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Accident is excluded or how to make the house of safe

Days run with a sound speed, your kid grows, begins to be interested in world around. For any mother to observe happiness how the child matures, but on the way of this growing of the little man can wait many dangers. And not only on the street, but - a home

So far the kid lies in the, apparently, safest place in a bed, it is possible to live even more - less quietly, watching that it did not hit a head against wooden partitions or did not fall from a pelenalny little table. But here the baby grows up, begins to creep, and at parents increases efforts. And when the child starts walking and to run, here already for a second it is impossible to leave its one: any minute something will overturn, will break, will hit against something.

the Kid is with might and main torn to learn world around: opens cases, pulls out everything that comes to it to hand, pulls in a mouth and tries on tooth. It can pinch to itself a finger a door or to pour out on itself a plate with soup. As soon as the child begins to move independently on the apartment, kind, darling, the cozy house turns into a dangerous zone and if not to undertake security measures, serious injuries can threaten the child. Happens that the finger which got to a door crack is injured so seriously that it should be amputated, and falling from a sofa or a table is fraught cherepno - a brain trauma and concussion. To bring to naught probability of accidents, it is necessary to clean dangerous objects and substances to the place, inaccessible for the child, and to exclude a possibility of access for the kid there where it is threatened by danger: on a ladder, a window sill, a balcony etc. As the statistics, the main injuries got by children says, occur in living conditions, mainly at home. Generally children aged from 1 year till 3 years because at this age kids are extremely curious and active suffer, and on the way of knowledge of the world they are pursued by numerous dangers.

Her Majesty Kitchen

the Main zone of the increased danger to the child - kitchen, and the main villain here - a plate. Surprisingly, but interest in a plate at children for some reason does not die away for many years, and even knowing about danger, they continue to reach for a forbidden fruit. The little researcher surely needs to glance in an oven when there chicken is fried or bacon is baked. The heavy burn on the face, hands, airways can be result. Approximately the same final is possible in attempt to get acquainted closer with rings and if the gas stove then already smells not only gas, but also a serious poisoning. Burns the boiling water or food from a frying pan meet very often, it is one of the most widespread children`s injuries.


to yourself for the rule to put all ware handles to a wall that the little prankish could not grab them and overturn on themselves contents of a saucepan or a frying pan.

you Remember

: in a preparation time of food of the child should not be in kitchen!

Children for some reason like to play

“adult“ objects, often without paying attention to the toys which are carefully enclosed by parents. Knives, forks, fragile ware have to remove as it is possible above that the bright child did not reach them.

Loose products (grain, salt, sugar) you store

in the unbreakable and very densely closed banks. Clean household appliances to the place, inaccessible to the child: toasters, teapots, food processors - and attentively check whether wires that the kid had no temptation are visible to pull or gnaw them.

it would Seem to

, the refrigerator is harmless, but cans, bottles - yes anything can fall out of it on the head of your child! Eventually, curious creation will decide to try some forbidden product or will drink something, not intended for children - vinegar, oil, spirits. What is not terrible for the adult can be fatal to the kid!

As a rule, all household chemicals are stored at us in apartments under a sink in kitchen. With the child`s birth the place of storage of powders, gels and other cleaners should be changed urgently, cleaning dangerous chemicals far away above from children`s playful hands. By the way, do not forget about a garbage can: children terribly like to dig in similar places, there it is possible to find a heap of all interesting! Therefore take care of that the child had no access to garbage.

Pay special attention to the place of storage of the home first-aid kit: all drugs, even “harmless“ vitamins, it is necessary to clean as it is possible further. It is known that medicines often become the reason of a serious poisoning at small children.

the Bathroom

the Bathroom can never become the dangerous place for the kid too, and the basic rule - for a minute not to leave the child of one there! The lock on a door of a bathroom has to be arranged so that the kid had no opportunity even incidentally to be locked from within. When you bathe the child, lay a rubber rug that the baby did not slip on a bathtub bottom and did not fall in water, did not hit the head against a bathtub and was not traumatized. By the way, it is dangerous to leave the filled bathtub unguarded: suddenly small it will become interesting and he will want to play with water? It which still is badly holding balance can be bent through a bathtub side, to fall in water and to choke. Therefore the filled bathtub has to be every second in the field of your sight.

the Kid easily for the sake of curiosity can put a hand under a stream of hot water and burn, or throw the hair dryer which is switched on by mother into water and receive a mortal blow current, and having become interested in cologne or liquid for hair dressing, to take a sip without hesitation from a bubble a poison and at best to be hospitalized. It is impossible to leave unguarded sharp objects at all - razors, scissors, nail files, etc. It is better to remove from a bathroom all electric devices because if on them even couple of drops of water get, it can be quite enough to receive blow current. And never include household appliances (the washing machine, the hair dryer) when there is a child in a bathroom!

