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The kid, I you very much wait for

Day passed as usual. Since morning we with Art capacious descended in school of early development, then took a walk in park a little, came, ate. Then, having left the kid on care of the daddy, I slipped away in a sunbed. On the way back came into shop, looked after to herself a nice short skirt. Returned, put the child to bed, made a dinner, chatted with the girlfriend by phone. Further according to the program evening games with the little son, favourite series, bathing and laying of the kid.

is farther than

A - compulsory procedures for itself, darling. Masochka on the person, a bathtub with sea salt, a light massage a rigid brush.

“These mud wrappings - the miracle is simple! - I think. - Only three times it was smeared, and the effect is available“. Attentively I examine the postroynevshy and sunbathed body in a mirror. Nearly two years passed after the delivery, and only now I can tell with confidence that I finally returned to a doberemenny form.

“By summer should make by

highlighting. And it would be advisable to descend in salon on deep face peel in the fall“ - I reflect further. Recently, at last, I began to feel as the woman. Not simply wife, and not just mother. And - the woman attractive and even, I will not be afraid of this word, sexual. I went to it nearly two years.

Gradually with My Child and Mother and Kid magazines began to appear I “Am cosmopolitan“ and ““. In talk with girlfriends of the word “pampers“ and “inoculations“ began to be replaced on “fashion trends“ and “the last collections“. And, the most important, I found part of physical freedom. Also could quietly, several hours a week, to take care exclusively of the own life: to go twice a week to the Indian and oriental dance, once to the pool, periodically - to a sunbed, and sometimes - on shops, one (!) and not on children`s and grocery.

Life returned to the normal. In a year it would be possible to send the little son to a garden, and most to come to work. To begin to save up money for rest by the sea or even for lifting of a breast. To begin to attend corporate parties, to go to the cinema or, at least occasionally, in night club.

my reflections was interrupted by the husband with some strange question: “And monthly at you when?“

“Soon“, - I answered and began to remember. Something, however, monthly was not long ago. “Just the delay, - calmed I itself, - it is necessary to make the test“. So, just in case. Not to think once again, not to worry. I did not doubt that it will be negative.

in the Morning the husband descended in a drugstore and brought a strip - the test. While I made procedure, he sat at bathtub doors, though rather was late for work.

“Pancake!“ - I from a bathroom cried. Pregnancy declared itself two bright red stripes.

the Shocked husband escaped for work, I pay and I call mother: “I congratulate, - I say, - you will become a grandmother again!“ On that end of a wire silence - it mother nearly crashed down in a faint.

Then I call the husband. I am silent, I wait what will tell.

- Everything will be good, - he firmly speaks.

- You already recovered? - I specify.

- Yes, I am a happy father!

Descended on a forum of the website “7ya“. There I was supported. For what all many thanks! Nevertheless, doubts tore apart on part. Here, it, freedom, so close … And all over again: childbirth, sleepless nights, diapers, baby`s undershirts. Yes, it is also not simple yet, and in a double size. The sonny - still absolutely the kid, incomplete two years. Only a week ago ceased to suck a breast. Where to take forces on new pregnancy? And here our great-grandmothers gave birth, fed, again gave birth. Also ate worse than ours.

Eh!. And so many new things are bought by summer, it will not even be possible to wear. I will grow fat again. Until again I grow thin, everything will get out of fashion. So much money for wind is thrown out. But pregnancy now in fashion. I will buy something tremendous from clothes for pregnant women, and I will feel beautiful again... And here we will live four together in a one-room five-storey apartment block. And suddenly all - will be possible to be exchanged? Some here, in general, have no place to live, with parents are restricted, rent apartments - and nothing, give birth...

I tried to answer with

Till the evening a historical question: to be or not to be? And at the same time and on two traditional: what to do? and who is guilty? The husband came from work. Saw confusion on my face.

- You doubt? To give birth or not? - shy asked.

- Yes, - I admit, - I doubt.

- I thought that the abortion subject for you is closed. You always condemned it?

Yes, earlier, abortion was unacceptable for me. Not that I condemned the women going on it, but sincerely did not understand when in a legal marriage there were similar questions. And now itself it appeared in such situation when is forced to make very serious decision. How it could happen? We were protected. Not without reason speak, as the stick of times a year shoots... Means, this child has to appear. Such is will of destiny.

- Yes, - I exhale, - this subject is closed. It is not discussed any more.

Went to bed. Thoughts do not release me in any way. I should adopt my new provision. At first very much Artemka felt sorry. Here the kid will be born, and there will not be enough time for Temochka. He will begin to be jealous, take offense. Offenses will develop into complexes... Farther on accruing.

grudged Then for

yet not been born kid. Here I loved Artemka from the first day of conception. He was a desired and long-awaited child. And this crumb is forced to suffer from the fact that I do not accept it yet. Then I felt sorry for myself again. I presented myself a little canary in a cage. And still the squirrel turning in a wheel. And a pony, running round... And then I fell asleep.

in the Morning everything began to fall into place. The Russian people have a heap of proverbs on this subject: “tomorrow is a new day“, “with trouble it is necessary to oversleep night“ and so on, and so forth. And, really, since morning it became much easier for me. Real prospects began to appear, to be made long-term plans. I, at last, smiled, stroked a tummy and whispered: “The kid, I very much wait for you“.