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Secrets of store dependence

of the Woman need emotions - therefore regularly go shopping. But where border between pleasure and dependence? And how to keep a situation under control?

is Advised by the creator of author`s methods of treatment of psychological dependence, the developer of remote system on psychological rehabilitation, the privately practicing psychotherapist and the psychologist from Tallinn Vladimir Viktorovich Kukk.

Anonymous shopaholics


, or store dependence are a persuasive desire to shop in incredible quantities. At the same time it is unimportant, are necessary to you or not as far as they are dear and as it will be reflected in the family budget.

Such dependence has one more, more modern name - a shopogolizm. This word not incidentally has the American roots, in this country of shopaholics there are about 15 million. And 55 million more are on the verge of dependence. Moreover, the American psychological association already considers this syndrome as a disease. In the United States even society like anonymous alcoholics - anonymous debtors - with 400 offices over all country is created.

is Nearby sent away from them also by Europeans. For example, in England from 2 to 10% of adults suffer from persuasive thirst for shopping - it is about 700 thousand people. 52% of Englishwomen recognized that shopping brings them more pleasure, than sex. At the same time shopping is categorically contraindicated to British. Every fifth Englishman who got stuck in shop is shaken by the anger attacks which are followed by jumps of arterial pressure.

to Think or buy

Strangely enough, but store dependence is not a new problem. It is known by more than hundred years, but only in recent years opened its true reason.

Scientific managed to measure by

electric activity in a cerebral cortex of women - customers. In that department which is responsible for common sense and rational thinking. Results showed that in anticipation of purchase it is sensible and rational to think of ability at them almost completely disappears. And tension in the departments operating emotions increases to a limit.

It is from the childhood

As well as all dependences, the oniomaniya is fed by the roots lasting from the childhood. All of us were small, dependent on adults, needed attention, caress, love, recognition and care, protection. If these requirements were not satisfied then, then they “are as if preserved“.

Such person can be successful in life, have the loving spouses and children, but to feel lonely all the same, the unfortunate child needing a consolation. Someone finds “consolation“ in alcohol, someone in a casino, and someone in acquisition of things.

the Same problems can come at children of so-called good kin. There are fine material conditions, and parents are considered as “decent“. But even they caring for worthy life of the children often neglect them experiences and requirements.

Children`s psychological problems lead

In shop behind happiness to an oniomaniya. Impossibility to express the feelings, difficulties in communication, shortage of attention and as consequence of all that - a depression.

the New thing, ornament or cosmetics is a way to calm itself, to reward, console. The woman needs emotions and therefore goes to spend money. Subsequently she has sense of guilt and is even angry with herself for unnecessary expenditure. And it enters it into a depression again. The vicious circle turns out: a depression - purchases - a depression.

besides, some more the reasons which lead to obsession to buy are. The researches conducted recently in England revealed that the low self-assessment can be one of them. Especially at women. Acquisition of new things does them in own eyes successful, provided, bright and strong.

the Loneliness, a grief, disappointment, boredom also push with

women on expenditure. If she constantly wanders about shops, then, perhaps, wants to avoid some work, duties, adoption of any difficult decision. Or it just wants to be surrounded by people.

Recently scientists assumed that attacks of “shopogolizm“ are connected with shortage in a human body of hormone of serotonin which “is responsible“ for good mood. Its shortcoming leads to depressions and a low self-assessment.

of the Woman become shopaholics more often because the female organism is more sensitive to differences of level of serotonin.



the Side between just love to shops and dependence very thin. But pay attention if you:

you feel

If you found in yourself at least three criteria - consult at the expert. It is necessary to take measures that these signs did not develop into serious dependence.

If you found in yourself a half of these signs - the help of the professional is necessary, independently it is hardly possible to cope.

If you found in yourself more than five signs - it is the level of the created dependence, it is necessary to address the psychologist as there is a threat to health, a social status, family way urgently.

4 secrets of freedom


are a serious personal problem which is fed by the deep subconscious conflicts and contradictions of the personality. Only serious individual work with the psychologist is able to solve it. And concrete councils can orient and channelize right to thoughts.

several secrets how to fight against an oniomaniya Are.

Secret the first. Everything begins with understanding:“ I have a problem, and I need to solve it“.

Secret of the second. When there is a desire to go to the next attack to shops, find “healthy replacement“. Let`s say there was a passionate desire to go behind purchases, but you at the same time test strong tension. Healthy alternative will be: respiratory gymnastics, contrast shower, bath, massage, self-massage, dances, music.

Secret the third. Carefully plan the free time. Active recreation, creativity, communication with interesting people, walks, games with children, theaters, exhibitions... All this helps to cope with the duties, to avoid boredom and loneliness.

Secret the fourth. Look around, in the world there is so much interesting. The book presented by the girlfriend, a new computer game of the son, exotic house plants - the latest hobby of your mother and just warm solar day. It is unreasonable not to notice it, and to spend all the time for circulation on shops. And all life “will pass by“.