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Questions of a children`s dream - the expert of JOHNSON`S® Baby

questions answers Natalia Gromova, the doctor, the candidate of medical sciences, the head of educational programs for parents of JOHNSON`S ® answers; Baby.

Where it is better for kid to sleep?

the Most important - to decide

by em on the place where the child sleeps. From 3 months he already has to sleep on that place where he will sleep and further. If to this age of the kid it is possible to stack in a cradle or in the bed, then by three months it needs to be transferred to a crib. At later age it will be much more difficult to make it. For safety reasons in a bed there should not be pillows or fluffy things that the baby incidentally did not choke. The safest pose for the child of early age - on a back, such situation promotes free breath and normal work of digestive organs, and also interferes with hit of contents of a gullet and stomach in airways. The pillow is not necessary to kids about one year.

Where to put a bed of the kid - in a bedroom of parents or in the certain room - to solve

to you. However it is necessary to consider that the children sleeping in one room with mother and the father wake up at night more often and therefore they get enough sleep less. If it is heavy to you to rise several times in a night to the child, then you can leave him in the room, in a separate bed. Remember that the joint dream does not lead to any psychological problems at the child further and, on the contrary, does not bring any dividends.

Why, waking up at night, children often cannot fall asleep again?

Frequent awakenings at night - the biggest problem of babies about one year. And all the matter is that nobody learned to fill up kids. All children wake up at night, from 3 times to 6, it is normal. But often it is difficult for them to fall asleep again. Here 2 types of reactions are allocated: one children can independently fall asleep, and others ask parents them to calm, to repeat ritual of withdrawal to a dream. If usually you rock to sleep the child, then he will demand to shake his every time as will wake up because it is associated at it with falling asleep. The most widespread mistake of parents consists what does not even come to their mind that the kid can fall asleep. They since the birth stack kids with a motion sickness. As a result at the child the habit is developed. To retrain it, it is possible to change “ritual“ approximately in 2 weeks.

of Research was proved that if to put even the little kid in a bed and to show on something what he can look at (for example, a toy), then after a while he will fall asleep. The interesting fact also consists that often the second children sleep much better than the first as mother has less time for laying and a motion sickness, and therefore the kid learns to fall asleep. It once again proves that the falling asleep problem, is a habit problem, but not a psychological problem.

As it is correct to p to put the kid to bed?

One of the basic principles is that the child needs to be stacked sleepy, but to not sleeping yet. Few weeks it is necessary to you hardly, but gradually you teach to fill up the kid independently and will provide him and yourself a healthy, full-fledged sleep. It is also important to stack the kid a bit earlier that it did not manage to be overexcited and it could be adjusted on a dream. The ritual of withdrawal to a dream will be quieter, the it will be simpler to fall asleep to the child. Half an hour of the quiet actions repeating every evening will be helped it to be understood that it is time to sleep.

it is Especially useful for p to bathe before going to bed. Most of kids calm down in warm water therefore many mothers prefer to bathe kids in the evening. Experts of JOHNSON`S ® Baby recommend to use in time and after bathing a series of means JOHNSON`S ® Baby “Before going to bed“ with aroma of a lavender. The lavender is known for the calming properties for a long time, its gentle aroma helps to calm the kid and to adjust it on a quiet dream. A series includes foam for bathing, shampoo, a children`s milk, oil, cream and soap. You can choose products on the taste. whether

to Take

the kid on hands when he woke up at night?


In the USA conducted research which proved that if to leave the child in a bedroom on all night long and not to react to his crying, then gradually he will fall asleep itself, and in few weeks in general will learn to fill up independently. But it is very difficult both for children, and for adults. In our opinion, the best option - independent falling asleep, but at the same time parents have to come back to the room and check, whether all as it should be. It is not always known, than crying is caused, perhaps the kid needs your help.

can be taken

of the Small child on hands, he will quicker calm down. But there is also such danger: parents take an active, “loud“ dream of the child for crying and awake the kid, trying to lull him. Remember, it is not necessary to run to the child on the first rustle - quite perhaps, it has just active phase of a dream.

When to move to a big bed?

From 2,5 to 3 years. If to transfer the child to a big bed too early, then there can be sleep disorders. The kid not always understands that it is necessary to be left in a big bed, without sides and a lattice. Anyway, look at reaction of the child: if 2 weeks to it are slept badly, then it is better to return it to a crib.

From what age children see bad dreams?

Usually not earlier than 3 years. It is connected with development of a brain and imagination. Nightmares - the phenomenon absolutely normal aged from 3 till 6 years, is part of the transformed day experiences. Just at this time the child begins to realize that someone or something can do him harm.

to Parents:

It is no secret that with the small child parents often do not fill up. Not to suffer from chronic fatigue, organize the time so that to find time for a dream.

If the child fills up
  • in the early evening, it is not necessary to go urgently to kitchen to try to redo there all affairs, or late to sit in front of the TV. It is the best of all to go to bed - who knows, maybe, difficult night is necessary to you, and the kid will wake up several times, or will get up in the morning at the crack of dawn.
  • Use that time while the kid sleeps in the afternoon. If you do not fill up at night, gather additionally time, necessary for you, at the expense of a day dream.