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Turned out everything incidentally. On a visit, among a set of unnecessary business cards and papers, the daughter found the recipe, more precisely a diet. Black fat letters promised to dump in 13 days 7 kg superfluous (there it was so written) weight. I also did not begin to read, but the first word did not leave me indifferent. Coffee. Without it I am not a person, and so, the Sleeping Beauty. Fragrant, welded in the Turk, eh and brought sometimes by the husband, as in the best houses of Paris and London, directly in a bed... Generally, I love coffee very much.

it Turned out p that except coffee, the diet assumes food. It is a little, but will be enough for me.

Actually, absolutely strongly I was not going to grow thin - so, there were a wish to return a former waist, and it is more, it seems, and to anything. To admit, earlier my attempts came to an end with a failure. Every evening I laid down with thought that tomorrow I will be engaged in the figure, but instead of the exercises planned for morning went to keep the company to the daughter and her friend to a pot. Well, and then, as usual, forgot about everything. Generally, I would hardly agree with exercises, well, not my it...

Having run a look once again the text, and having found nothing of that kind that I do not love, I thought and why I am not present? Restrictions it was necessary not much - it is necessary to keep to a diet precisely, it was forbidden to eat sugar, salt, bread, chocolate, alcohol, farinaceous food. Besides coffee every day. Obvious contraindications to action were not observed too. It was finished few weeks ago chest feeding of the two-year-old daughter therefore nobody has to suffer, it seems.

“Since Monday I go on a diet“, - I declared to the husband, clambering on scales. 67 kg - highlighted to me red tsiferka (my best weight - 63 kg, and before childbirth I weighed 65,5 kg with a height of 168 cm).“ Give if helps you, I will grow thin too“, - encouraged spouses. Also settled upon that.

the First day

the Pretty combination - Monday, 13 - e, promising. A breakfast - coffee, anything that without sugar. Well - that there we for lunch have 2 hard boiled eggs, 200 g of salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil, a glass of tomato juice. With the last it developed not really. Juice was salty... For the compelled retreat washed the floor more carefully, fixed washing by inclinations and several exercises, than made laugh the daughter. By the evening it became sad, there was a wish to eat. The reflex worked. Usually we have densely supper with the husband. In the afternoon I morally with the husband, - he without lunch, and I manage, something easy, and in the evening of hours in 8 at us - a lunch - a dinner. The mother-in-law - well, well called, give if you grow thin, I will try too. It is impossible to recede back.

On the TV, as ill luck would have it, was shown all the time pies, cutlets, beauties seductively brought to Rafaelki and Roshe`s mouth. The daughter flickered before eyes with a top crust of white loaf. The husband ate up the yesterday`s pork baked in a foil. Reptiles. For dinner ate fried fish and cabbage - all 200 g. Efforts of house forks of cabbage decreased more norm. Scales for some reason showed 65 kg. Ridiculously, but it is optimistical.

Day of the second

of Coffee. My God, as it is necessary for few person for happiness. In the afternoon with the baby were wound on the city. In total as usual. In the beginning came into perfumery shop. A scent lesson - my invention. In the childhood I had access to samplers. Now, thanks to such games, unmistakably I define names of any toilet water at all aunts passing by me. We smell spirits. The daughter skillfully brings a flakonchik to a nose and tries to keep step with the next strip.

Drank water - it it is possible in unlimited number if only not aerated. Visited the developing desk. The child played, and I told mothers about the experiment. Indifferent was not. The daughter ate fresh ship`s biscuits. Strangely enough, my physiology did not protest. The dinner consisted of unsalted beef and a glass of kefir. As tried, could not refuse to itself two crude carrots.