Other rooms

When the kid starts walking, acute angles of tables, chairs, stools, cases become a constant subject of experiences of parents. On them it is necessary to attach special silicone corners or at least to wind them with something soft.

of the Door and a door of cases needs to be fixed so that the kid could not open or close them, for this purpose there are special devices.

your objects for needlework - threads, needles, pins, scissors - needs to send into long-term “exile“ on a mezzanine, and to sew or embroider only in the absence of the child, having been fond of process, you can not notice how the brisk kid will reach to forbidden, but such buttons and needles, interesting to it, and when you notice, can be already late.

All small objects it is necessary to expel

finally and irrevocably from a field of vision of the child and to clean so far that it could not reach them. Doctors of emergency stations can organize a huge exhibition of the most unexpected objects which children manage to push to themselves in a nose and ears or just to swallow. And, unfortunately, not always similar incidents come to an end safely. The most usual cellophane packages should not catch sight to the curious kid too: experimenting with a find, the child can put on a package the head and choke.

in recent years the fashion arose to establish in apartments instead of usual glass doors - many put them in rooms, without thinking that quite thin and fragile glasses can not sustain a pressure of children`s hands and itself the baby can just not notice a transparent barrier on the way when runs behind a ball or a kitten. According to doctors, injuries from similar collisions with glass doors arise in increasing frequency that is fraught with numerous cuts and the getting wounds. So think that it is more important for you: interior or health, and at times and life of your child.

Even toys can become a source of danger to the kid - over time paint descends from them, they break, from them jump aside details. Attentively reconsider all toys which you give to the child, otherwise he can swallow or - God forbid! - to inhale some small detalk. At soft toys beady eyes, noses - buttons come off over time, threads and material by which they are filled get out, at machines doors come off, at the broken rattles jump out balls. You watch closely, otherwise all this can appear at once in a mouth of your child.

of the Window and balconies constitute special danger to the little curious man who so wants to get on a window sill, to let in the birdie who sat down on eaves the room or to start from a balcony of paper pigeons. In all placements on windows it is necessary to install special devices which will interfere with the child in attempts to open them. It is the best of all to establish lattices or special partitions, and from a balcony you do not want to clean all things which the kid can climb up to admire the top view - that the child fell out outside?

we Study

on mistakes

Many parents hold the opinion that vigilant control it is almost impossible to save the child from all dangers and better “to acquaint“ him with some that he learned to distinguish and avoid them. For example, one mother could not distract the excessively inquisitive one-year-old son from the electric socket in any way - one of the most dangerous devices in the house. After a set of unsuccessful attempts it took a safety pin and every time when the kid reached for the socket, slightly pricked him a pin in buttocks. The child shuddered, scaredly turned around, and mother explained to him that the socket so “bites“. As a result the boy began to treat sockets carefully and cautiously. If you do not consider a similar way as good idea, then it is necessary to close all sockets in the house special devices - caps, and they have to be soft and as much as possible imperceptible that the child had to them no interest and did not come to its mind pokovyryat or to tear off them.

If to tell the kid: “Do not touch a cup, hotly!“ he just will not understand you. It does not know that it means the word “hotly“, and he needs to explain it in some safe way. It is possible to heat a little in hot water a spoon and to allow the child to bring closer to it a finger, having explained what this just and means “hotly“. The child will not burn, but when next time he gets to the boiling teapot, and you will tell it that there is “hot“, he, most likely, will already understand you much better and itself will cautiously draw aside a hand.

If constantly the kid “cannot go on the word, he, eventually, will think that the whole world for it is under a ban, and his inquisitiveness, desire to learn new, to investigate objects will simply come to naught or he will just cease to perceive bans. It will be more expedient to clean all especially dangerous things from eyes down with, and to teach the child to treat the others correctly, to explain to him what means “hot“, “cold“, “sharp“, “heavy“. Thereby you will secure the kid against many troubles on the way of knowledge of world around.