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Hi, breast!

Hi, mother, hi, breast! Separate to “zdrasta“ now to empty containers for milk. The daughter treats my breast so with respect. Milk all - just a breast, is said by her.

Now to us 2,2. I fed two years and week. Milk as it seems to me, was not going to leave. I fulfilled the mother duty - in two years gave 320 liters of milk. Specially sat, considered, it is the whole bathtub.

to Smear a breast with mustard and other tasteless pieces did not come to my mind. Because it is useless, it will not confuse her. The daughter does not object to spicy food (the lover of Sichuan kitchen). Any small bottles at night what is a baby`s dummy, it does not know since five months - itself refused.

the Excommunication made

for several reasons - teeth sharply began to spoil. Agree 4 depulpirovanny teeth in two months - it is too. And teeth collapsed instantly. The doctor examines constantly - everything is all right. In a week outside a small hole - begin to work - a pulpitis. Such type of teeth. I cannot tell that limited itself in food. It is a lot of fruit, enough dairy products.

Besides, my friend who has a son of the same age left, left the child to the grandmother. In couple of days problems began - it got a preparation for a lactation stop. I trust the tablets bought in Italy more (at this mess and quantity of fakes in the pharmaceutical market). Well, for the company and I began an excommunication.

It was not simple

. Tablets are very serious. My vestibular mechanism very much became angry. The daughter sleeps with me, got used that the breast is always available at night. At that time day feeding was minimized, but at night the baby had a really good time. It seems, she specially waited for night that there is a lot of otjestsya.

was Shifted in a bed, but at night she gets over to us. Therefore I slept in a dense undershirt two weeks not to tempt. Explained all with words - milk came to an end, you big, now, are just a breast. It was at first especially heavy. It was a little frightening - say, it is impossible to throw in the winter. But it was even more terrible to say goodbye for me to other teeth.

Somehow caught itself at night on what the daughter at a breast - itself in a dream the autopilot allowed it to eat. Right there took away, apologized. The first week the daughter in liters drank cow`s milk.

Here such small, but the experience - can to whom will fit.