also others can be added. When mix of oil and sauce begins to boil - and it will begin to boil instantly, - in a frying pan put all other ingredients, in turn or together, depending on whether it is longer necessary to prepare something. On all heat treatment leaves minutes 7 - 10.



  • Fried vegetables, with aroma of a basil

Here everything is rather simple

of the Frying pan. It is necessary to fry in frying pans, to prepare by the saute method - in stewpans. High walls and the small area of the bottom of a stewpan allow to keep the most high temperature saturated with oil vapors around the preparing product. Sometimes even to professional cooks it is difficult for p to work as

with frying pans from stainless steel. Because to them everything burns. That it did not occur, let`s something burn down on it, then scrape off the burned layer and wash a bottom. The frying pan will behave in a different way. And on it it will be possible to make even the apples cut with cubes so that they will be fried outside, and inside will not turn into mashed potatoes.