Day the third


, correctly, with coffee. Three big boiled carrots with vegetable oil, 150 g of firm cheese and crude egg relied on a lunch. Well, with it the originator obviously got excited. Though as he could know that such stir happens to hens... I am not a coward, but I am afraid therefore I broke rules of the game again - boiled egg. The carrots eaten by me yesterday did not appear. Therefore in the afternoon I ate broccoli. It seems, my yacht sheers. Shamed herself long, in punishment left itself without dinner - three apples... Promised not to break any more. Dryness in a mouth.

was Called by the husband. Got stuck in garage. Went with the daughter to revenue. Waved a shovel long, before eyes some strange asterisks appear, then helped to push neighbors. Home came about midnight. I all - ate apples, but not three, but two. Scales showed 65.

Day the fourth

of Coffee. A saw slowly with special pleasure. The full relaxation was disturbed by the aching body. Garage fitness, it be wrong. Day was taken chock-full - carried things in a dry-cleaner, did some shopping, went with a cub to the developing desk. Such feeling that the world went crazy. Around all chew something eternally, from smells saliva flows. On a diet it was necessary to have dinner one big root of a parsnip or parsley fried in vegetable oil and three apples. I ignored the first, and ate apples with pleasure.

What for the sadist placed booths with fresh pastries? Mother called. She is not excited about my idea. Considers that my build does not demand any correction, and the organism is still too weak. Generally in her words there is a reasonable grain. Two years of feeding cost me two depulpirovanny teeth. Besides having finished feeding, I spent on drink a preparation for complete cessation of a lactation from which me not poorly stormed couple of days. And in two weeks decided on experiment.

cooked to the husband soup in the Evening, did not even try that turned out. Drinking beer with shrimps and pizza, the husband delivered a pathos speech about our love, about will power. Make it for me, it summed up. Yes, darling, I promised, eating the put dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs, 200 g of boiled beef and habitual salad from cabbage with oil.

Day the fifth

Where coffee? How, it is not necessary? Instead of saving drink two crude carrots seasoned with lemon juice. Not day, and continuous dissatisfaction. That I never am more and... Cross on a calendar noted passed - it seems felt better. For lunch fish, the whole 500 g, a glass of tomato juice - directly some feast.

are Already called, are interested in progress... The mother-in-law called, invited to birthday. It is necessary as by the way, fell on the last day diets. The daughter brought “gift“ - put cookie in a bag. “Mother, on a gift“ - “Thanks the darling...“ Had supper fish of 200 g and cabbage with oil. It appears, the cabbage promotes cholesterol removal, slows down transformation of carbon into fats.

Day of the sixth

of Coffee. The whole day walked with the child. In a supermarket tasting of cakes... Also resisted... Incidentally understood from where legs grow. Well, in sense as me managed to go on a diet. No, business even not in coffee. It is a coat it is guilty. Not model, but continuous charisma and price it seems quite accepted. Only the size was not mine - 44. I already also forgot about it, and here passed by, subconsciousness also reminded.

the Lunch was impressing - 500 g of boiled chicken and 200 g of crude carrots. Ate too much. Went for a walk all family. Tried to find tomato juice without salt. It was not possible. A dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs and 200 g of salad from crude carrots with oil.

Day of the seventh

Instead of coffee tea. Perhaps typographical error? After coffee went to measure charisma. Thank God, not my color, not my style. But I very accurately fit in in 46 (instead of 48) the size that pleases. A lunch of 200 g of boiled beef and 2 - 3 fruit except bananas. To choose, more? Chose two big grapefruits. This segment for me and this segment for me and in general all segments for me... Yes, I am a greedy person, not salty beef.

the Husband stated to

suspicion that coffee does not influence a diet in any way, and just psychological factor for such coffee-achievers as I. Scales stood on figure 64. For dinner offered a diet of any day. All is possible (from known), except apples.

Day of the eighth

of Coffee. Probably, bothered to write the author the word “cabbage“. No, he just grew weak from the child. It is told briefly - repetition of a diet. Collected toys, everyone - separate bow. At supper the husband shared impressions about the steak eaten in the afternoon. Before going to bed took a walk with the child, I was engaged in manual evacuation of the dropped-out snow at garage. It is halfway passable. Really I held on so many days...

