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Excommunication: stages of a big way

I Will state the scheme of an excommunication of the child here is more senior than a year and a half which developed at me in the head after acquaintance with others experience and the Internet - councils and which I realize with the son now.

It will be a question not of an urgent excommunication, and about planned when mother is able to afford to prolong this pleasure for several months (from 2kh before half a year approximately, depending on readiness of the child, or even longer as when the child strongly resists, it is simpler to recede and wait several weeks).

I wanted not only to solve a problem of an excommunication from a breast, but also to avoid tears and hysterics at the child and problems with a breast at mother. Certainly, the planned gradual excommunication can be not the best choice for some couples mother - the child for which separation for a certain time or other way “fast“ the otnyatiya from a breast appears less stressful... there are methods.

Ya made for itself such plan of an excommunication:

Me it seems to

, after each stage it is necessary to do a pause not less, than for a week, for full adaptation of the child and a breast.

Usually an order of restriction of feedings is chosen from the following reasons - begin with the least significant for the child which to it the easiest to refuse, or with the most disturbing mother (I know many mothers who after a year first of all got rid of night feedings and then for a long time and with pleasure fed).

Ya made a choice, proceeding only from own convenience as it is the most difficult to wake up for me at night and to persuade or stroke or give to drink to the son. I cannot fall asleep then in any way and I do not get enough sleep - and to drag up to myself the child, without opening eyes, to give him a breast and at once to fall asleep for me very conveniently (we have a joint dream). Still there is no strong wish to rise for half an hour - hour earlier and to make a breakfast.

Now I am at the fourth stage. I will tell how we overcame the first three. The very first step in an excommunication is introduction of a feeding up - when it there is a notable quantity in the child`s diet, then it is possible to begin to limit the number of feedings (that who aspires to the mode or has a lot of milk, it is possible to introduce these restrictions earlier, but it not an excommunication yet, and just adjustment of the acceptable GV form).

my son began to recognize by

a feeding up as I go, but not entertainment about a year when it cut through the first teeth. Then I ceased to feed him on the street - said that I “titya - houses“ and suggested to drink juice or water from a tubule (he does not recognize a bottle, and from a cup to drink on the street it is inconvenient, fraught with disguise). During this period I put on such clothes that a breast not that to get, and and it was difficult to notice (the benefit, the size zero).

It is amusing that the son apprehended my statement not in sense “tityu suck only houses“, and “titya lives in sense at home and on the street her mother does not take“. Home from walk he did not want to go, as a rule, therefore it was satisfied with drink from a tubule. Sometimes, however, it was necessary to go home and to feed.

Then this practice was postponed by

for stay on a visit - “titya at home, will drink water?“ - and on cases of stay of guests at us. And we visit almost daily girlfriends with children earlier quietly and with all conveniences were fed there. Happened that the girlfriend fed at our place the girl who is one half a year more senior than my son, in the eyes - and he all the same did not ask from him “big boys at guests tityu do not suck“.

Each new rule I entered

the first time when saw that the son not especially should be put - to avoid a roar. It and not, however, first it was necessary to retire to the certain room and it was more interesting to feed there - but to the son with guests therefore I gave a breast only several times.

Then I made by

over myself effort and ceased to feed, being online or at phone, however, it was necessary to offer long telephone conversations. IMHO, for such lazy mothers as I, GV is accompanied by a certain risk - instead of adequate active communication with the child is temptation to give it a breast and to go about the own business.

Still very important - if I read to the son or I tell the fairy tale or we together watch an animated cartoon, then I do not give a breast and if he sucks, then I do not entertain him and I do not allow to touch myself. To it it was necessary to spend few weeks for schooling.


put forward Further the theory that “big boys at first eat soup and porridge, and then already suck tityu“. As right after a breakfast we go for a walk, and after a dinner the father comes, and the son from it pincers not to delay, GV remained only after a lunch before a day dream, before a night dream and at night, that is we safely realized the first part of the plan.

the Further excommunication was for me even more burdensome (I even for a while threw this occupation, but need of treatment by the preparations incompatible with GV on which the endocrinologist insists, forced me to continue). Instead of a motion sickness couple of minutes with a breast or readings a fantasy on a bed while the son does not nasostsya and will not fall asleep, it was necessary to develop laying ritual.

U us ritual such - we eat (in the evening also we bathe), we brush teeth, we read the book, we suck a breast, we do massage of a back and legs, then, if did not fall asleep, again the book (or the fairy tale “from the head“), a breast, massage. During sucking I did not communicate with the son now and the breast took away in 1 - 5 minutes when he already began to be sleepy.

It is important - to take away a breast before it nasostsya and will fall asleep that falling asleep happened in vrema of other phase of ritual. When the son began to be cut down accurately during the first massage, I became stronger to reduce applying time to a breast. And then the breast and massage traded places in ritual. And at me it turned out!

of Ur, to the son does not need a breast quickly to fall asleep - moreover, he does not ask it from me (earlier he easily and quickly without breast fell asleep only with the father, the grandmother and the grandfather)! However, it works only in the afternoon - in the evening of the son to lay much more difficultly after noisy games with the father.

Thus, I do not feed in the afternoon for 13 - 14 hours in a row any more. It is interesting that the breast and did not try to be poured, and I was ready to use all methods of simplification of a fate of a breast known to me (since a sugar rassasyvaniye with drops of oil of a sage, drink more than 5 liters of liquid - can be limited to 1 liter or to drink more than 5 - effect one, decantations to simplification and cabbage compresses to homeopathy, acupuncture and ultrasonic dissecting of lumps in a breast). However, perhaps, they will also be necessary for me at implementation of the 6th point of my plan which I want to do in time by the beginning monthly that the hormonal background in an organism was favorable for end GV and taste at milk would be worse... whether

will manage to me to manage, as before, excuses or it is necessary to smear a breast with brilliant green or to stick with a plaster (oh, it would not be desirable!)? Wish me good luck that everything did without tears of the son and without problems with a breast at me!

Still to me should “cope“ with the husband who is a supporter of expectation of natural end of GV to 3kh - 4kh years and a joint dream before unauthorized leaving - but the problem meets seldom, and I will not begin to describe ways of its decision. I wait for your councils and I promise to tell about a final excommunication as soon as we finish.