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Dress rehearsal or what is trial examinations of

- You why yesterday at school was not?

- took Examinations in higher education institution.

- What examinations can be in the spring?!

- As what? Trial.

On a concrete example


to in a row entrants is given Already several years an opportunity to check the forces at spring (trial) examinations. Such tests carry out many higher education institutions, and some even count results at entrance examinations. But at each institute - the rules.

it is possible to Seize the additional opportunities which are given today by higher education institutions and it is necessary. But at the same time it is necessary to understand accurately that it will give you and what should be offered.

Dress rehearsal Trial tests can show


as far as you are psychologically ready to examinations: whether

  • you in days preceding an examination will be able to remove another matters aside and to devote all the time to repetition of a subject. whether
  • Are capable to give to an organism good rest on the eve of examination or you will force it to work at a limit of physical capacities. whether
  • Will manage to cope with unnecessary nervousness.

Spring attempt can be considered as rehearsal before summer entrance examinations - you had not to take the real examinations yet. The school of each pupil well knows, and the relations there others. And here - fine chance to participate in the real competitions. But also too you should not be fond too.

If to overestimate the opportunities and all spring to run like mad on trial tests, by summer you will approach absolutely exhausted. Rehearsal examinations in two - three higher education institutions - it is quite enough objectively to estimate the preparation. Choose the institutes about one level imposing similar requirements to entrants and reasonably make the personal schedule of trial examinations. Then they will really bring benefit.

How to register in trial examinations

to Phone in some higher education institutions quite difficult: all the time is taken. Have patience!


the First attempt

- you carry out examinations in the spring?

- Personally I do not take. Good-bye.

It is severe, but it is fair. To receive an irrefragable answer, it is necessary to be able to ask a question correctly. Let`s try once again.


the Second attempt

- In your higher education institution carry out entrance examinations in the spring?

- According to the law, entrance examinations can be carried out to the Russian higher education institutions only after school final examinations. Good-bye.

Everything is faithful to

. Spring tests cannot be called introductory so you asked an incorrect question again.


the Third attempt

- In your higher education institution carry out spring training tests?

- Yes, such form of examination at us is.

do not forget the main thing: to learn business hours of a selection committee (on Saturdays the working day happens shortened) and its address which not always coincides with the address of higher education institution.

the First visit to institute

In many higher education institutions exists rather rigid throughput system. It is a justified measure: it is about safety! Take with yourself the passport, just in case several photos and surely take money. The majority of institutes considers preliminary examination as additional paid service though also pleasant exceptions meet. Certainly, do not forget the handle and a notebook though usually most part of information is given in the form of booklets and leaflets. Time not to get to a selection committee before a lunch break or by the end of the working day. If you never were before in higher education institution, it is better to go together with parents or friends, - suddenly it will want to discuss something, to consult?

to Whom should not take spring examinations

  • That who late began to prepare, obviously does not manage to pass all necessary material and it is not confident in the forces. Such attempt will turn back only vain loss of time, additional disappointment and a bigger uncertainty in itself;
  • Who chose by
  • higher education institution long ago, not one year prepared for receipt and accurately follows indications of the tutors: to hand over in the summer.

the room where write down on training tests. Do not rush at once to tables at which employees sit, and at first attentively study all announcements indoors: they for certain give answers to the majority of your questions. Having obtained and having written down the necessary information, take rest. Resolve the main issue: whether you will register right now or want to consider everything carefully?

Of course, it is possible to register at first for one day, and then to correspond on another, but you will waste time because it is necessary to be again personally in a selection committee. If there is a choice, do not register in several tests at once, and take between them at least a small break. As entrants speak, it is necessary to dismiss one subject and to make room for another.

If everything is solved by

, safely approach tables and register - the scheme is accurately fulfilled and requires from you the minimum attention. When you come back home, once again think whether correctly distributed the time between different disciplines.

On the eve of test

should Prepare for rehearsal examinations not less carefully, than for introductory. Surely work the most important subjects. Will not prevent to write cribs: the squeezed answer to each question will help to remember necessary information better. But you should not use spurs at examinations. It seldom passes in higher education institution with impunity: your surname can be included in the list of undesirable entrants.

On the eve of examination try to consult with the tutor - let occupation will become for you the last control. In advance prepare a bag with all necessary: documents, the spare handle etc.

It is silent! There is an examination

If you decided to pass rehearsal test, treat him with all responsibility. First of all - be not late! Of course, if you come not later than in 15 minutes after the beginning, you will be let in audience, but a spirit - both at you, and at teachers, - will be already another.

Examination - difficult process, at it is many rules and restrictions. The better and quicker you will understand them, the more comfortably you will feel. Unfortunately, before spring tests consultations are not held. Your attention right at the beginning when the teacher in a condensed form makes recommendations is especially important and tells about rules of conduct at examination.

Use all released time. The task is impossible, the necessary quotes and surnames are not remembered? Distract, have a little a rest, and again for work: “the road will be mastered by going!“

Blamestorming session

After each trial examination is carried out by

display of works. Many neglect this stage, and it is absolutely vain! You not only will see all the mistakes noted by the professional, but also will be able to learn from the teacher for what the assessment what number of points is given for this or that task, and the mass of other very important things is lowered. Only do not wait until all tell you: do not hesitate to ask questions, use a rare opportunity to communicate to the teacher from a selection committee on all hundred. Some entrants go to spring tests only for the sake of displays of works, considering as their best consultations.

If you were resolved by

on rehearsal tests, try to find people who already passed through it in the environment: mainly, first-year students, yesterday`s entrants. They it is better than others will tell about various reefs, will pay attention to important trifles, will give invaluable advice.

However rules in higher education institutions change from year to year, information quickly becomes outdated. Monitor a situation! Do not forget to look on the website of the chosen institute. If the available general information has not enough, one week prior to the first examination once again go or call higher education institution precisely to learn whether conditions of carrying out examinations changed.

Elena Lantseva, the senior teacher of MGTU of Bauman, the magazine Where to go to study

What entrants speak about rehearsal tests?

of Rushan Aglyamov, schoolgirl of N 1143 school:

- I am going to come to Baumanka. Decided to pass rehearsal tests to try the hand. So far passed only one examination - on Russian. Results will be known in several days. Of course, I worry and I worry. Though I hope that I will receive a good mark.

When prepared for examination, tried not to depart from recommendations of the tutor. Got a notebook in which for a year wrote down the typical mistakes. Was gathered them much. Before going for trial test, attentively saw records. Tried to fulfill all the weak places. And at examination - to concentrate and be extremely attentive. Accurately wrote off a task from a board and checked each comma. Teachers reduce points for incorrectly issued work.

Andrey Shkoda, entrant of MGTU of Bauman:

- it seems to me that to hand over rehearsal tests not so terribly as introductory. But all the same it is very important point in my life. The whole year prepared for examinations: went to courses, was engaged with the tutor. Tried not to miss trainings which are provided by higher education institution. It is necessary to tell, teachers gave a lot of things to me. On trainings not only sorted difficult problems, but also told how to behave on trial tests. Rules of conduct were repeated also at the beginning of rehearsal examinations. Though some entrants, probably, heard them for the first time, nobody broke an established order. On extremely measure I did not see that somebody tried to use a crib. The risk is big: will notice a spur, will put the two - and on an exit. And if you do not know something, it is possible to count on the three. It is undesirable to leave audience. And here mobile phones and calculators on physics are strictly forbidden.

If I have an opportunity, by all means would pass trial tests once again. Experience never superfluous happens.