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Birthday of Zhenechka of

Almost all parents seek to make celebration of the first anniversary of the child special. It becomes partly for itself, Birthday is a good occasion to remember last year. But, generally of course, the holiday purpose - to make pleasant to the kid. Even if the hero of the occasion will not be able to understand all events, he will appreciate the festive mood reigning in the house and again will be able to be convinced of the importance and exclusiveness.

our family - not an exception and therefore we very much tried, being going to celebrate the first daughter`s Birthday. The set of materials, including 7 - its was studied for what many thanks to all authors. As a result all scope of work on preparation of a holiday was broken into the following items:

not to tire the reader, I will stop only on the most original, in my opinion, ideas.

1. The invitation of guests

Was decided to celebrate

only the family. It is a lot of as the family includes grandmothers, grandfathers and Godfathers with spouses. Total 11 people, including the heroine of the occasion. And here we used our first idea: invitations were “drawn“ by the child. Sheets of paper, gouache, brushes and the person interested to have a chat the kid undertake. After a while “pictures“ are ready. Having dried, on a reverse side I wrote the text, having supplied it with a postscript:“ The text was written by mother, I drew“. Effectively it will turn out if to print the child`s handle instead of the signature.

Ready invitations we stuck

in envelopes, and sent by mail. Yes, on ordinary mail about which we sometimes forget in our century of modern communications. Even the invitation was sent to the grandmother and the grandfather who live with us. Present their pleasure and surprise when they got treasured envelopes from a mailbox!

2. Dressing of the room


On the one hand, there was a wish to make jewelry: the cheapest way and more originally. On the other hand, neither I, nor the husband have no special art talent. Therefore acted this way: bought balloons, caps and gudelka for guests, disposable children`s plates and napkins, and also several sets of color paper. Made garlands of color paper “Happy birthday!“ . It was absolutely simple.

3. A holiday table

Unfortunately, many ideas remained unembodied. We celebrated Birthday on Sunday, and on Friday at the daughter temperature rose, and the celebration appeared questionable. So far decided that we will - mark out all, there was no time left for a special delicacy so the table was traditional. But children`s plates and napkins, and also guests in elegant caps coped with creation of the festive atmosphere.

4. The cultural program It is very simple to h2 to prepare

, but it is very interesting to use questionnaires. Prepare on number of guests. In the beginning - the introduction, for example: “Today we celebrate the first Birthday of our Zhenechka. We will be grateful if you leave several words in memory of this day“. And further questions: “To whom Zhenechka is similar?“, “What at it now character?“, “Whom she will be when grows?“ “Your wishes this day“ etc. Questionnaires can be distributed, all guests assembled yet, or between changes of dishes. Only do not forget to stock up with enough writing-materials.

Still are gone off by any competitions with a bang. From banal: who will gather points in a karaoke (to sing only children`s songs) to the most unusual more. Our guests liked a quiz in which questions were devoted, naturally, to the heroine of the occasion. Questions were the most different: “Who Zhenechka on zodiac sign?“, “What is meant by the name “Evgenia“?“, “That Zhenya loves more: vegetable marrow or banana? To play at hide-and-seek or in chess? To sleep one or with parents?“, “When at Zhenya the first was cut through zubik?“ etc. You with what passion adults answered these playful questions would see!

Despite difficulties, in particular, that the child nearly got sick, were noted by us well. Video, photos and the questionnaires completed with dear people will long remind of this day. We will be glad if something from our experience is useful to both other parents and children.