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As I separated the daughter from a breast of

When I gave birth to Lerka, was full of determination to nurse to the last. Approximately in one and a half years talk from friends and girlfriends began supposedly it is time to throw, it already big, but it was very a pity for both her, and itself. In year and seven months we began to disaccustom her to a pacifier, and the breast because the child just began to hang constantly on Tit began to hurt me terribly, replacing thus the favourite silicone product.

decided to stop feeding with

Ya because it was sick even to tears, but then at me it did not turn out. The breast greased with mustard, naturally, was not pleasant to the child. But when the child who did not fall down all day at 10 in the evening began to scream at night blue murder, and my already swelled breast strongly ached, I understood that we still nevertheless are not ready to throwing.

Second and final attempt took place in year and 10 months. I solved - it is time, enough! Lerka all the whole nights just slept on me, without letting out tityu from teeth, in the morning I could not wake up because forces on a rising already just were not. In the afternoon titya was used at the slightest pretext - fell? - titya!, mother lay down on a sofa - titya! Ahead at us the kindergarten loomed, and we were not able to fall asleep without breast at all.

in the Morning, after a breakfast, I drew on a point breast with brilliant green, for descriptive reasons, and smeared nipples with mustard then we with the husband began to be indignant theatrically supposedly that titya deteriorated and became what. The child scented an unpleasant smell, did not even begin to check for taste, and quietly went to play further. During the day Lerka asked about tityu, but we said that she “bo - bo“, and Lerka lagged behind.

Couple of nights in a row we filled up

with shouts, but approximately for the third night situation changed - the child began to fall asleep much better, and the most important - the daughter began to sleep all night long, without waking up that was for us really by miracle! And then we thought up a cool way of laying of the child without any scandals - just put it in a swing, included two songs (Massive Attack - Special Cases and Chicane - No ordinary Morning) with visualization of the screen, and all - a couple of minutes, and we have a sleeping child whom only and it was necessary to shift from a swing in a bed.

A now we lay down simply - Lerka embraces me, is put to me on a bed, I begin to tell it the fairy tale, somewhere on the middle of the fairy tale the child is put to bed, asks - and the woman sleeps? - sleeps, and dedya sleeps? - sleeps and so about all whom knows. Having made sure that already all went to bed, Lerka closes eyes, and all... in a couple of minutes the snuffling, sleeping child.

Most important - I was at home not one, the husband specially took several days off to be at home and help me. Several days I suffered with the inflated breast which very strongly hurt, it was sick to lay down, it was impossible to lay down on one side, only cabbage sheets attached to a breast, well and, of course, helped we limited drink, especially hot and molokogonny. Advised me tablets for reduction of a lactation, but from them the help special was not, on the contrary, all by-effects - nausea, dizziness, a headache appeared, - so I stopped drinking them.

the Girlfriend (as a doctor) told that it is necessary just to endure day three, then milk will begin to decline. And occurred. For the fifth day I woke up absolutely with other feelings - the breast hurt, but is already not so strong, and in a week at me already and milk - that did not remain.

Here so we threw a breast, now we sleep very well, remarkably we eat with the doubled appetite, and the most important - began to treat more quietly obviously world around.