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Autism or SDVG?

“The psychologist in kindergarten told that it has autism, and it is socially not adapted! - the young father was outright alarmed. - We go to this garden month, and yesterday called us for conversation and told that the son - the autist!“

As could, I tried to calm the uneasy parent. In - the first, I told if you go month to a garden, then it is precisely not autism. In - the second before making such serious diagnoses, it is necessary to examine the child, and definitely not the kindergarten psychologist has to do it. Visit the neuropathologist or the neuropsychiatrist, and then - let`s meet.

during the following conversation the father already nervously giggled. The neuropsychiatrist from more than reputable medical center delivered to the child... a syndrome of deficiency of attention against a hyperactivity (SDVG). Here I did not sustain.“ Listen, - I quite sharply declared. - Either singing, or dances! In sense, these diagnoses mutually exclude each other. And do not put SDVG in three years!“ On Saturday morning I went to watch a miracle - the child.

“Empty fortress“ or “circus on wheels“

the Diagnosis “autism“ had to be cancelled literally from a threshold: Vovka met me at doors, took by hand and moved to show the room and toys. Forty minutes (!) we carried out in detailed conversation on “comparative characteristics “Nissan - patrol“ and “The jeep - as - it is there“. Very extensive knowledge of various areas beseeming the modern man were shown me. Without any discounts for age. Then I was graciously released to take rest on kitchen, to drink a tea and to communicate to parents.

For those an hour and a half that we drove teas with buns, Vovka came to us three times that to ask something, to show how it to gloss washed notorious “Nissan“ and to take an interest whether we will go for a walk, at last. In total. So with deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity too somehow it did not develop.

Extremely interested, I asked parents to state all history from the very beginning.

In September Vovka went to kindergarten. As the family moved to this area recently, places already were not anywhere, there was only a private garden with small uneven-age groups working on Montessori`s system. “Here and nicely, - young parents thought, - it will be interesting to the child and it is not heavy. And that group uneven-age, so it is good at all: at Vovka the speech is so developed that with kids would be boring for him“.

At first all was really very good

: the child flew to the garden “to children“ in the morning, from walk it was taken away by the nurse. All were happy. And then the kid got sick and the whole month did not go to a garden. Recovered, at last, comes. And speak to it: “We have a new game today. All we sit down in a circle, we call the favourite thing and we explain what we love for it“ (type - development of the speech). The turn reaches Vovka, and he the good developed language declares that a favourite thing at it - a small bottle with compote with which he falls asleep. Here this educated teacher speaks:“ Faugh, what shame! The big boy, and drinks from a small bottle. Children, well - we will amicably tell: “Faugh, Vova!“ Vovka began to sob, jumped up to the teacher and kicked her. (There is a clever man! I just would kill!)

the Teacher dragged it to the regular psychologist. Very young girl, someone`s relative, education, apparently, approximate. It straight off:“ Does not look in the face? In hands it is not given, hid in a corner? The autist, socially is not adapted“. And - to call the father on work.

So, I tell. Dealt with autism. Now give about SDVG.

of S SDVG approximately: arrived to the medical diagnostic center at three o`clock in the afternoon, went to eight. The child passed a dream, an afternoon snack, walk as the angel allowed to do over himself any brutal experiences like encephalogram, and only right at the end dared to relax a little. On the basis of his behavior the neuropsychiatrist made the diagnosis to SDVG and suggested parents to give it tranquilizers.

A you, is said by me to the father, as if behaved at the end of the fourteen-hour working day without food and smoke breaks? I look, somehow twisted the father and mother, probably, distinctly presented this sad picture.

Life defines

... in total

Unfortunately, adults quite often forget about physical possibilities of kids, demanding, for example, that the child decently behaved in shop where mother had to pace the road from kindergarten. Or in the subway I very often observe such picture: the heat, closeness, a cub in a fur coat, in a cap, in a biting sweater with a throat, begins to be capricious. Mother tries to influence it, demands that it immediately stopped a hysterics though all that at this moment is possible and it is necessary to make - to take off excess clothes.

Good children`s doctors once taught me to one simple thing: if the child is capricious, to it there can be three reasons: boringly, stuffy or gets sick. My experience added still some circumstances: it is hungry also too many impressions. At the time of my childhood (70 - years of the last century, with your permission), hungry children were a fair rarity, well, except absolutely hard cases. And here impressions could not be at all.

But we will return to our “hard case“. Unfortunately, in kindergartens and schools the huge army of newly-baked psychologists came to work now. Usually it is absolutely very young girls who arrived on psychological faculty or by the principle “by contradiction“ (not the philologist, not the mathematician, I love children, but in the teacher it am no good), or for the decision own problems. They are not forced to pass personal psychotherapy, not driven on a practical training in children`s lunatic asylums. Having seized several simple tests, they come to the new place of work and to a descent dumbfound parents with statements like the above.

If this girl saw with own eyes at least one child - the autist, she hundred times would think before calling the Vovkiny father on work.

we Will agree about terms

Autism (a syndrome of early children`s autism) it is considered the distorted development of mentality. Still in world psychiatry there is no consensus about the reasons of emergence of this violation. There are supporters of the genetic theory, there is a psychoanalytic branch which largest representative was Bruno Bettelgeym (his book “Empty Fortress“ in detail describes work of the Center created by him). In America children - autists are not treated, and adapt and socialize (see the movie “Rain man“, everything is shown most authentically). The European tradition, on the one hand, ranks SRDA as “big psychiatry“, with another - the help in a look a Gestalt - therapy and behavioral therapy is developed.

Russia - one of the few countries in which work with autists. We accepted the differentiated approach to statement of the diagnosis, in particular, SRDA put only if there are all seven points from Leo Kanner`s list. I will not list them here, all - is not absolutely scientific report. I will tell only that on one such sign as “does not look in the face - there is no autism on hands“ do not diagnose.

“A syndrome of deficiency of an attention / hyperactivity - the dysfunction of the central nervous system (mainly retikulyarny formation of a brain) which is shown difficulties of concentration and maintenance of attention, violations of training and memory, and also difficulties of processing of exogenous and endogenous information and incentives“.

E. D. Belousova and M. Yu. Nikanorov
Department of psychoneurology and an epileptologiya of the Moscow scientific research institute of pediatrics and children`s surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

is more often observed by

of SDVG at boys, than at girls. It is very seldom put at younger preschool age - just kids have other age norms. But, most important: in the same way as in a case with autism, there are accurate criteria of the diagnosis - “the syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity“, separately “deficiency of attention“, and separately - “hyperactivity“ are allocated actually. And in each category there is a direct instruction how many it has to be observed factors (for example, 5 of 7).

So if your child is stirred up by times, sometimes does not want to communicate with anybody, “the leg for a leg“ goes, before going to bed it has to pobesitsya, and bread cuts strictly triangles - in itself nothing means! do not listen to “okoloobrazovanny“ experts. Address those who to you are recommended by people to whom you trust. Listen to yourself and the child.