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Drugs driving

What pill you should not take if you are going to take the wheel?

is Advised by the doctor of office of functional diagnostics of railway policlinic of Voronezh Anna Sergeyevna Kalyuzhnaya.

- As it becomes frequent the reason of accidents on roads reception of any medicines?

- we have no statistics. However similar data are published in Germany. The German researchers from Council for traffic safety declare that drugs - the reason of every fourth - the fifth accident.

according to the USA, every tenth American violator made accident soon after acceptance of a preparation.

Therefore foreign physicians even more often suggest heads of pharmaceutical concerns to apply to

on medicinal packings noticeable characteristic symbols. They have to remind drivers of undesirable effects of application of drugs driving.

- What of preparations are most dangerous to the driver?

- the Most numerous and “risky“ group of drugs - those that influence the speed of reactions and coordination of movements. Insidiousness of these tablets is that consequences of their evening reception can be shown only next morning.


the Most noticeable impact on mentality is exerted by so-called psychotropic drugs. First of all, carry sleeping medicines to them - imovan, ivadat, donormit, phenobarbital.


also tranquilizers - to tazepa, nozepa, fenazepa, a rudotel, relanium, elenium, seduksen, nitrazepam, sibazon, Valium are Unambiguously dangerous. These preparations, on the one hand, reduce fear, alarm, tension, and with another - brake the speed of reactions and often exert somnolent impact.

For the majority of other psychotropic drugs somnolent action - not the basic. However they can change mentality and behavior. Therefore the person accepting them can be unpredictable. Very strongly change the speed of mental reactions tegretol, finlepsin, aminazine, sonapaks, tizertsin, neuleptit, eglonit, triftazin.


some antidepressants, especially amitriptilin and imipramin are very dangerous To drivers. New preparations of this group - Prozac, paksit, koaksit also to them similar - influence coordination of movements less. But also at their use driving it is necessary to be careful.

antiallergic means of so-called old generation - a Dimedrol, suprastin Can influence nervous system, tavegit, pipolfen. Many of them have somnolent effect. They considerably reduce ability to concentration of attention and cause reaction delay. Besides, these medicines can cause feeling of fatigue and slackness. It is dangerous on the road.

Affect with

a brain and some anesthetizing preparations, in particular tramat, tramadol, ketorol, ketones, pentalgin, sedalgin, solpafleks, solpadein.

Sight loses sharpness from some drugs applied in practice of oculists. For example, when using atropine.

Unpredictable action OTC medicines which people buy on the advice of the girlfriend or the druggist also can render

on the speed of reaction. Alas, not all read the instruction attached to a preparation. Consequences of this carelessness can be the most sad.

- What of the preparations which are on sale without recipe are most dangerous driving?

- Unlike strong preparations which accept according to the recipe of the doctor the advertized drugs mistakenly are considered as absolutely harmless.

it is dangerous to p to take the wheel even after reception of some means for cold. Treat them, for example, koldreks Knight, teraflyu, ferveks, a nurofen plus. These preparations contain the antiallergic and other additives causing drowsiness.


Quite harmless means drugs with the codeine calming cough have a reputation. Meanwhile, according to medical statistics, about 10 percent of the people using them become less attentive, are tired quicker. Their reaction is slowed down. Codeine contains in the kodterpena, a kodelaka and many complex preparations for treatment of cold and cough. So it is more preferable to drivers house ways of treatment known for all - honey, a camomile, a thyme, pharmaceutical chest collecting.

Being driving should not take also some diarrhea medicine - imodium and loperamide. These preparations sometimes brake nervous system. Similar effect the preparations containing metoklopramid, a raglan have and tserukat, the nausea which is often used in gastroenterology for reduction. Close to a metoklopramid motilium speed of reaction does not oppress.

- whether Can allocate the preparations, “most dangerous“ to the driver?

- From the huge list of drugs which use is connected with the increased risk for drivers does not have sense to allocate “especially dangerous“. Any can become the reason of problems on the road.

By the way, keep in mind that not all remedies which are available in drugstores are certified as drugs. Sometimes medicines are on sale under the guise of “food additives“. So easier and cheaper to bring them to the market. It is impossible to get poisoned with them as all dietary supplements have a certificate of safety. However full research of dietary supplements is not conducted.

and it is unpredictable acting on mentality.

both homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture at which the weakening points “join“ Are unsafe

, by the way. Anyway physicians advise not to self-medicate.

- How to be if the driver has an allergy or psychotropic drugs are necessary for it for treatment?

- preparations from an allergy of the last generations - klaritin, zirtek, telfast and erius are Almost safe in respect of impact on mentality. These tablets recommend to use to drivers - allergic persons.

A here if cannot do without psychotropic drugs, then for the period of their reception it is necessary to refuse driving of the car. Besides, I want to emphasize that even such soothing herbs as a valerian, a pustyrnik, the peony, a melissa, can slow down motive and mental reactions. Therefore after reception of collecting or tablets which part these plants are drivers can take the wheel only in 12 hours.

- Now say much that at a hypertension medicine needs to be taken constantly. And how to be in this case?

- Yes, some of them can have the slowing-down effect. First of all, it medicine, acting on the central nervous system - rezerpin and the preparations containing it: adelfan, kristepin, trirezid To, brinerdin. Are not less dangerous clonidine and dopegit. Now these preparations try to use as seldom as possible.

But can influence mentality and so-called a beta - blockers. For example, anaprilin, metoprolol and others, issued under different trade names. Preparations of this group apply not only to treatment of a hypertension, but also at arrhythmia, coronary heart disease. Therefore for people with diseases warmly - vascular system a beta - blockers often are irreplaceable.

- How then to be? To refuse absolutely driving of the car?

- Sometimes needs really it. However the group a beta - blockers is non-uniform. Some of them, for example, atenolol influence mentality minimum. Besides, it is necessary to understand that impact of the same medicine on nervous system of the person individually.

- Unless can be learned somehow, medicine influences the speed of reaction of the person or not?

- Yes. For this purpose it is possible to use, for example, the new psychodiagnostic Selekt complex. It is the small device combined with the personal computer. With its help it is possible to trace the speed of reaction of the person to the changing surrounding situation.

As a rule, in the beginning it is necessary to check basic data of the person. Then to appoint tablets, and after a while to compare device indicators before and after. If there are no changes, so everything is all right, the speed of reaction did not change.