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The manicuring of

of the Hand can be told about the woman at all not less, than the person: both to emphasize beauty and to give age. As a rule, skin of hands at pregnant women “feels“ well (its elasticity is maintained by the corresponding hormonal background). However a set of factors among which professional activity, the household and the wrong leaving, can break this harmony. That it did not happen, it is necessary to work.


It is known that is simpler and more pleasant to be engaged in prevention, than treatment. Therefore protect hands from any adverse effect. Before performance of homeworks surely put on economic gloves. Many women, knowing about advantage of gloves, nevertheless prefer to do without them. It is based on inconvenience, unusual feelings. Actually the main cunning - in selection of gloves of the suitable size and texture (fortunately, now is what to choose from), and also in formation of a habit (on average on it about 2 - 3 weeks leave). That it was more convenient before putting on gloves, powder clean and dry hands talc. Believe, the result - beautiful hands for many years - is worth it. Contact with the earth even if at change of window plants, also demands protection of hands. This precaution will save the pregnant woman also from possible infection with such diseases as toxoplasmosis.

In winter time also do not forget

about gloves and mittens. It is necessary to put on them in heat, one minute prior to an exit to the street. It will protect your hands from overcooling, obvetrivaniye, will keep softness of skin.


If is not present an opportunity to save hands from pollution, after work they should be washed up warm water with soap. Use of hot water is undesirable as it damages a natural protective film of skin. Cold water badly clears of pollution, does skin dry and shelled. If skin around nails darkened (often it happens after cleaning of vegetables), lemon juice will come to the rescue. It is possible to cut a lemon in half and to ship finger-tips in its pulp for several minutes.

the Peeling

Halves of a lemon it is possible not only to clear finger-tips, but also to make a peeling (to clean a skin blanket) for the coarsened skin of elbows. For this purpose wipe skin of elbows with a segment or a half of a lemon. Then hands should be washed up once again.

Skin of hands, as well as all other parts of the body, demands not only daily clarification, but also regular peeling of dead cages. For this purpose there are special peelings for hands.

Such peelings are, as a rule, created by

on the basis of fruit acids (chemical) or contain abrasive particles (srubs). For the person they differ from peelings in more intensive influence. And here the peeling for a body can be suitable for this purpose. The peeling means is put for 5 - 10 minutes (exact recommendations have to be on a means label) then it is washed away by warm water. As a peeling the coffee thick or corn grits with addition of shower gel or liquid soap can also serve. Massage hand mix, wash away water. After washing surely wipe hands a soft towel - thereby you will save them from drying.


From dry and weather-beaten skin of hands is rescue. It is 15 - minute procedures - special trays and nutritious masks. Broths of herbs will be suitable for trays. 1 tablespoon of dry herbs (it is possible to use a linden, a camomile, a sage, a plantain - separately or in mix) should be filled in with liter of the boiling water, to cool up to 40 degrees then to ship hands in broth. Grass broth humidifies, softens skin of hands. It is possible to make a tray of the warmed-up whey. After such procedure skin is ready to absorption of nutrients therefore it is necessary to apply special cream or a nutritious mask on them.

the Excess orogoveniye and darkening of skin of elbows - one of signs of violation of work of a thyroid gland. Therefore at detection at himself such symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor - the endocrinologist.
the Mask can be got or made

independently. Plant extracts, oils, wax, vitamins B, With, E and F, collagen, elastin, amino acids can be a part of a ready mask. From improvised products it is possible to prepare the following structures:

the Mask is applied to

on the cleared skin of hands, they can be turned in parchment paper or polyethylene. In 15 minutes it is necessary to wash away a mask warm water.


At emergence of such problem as pigmentary spots on hands, it is necessary to do masks of sauerkraut (to put 100 g of cabbage on hands for 15 - 20 minutes, then to remove and wash away water). Instead of cabbage it is possible to use slices of a lemon or a cucumber, chopped greens of parsley. In the afternoon before an exit to the street surely use cream with SPF - a factor not less than 15 (it is possible to use creams and sprays for a body).

the cream Choice

For daily leaving surely use hand cream. Creams of this group are divided into two types: one humidify and feed, that is are created for maintenance and restoration of skin, others possess protective action.

Protective creams can be used before homework performance (ideally they are applied under gloves) and before an exit to the street in a cold season.

Cream with the nutritious and moistening effect has to be the indispensable companion of any woman. It is the best of all to have several small tubes at the same time: on a dressing table, in kitchen, on a workplace. Cream surely has to contain plant extracts (a camomile, a linden, soy), oils, vitamins.

a Small amount of cream should apply

on hands. Then the massing movements (present that you put on ringlets each finger, and on a brush - bracelets) rub cream before full absorption. Such massage improves blood circulation, cream will better be absorbed and will make more intensive impact.

can also make by

peculiar “mask“ Of cream. For this purpose it is necessary to apply cream on hands to thicker, than usually, a layer, then to put on cotton gloves and to leave cream at several o`clock or for the night. Sometimes instead of cream it is possible to use oils: olive, almond, wheat germs (for strengthening of their action it is possible to add several drops of vitamin E, essential oils of a bergamot, grapefruit, a lemon to structure of a mask). After putting oil it is possible to make massage: to warm up muscles of hands, beginning from finger-tips, moving on all length, from a little finger to big. Then it is necessary to warm up palm muscles.