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Women`s magazines promised me unforgettable sex during pregnancy. Because:

  1. the husband, having like great secret, will treat me with a bigger tenderness and care;
  2. to bodies of a small pelvis blood will begin to flow
  3. strenuously that will promote faster excitement and multiple orgasms;
  4. and, at last, the fear of pregnancy approach will disappear that will lead to a freedom, and as a result to fuller satisfaction.

Sounds optimistically!

Ya became pregnant Art capacious, the small miracle, fall of 2003. We with the husband very much wanted the kid, and within two months did everything possible for this purpose. Having thoroughly grounded in the theory, we with enthusiasm began to embody the new knowledge in practice. It occurred approximately so:

- Darling it is already possible?

- That you, before an ovulation about a week more. You have to protect forces.

several days Later.

- Darling, is time to begin.

- Darling I just am ready to drop... Well, it is necessary, so it is necessary.

what occurs further you will not call

sex. Because it is not sex, and the act of reproduction.

- Darling, in this pose we can lose everything. Do as I read to you.

At last, everything occurs. The husband goes to a bathroom, ten minutes later comes back.

- Darling you will stand in a birch pose for a long time?

- Even minutes five. That for certain.

Further with an interval in two days all this repeats.

By the end of month I feel

in the organism of change. The breast is poured, becomes more sensitive. The stomach press relaxes. Constantly there is a wish to sleep. All signs of pregnancy on the person. I buy the test. The test is some wrong: instead of two only one strip is distinctly shown. I buy one more. Then one more.

is farther than

A - there come the periods. Really, at us nothing turned out?! And suddenly already nothing will turn out?!

“Everything, - I solve, - it is more than any calculations. Even I will not think of it, and even to a mental hospital nearby with such - that false pregnancies“.

Here just at work the work involving all hands moreover and a wedding of the girlfriend where I am a witness happened. Generally, especially not before sex was. There were, however, two times in a month. Well, unless it is possible to become pregnant at the same time?

But monthly for some reason were late. There passed week. I do not hurry to buy the test - terribly. At last, I decide, and here they are two treasured strips! The husband is happy, I in general in the seventh heaven.

- Everything, - I say, - any sex two months. That babies properly clung.

the Husband agrees, but in my party with sexual interest glances. Suffers silently.

Two months passed

. Terrible toxicosis and the penetrating headaches - a consequence of the jumping pressure began. From only one kiss the emetic reflex works. The husband is ready for a wall to climb, but, nothing, still suffers. Silently.

there Comes fertile time - somewhere in the second trimester. Here, appear, lead sex life and rejoice. Now the husband, looking at my rounded stomach, began to doubt:

- And he already hears everything? Oh, my God, no, I so cannot. In the same place inside my son. How I to it in eyes - that will look then?

After much persuasion the spouse nevertheless gives up.

Third trimester. A uterus in a tone. Love reacts to occupations fights. Again it is necessary to forget about sex. I lay down in maternity hospital in 37 weeks, according to doctors from - for a late gestoz, in my present opinion - from - for nonsenses and inexperience. There do me ultrasonography.

- Yes you have a child, the mother, more than 4 - x kilograms. How to give birth - that you will be? To be stimulated urgently.

Begins to be pricked sinestrol, to put hormonal candles. But me all this as to an elephant pellet. I lie week, another, the third. Other doctor, the man comes to me to chamber to round, and trustworthy such tone speaks: “We already tried everything. There is the last method - sexual intercourse“. Here I from one such words nearly gave rise. I look so scaredly: Whether “With it? There is a pervert!“ But it continues:“ Descend home for holidays. And on Wednesday I wait for you in ORB“.

With pleasure I pack things and I run home. There I present the husband with a fait accompli: so supposedly and so, - it is necessary, so it is necessary. We try all days off. I come back to maternity hospital with fights and on Wednesday as agreed, I get to ORB.

By the way, the sonny was born weight in 3 840, 52 cm in height, on 41 weeks. Any not an elephant calf as intimidated, and in the physiologic time.

there Passed two years. I on the eighth week of pregnancy. And ahead seven more months of “pregnant“ sex.