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Shopping kingly

London - the city - dream which always comes true. Here all very best - houses, people and even fog some special. Still here one of the best shops in Europe. If you were lucky to be in London, do not miss chance to please themselves with good shopping.

the Picturesque vegetable market in Portobello. Only the freshest!

it is interesting to Begin travel on the London shops with legendary Harrods - this kingdom of luxury goods and clothes of high brands. The prices sometimes astronomical therefore would hardly be reasonable to buy here though something more serious, than a handkerchief. However this biggest and old shop of London (year of foundation - 1849 - y) along with the Tower and Big - Ben is indisputable sight. The door-keeper in a green livery (by the form - the hereditary duke!) courteous opens before you the massive doors, and you appear in the country of luxury and the highest service. In the first hall you are met by the owner: the wax copy of the owner of shop, the Egyptian magnate Mohamed Al Fayed, hospitably smiles to guests. Londoners like to tell about whims of the owner of Harrods. For example, when Mohamed does circumvention of the possession, its approach is announced by two pipers. The magnificent maintenance of shop corresponds to magnificent registration of halls. What is cost by only one gold sphinxes and majestic columns in the Egyptian hall. A trip between floors for completeness of feelings is recommended to be made on the smart escalator which is also decorated in the Egyptian style. Surely stop between the ground and second floor at a peculiar memorial which the owner of Harrods established in memory of the son of Dodie and his beloved - to the princess Diana. Walking on numerous departments of Harrods - and them here neither more nor less three hundred, - you will appear sooner or later in grocery halls which were located on first floors. Here it is interesting to visit at least with own eyes to see 250 grades of cheese, and also the long ice ranks with fresh fish and, apparently, thousands of kinds of seafood. And if there was a wish to have a bite, behind numerous bar counters it is possible to drink coffee, to try sushi or to regale on the most tasty ice cream, for example with taste... whisky or even beer.

Flea markets

Often tourists neglect

these “outlets“. And in vain - flea markets of Europe possess special charm and attract people with the imagination and humour. By the way, the most large flea market of Europe, Portobello (Portobello), is in London. Here practically everything is on sale - from period furniture and ware to ancient buttons, hats, pieces of suede and fabric, brooches and ear rings. In Portobello you without effort will pick up a vintage handbag to the new dress bought in boutique. The range of other flea market, Kemden (Camdon), differs in special impudence and a freedom. Shops of vintage clothes and footwear adjoin to shops where ridiculous t-shirts and shirts, rocker vestments, mad wigs and mountains of “baubles“ of handwork are on sale. In Kemdena it is not so glamourous as in Portobello, however here it is convenient to buy t-shirts with amusing inscriptions and to give away them to friends and relatives.

the Bear factory

In England prospers a cult of teddy bears. Fans of these animals are going to clubs, annually gather in London for a holiday and will organize unfortunate bears shelters. Animals are on sale almost everywhere, but to receive “a bear of the dream“, it is necessary to go to “bear factory“ (Teddy Bear Factory) that on 2 - m the floor of the largest toy store Hamleys. Indifferently, with the child you travel or without whether you have in general children or not, visit this place - there is only here a unique opportunity to create “something“ the hands. The skin of a bear cub chosen by you is filled right there and what will be your favourite - well-fad or lean, depends only on your wishes. Clothes, footwear, headdresses, accessories - at your service. In completion to all newborn bear issue the British passport and you, having paid about 20 pounds, you receive the new member of the family of the English blood.

Fashionable tea drinking

Voyage to the world of haute couture and style begun in Harrods it is pleasant to p to finish

elegant English tea drinking in the The Berkeley hotel located nearby where every day from two to six serve Pret - a - portea. High-quality leaf tea, traditional sandwiches - a classical set for after-dinner tea, however guests know that for a dessert they are waited by something special. A vanilla handbag from Yves Seong - Laurent, a chocolate dress from Alberta Feretti, a ginger boot from Barbary, the young lady of a cat in style Dior and an eclair from Missoni - all “sweets“ of the last fashionable season on your plate! Having sated and having thoroughly learned the fashionable lesson, you at last are ready to the real shopping.

Where to have supper:

  • It is expensive, in purely English style. Goring Dining Room - restaurant in The Goring hotel (Beeston Place). Quintessence of “angliyskost“ in interiors, service and kitchen.
    the Average account - £ 45.
  • it is possible to Try the best beef which you ever tasted in the life at The Rib Room & Oyster Bar restaurant that in Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel (Cadogan Place).
    the Average account - £ 53.
  • It is fashionable, nekaloriyno, in Asian style. The fusion and Asian restaurants are very popular in London kitchen. In Chino Latino Brasserie (hotel Plaza on the River, Albert Embankment) order a black cod and tempura from shrimps - you will not regret.
    the Average account - £ 35.
  • of Cocoon (Regent Street) - the fashionable place. In the evenings the restaurant is hammered to the full, tables are reserved in advance. Extravagant design and kitchen fusion.
    the Average account - £ 50.
  • it is economical and unusual
  • . The Cafe in the Crylit snackbar (Crylit in English “crypt“) is located in cellars of the operating cathedral St Martin - in - the - Fields (Duncannon Street, Trafalgar Square). It is very strange to appear with a tray in hands at a still-room of the line located directly under the church arches. In cafe the system of self-service therefore the prices are very humane works.
    the Average account - near £ 20.

Ladies` mile

Each centimeter of “ladies` mile“ - check on self-control.

So in London call the well-known shopping street Oxford - the street - all was placed the most interesting to us, darlings here. Three hundred shops with excellent fashionable things for every taste and a purse. Next, Zara, H &M - shops of qualitative casual and youth clothes on reasonable prices, Marks & Spenser - sound brand for buyers is more senior, Gap and Fcuk - paradise for fans of qualitative jeans and t-shirts, Selfriges department store - for clients with good taste and good financial opportunities. By the way, pay attention to the building of this shop: his facade is decorated by the famous clock “The queen of time“ which is the business card Oxford - the street. Undoubtedly, would be inexcusable mistake not to come into fashionable English giant, Topshop department store. Its four floors are jammed stylish, and sometimes and extravagant clothes, accessories, poyasochka, hats, scarves and handbags. The shop can also brag of not ruinous prices and, perhaps, the most extensive shoe department in London. The choice is so various and huge that only among shoe racks you can carry out a minimum an hour and a half, trying on boots, shoes, being confused in thongs of fashionable sandals. Leaving Topshop with purchases, do not forget to go down on the first floor and to issue Tax Free.

Izmailovo in the center of London

On any trip comes time when the tourist thinks of souvenirs. Behind them it is the most reasonable to go to the art market in To - vent - the Garden In the market, oldest in London, which existed long before opening in 1732 of opera theater here, you can buy - objects of art“ from local hudozhnikov1 jewelry of silver, scarves a batic, different lovely knickknacks. In To - vent - Gardene it is full of souvenir shops and tea magzinchik.