Day the ninth

I Drink coffee, I watch news. A voice-over - “In Ireland it is authorized to add to coffee a sheep dung now“. It is necessary, 288 years were not resolved, and here on you... Well, thanks, native that warned.

A if to my diet to add cancellation of food after six in the evening, affairs for certain will go much better. For strengthening of effect I decided to go twice a week with the daughter on occupations. The plan is implemented for 100% - the apartment is cleaned, the child “sjezzhen“... In trousers the free space appeared. The daughter dragged scales - the good fellow, correctly think. Oh, it is absolutely quite good - 63. At heart it is easy, in a stomach, however, too. On pleasures ate grapefruit.

Day the tenth

Was covered with

the Internet. Rang nothing. It was necessary to follow the master most. The child on hands - will be quicker. Heel-taps were again worn out. To footwear at me a reverent attitude, I trust only one master. To go far. Why they are always unevenly worn out, only behind? Perhaps I have the wrong gait? Everything is normal, and has to be, the master assured. Gait at me really became easy.

Day the eleventh

torments Me with

a question - apples are with a skin or without? What I am a cabbage stump - forgot to feed the child. The two-week execution will end, further soon - the fact that? Eureka - I went on a so-called Japanese diet! Began to rummage in searches of detailed information. Would not find better. Many components have contraindications, even an innocent white cabbage.

Oh these journalists - reprinted a piece, and did not acquaint with details. Generally, originators of this creation promised that if strictly to follow a diet, a guarantee - two - three years. This diet can be repeated not more often than time in two years.... and, the most important - I did everything incorrectly. What broccolis, what grapefruit? Even it was impossible to interchange the position of products... From all conditions I implemented only clause it “is impossible“.

Authors are good

too. From Japanese in a diet only the name. Nutritionists who would doubt naturally do not welcome when they without their permission grow thin - it and it is clear, take away their bread. What now to do to me?

Day the twelfth

Yes, hare I, hare. But coffee wants. The husband provoked gripes, told an amusing case. Great Britain investigates business of the pregnant woman.

the Woman approximately on 8 - m month of pregnancy got

on a bus. She noticed that the man opposite looks at it and smiles. She immediately changed on other place. The man smiled more widely, the woman changed again. The man began to smile from ear to ear. When the woman changed in 4 - y time, the man began to neigh on all bus. It complained to the driver and the man was arrested. The judge asked the man what he can tell in the justification?

“Well, your honor, everything was approximately so: when the woman came into the bus, I could do nothing, but noticed her state. She sat down under an advertizing sign which said “Double Mint Twins on the way“, and I smiled. Then she changed into place under the sign “Ointment of the Slogan Will Reduce a Tumour“, and I was forced to smile. Then she transferred herself into place under the sign “The Big Stick of William Made the Business“ (William`s Big Stick did the Trick), and I hardly constrained myself. But when for the fourth time she changed and it appeared under the sign “Goodyear Rubber Could Prevent This Accident“, I dropped out. (Goodyear Rubber could have prevented this accident). Judge: - “Is JUSTIFIED“.

Day the thirteenth

of Coffee. Yes, I remember that on me generously laid table cries. To go or not - here in what a question. Let`s roll. Stayed - perhaps, the most exact word. Of course, I ate something, but not all and is not a lot of. I did without salty salmon, red caviar, and other “hazel grouses with pineapples“. When all ate cakes, ice cream, I washed the dishes in kitchen.


, it is not necessary to rummage in papers! Well, give that there at you, we will look - “At repair with the hands“. No, thanks, I esteem as - nibud another time.

P. S. Seven excess kg at me, probably, were not. And I also am glad to five! In few weeks two kg returned to me. At first I adhered to bans - “no“ to salt, farinaceous food, sugar, - but the organism in quite strange form demanded the. Me pulled week on boiled beet, maybe, the organism extracted sugar from there? Juicy, sweet, for me it existed more tasty than all fruit and vegetables.

As a diet is not recommended to be repeated more often than in two years, (I learned about it almost incidentally) next time I properly will think before seeking similar adventures.