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The Sleeping Beauty of

the Most effective remedy perfectly to look, - sound sleep. It is difficult to overestimate its value for beauty and health. But that in the morning to show to the world the well-groomed person, a seductive body, a fresh complexion and fine health, it is necessary to work fairly in the evening.

the Fashion on a healthy lifestyle literally preaches a cult of a competent dream. Along with physical activities and healthy nutrition night rest directly influences duration and quality of life. Dark circles under eyes, dim complexion, sharply expressed wrinkles - such is not the full list of bitter consequences of sleeplessness. And the organism accumulates deficiency of a dream which should be filled up sooner or later. Otherwise business will end with a depression, development of chronic diseases and presenilation. This problem is known to young mothers as nobody else.

If the person is inclined
to hypostases, then after putting cream it is necessary to press slightly on area around eyes, over an upper lip, a chin, and also along back part of a neck. It will improve outflow of blood and a lymph. When skin is inclined to irritations, it is worth avoiding the pounding and tapping movements: you apply cream, softly pressing palms to the person. And here at dim complexion, on the contrary, the easy poshchipyvaniye and pats improving blood circulation are useful.

Before sunset

Evening rituals are urged to help to distract from day problems, to devote time only to themselves, to be adjusted on quiet sound sleep.

the Weakening massage you quite can make
. Slightly knead the internal basis big and a tip of the second finger of foot: there are points responsible for falling asleep. Similar zonal are also on wrist inside. These simple movements will show the way to you the shortest in Morpheus`s kingdom.

Turn off the light and light aromatic candles. Aromas of a lavender, a camomile and a linden will fill the house with magic aura, giving rise to feeling of rest and harmony. The gentle dreaming music will cast a sweet somnolence. Such evening ritual can be made good family tradition: to listen to melody lullabies together with children. Perhaps, after that process of an ubayukivaniye will become much simpler and shorter.

Meditation or simple exercises will make transition from a condition of wakefulness to rest the most organic. Here respiratory “spell“ most popular today. Lay down on a back, hands arrange along a trunk, extend legs and slightly move apart. Gradually inhale, at the same time pressing the head and a foot of legs into a mattress. Hold the breath for five seconds, then slowly exhale. All muscles have to be relaxed. Repeat five times. Also do not forget to turn off light in advance, and also to hold near at hand a blanket as the dream will not keep itself waiting.

a Role of specially invited stars in evening ritual is played by relaxing creams, oils and aromas. Their rest and tenderness differs from passionate seductive spirits of night parties. These smells - egoists are intended only for you! They humour your body and soul, casting sweet dreams.

A as a traditional glass of warm milk memorable since our childhood?! It is still very effective. But if you do not treat admirers of this natural sleeping pill, then at your service a hit of this spring - herbal teas. In Europe and America there are whole networks of the bars and cafe specializing in curative drinks. Possess the lulling action: linden, verbena, marjoram, lavender, melissa, orange flowers, valerian. It is possible to buy these herbs in a drugstore, and it is possible - in a supermarket where they are packaged in practical bags, like tea.

Scientists proved that when the person sleeps-headed to the North, arterial pressure significantly decreases and consequently, the dream becomes deeper. So arrange a bed headboard correctly, in the direction of magnetic fluxes of Earth, and you oversleep all night long as a groundhog.
Night watch

your evening personal care is reduced by

to the fact that, constantly listening and nervously looking around on a nursery door where the kid snuffles, you make the way in a bathroom? Then, having inspected a sad look all arsenal of jars and tubes, quickly you take a shower? Without having used anything, you make to yourself the firm promise since Monday or at least to begin new life with majority of the beloved child: to watch regularly itself and at last to begin to be restored after the delivery. Your beauty in big danger. You can refuse to yourself anything, but you are simply obliged give several minutes before going to bed to care of appearance!


with a shower or the weakening bathtub. Measured murmur of water, heat, the gentle calming smell of “bathing“ means will adjust on night rest and will clear skin. Now the body is ready to accept all useful components of creams, gels and serums which, besides the direct duties to care and cherish, feed and humidify, possess relaksiruyushchy properties.

All day beauty is created by

at night, and one hour of a dream is till midnight equal to two later. Cages are most actively restored at this particular time. In the afternoon all forces leave on protection. A conclusion arises by itself: during a dream skin as much as possible acquires the active agents delivered by night creams.

you Want to spend by

the hours which are released on a dream with advantage: to smooth wrinkles, to calm and tone up skin?! Then do not forget to apply after careful clarification on a body, a face and a neck night cream. Formulas of twilight toilers are thought over to trifles. The smell, color, texture and even ways of drawing are urged to strengthen as much as possible their action on skin. Warm cream in palms, inhale its aroma and put on a face strictly on massage lines: from the center to the periphery in a small amount for 1 - 2 hour to a dream. And enjoy result in the morning.