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How to save on holiday?

of 40 000 rubles from air

to save the decent sum on holiday, are optional to refuse all year to itself pleasures. It is practically possible to save on everything, even on taxes and the health insurance, and absolutely justly. And that the most important, at the same time you should not change a habitual way of life.


Drink what is useful. Having replaced Coca and juice with drinking water without gas and house fruit drinks, you not only will save, but also will take a big step to improvement of an organism. The 5 liter canister of water costs as much how many a 2-liter jar of Coca or a liter package of juice. And the family of 3 people will have enough it for a week.

Reduce the use of expensive alcoholic beverages. Norm of alcohol, safe for the woman, - 150 ml of wine or 500 ml of beer a day.

If every day you smoke one pack of cigarettes which costs 30 rubles, in a year you spend 10950 rubles. Leave off smoking - and on the saved money you will be able from - to be ruled for a week to Prague.

the Economy of 15 000 rub

the Kitchen garden

the good kitchen garden optional demands large monetary investments. But on a personal plot, as well as in everything, there are things on which it is possible to save, and on what it is impossible to save.


Instead of buying one big plant or a sapling, buy three small. In - the first, they are cheaper, in - the second, get accustomed much better and grow quicker. The plant which you planted small will catch up and will overtake a big sapling.

Collect by

own seeds. If you had a successful harvest, collect seeds, properly dry and put in paper bags. The next year you will be able not to be spent for purchase of seeds and will save at least 300 rub

the Granulated seeds (each sunflower seed is covered with a nutritious cover) do not justify high price. Buy seeds and fertilizers separately.

do not save

on tools. Buy only the best stock made of strong and qualitative materials. Such tools will serve very long and will be as a result much more favorable, than cheap.


Economy of 1 500 rub



It is known that each working citizen of the Russian Federation pays income tax which is withheld from a pay. But in certain cases you can count on very notable privileges.

If you bought

the apartment or a house which costs more than 1 million rubles, then from the sum of the income tax paid by you can be returned to you to 130 thousand rubles.

If you spent

for the education or education of minor children to 38 thousand rubles, from the income tax paid by you 13% of this sum can be returned (but no more than 4 940 rub) .

If you spent

for own treatment or treatment of the spouse (spouse), children or your parents to 38 thousand rubles, can be also returned to you to 4 940 rub. To receive above-mentioned privileges, you need to address to the tax inspection and to provide supporting documents.

Economy of 9 000 rub


do not hesitate to check accounts for long distance calls and to call the operator! Counting on those who pay without looking, send wrong bills.

If at your place Internet access is, use services of IP-telephony. Telephone cards can be bought in points of sale the Internet - cards. Calls to the European countries will cost you 4 cents, talk across Russia - is even cheaper.

Economy of 300 rub. in a year

Time and money If at you is not enough for


time for cooking, you often buy semi-finished products which are much more expensive than crude products. In day off make dinners for all week, spread out on plastic containers and freeze. After work you will need only to defreeze and eat.

Economy to 300 Rui. in a week

the Insurance

At each insurance company is own system of discounts. But not each agent reports about it to clients.

If you prolong the contract of insurance (it can be insurance of the car, real estate, insurance upon accident or the health insurance), then you can count on a discount from 5 to 10%.

Any company is interested in new clients, and if you pass into other insurance company, it is worth asking a discount (about 5%) too.

In some companies so-called commercial discounts are. For example, you agree to hang up on the car an advertizing sticker with a logo and pay for it 5% less, than others.

If you insure the car and you are more than 22 years old, and the experience of driving is more than 2 years, you can count on an essential discount - up to 20%.

the health insurance can be Very favorable to

. For example, buying an insurance in dental clinic, you pay about 150 dollars a year. This insured sum covers treatment on average for 2 000 dollars.

Economy of 4 000 rub


In shops and supermarkets first of all pay attention to goods which are exposed on the top and lower shelves. As a rule, exactly there put cheaper production, and the most expensive is exposed directly at the level of eyes.

Expensive vitaminized products (various flakes, porridges, cottage cheeses, children`s cookies) are not repaid. Buy usual products and separately better - good domestic polyvitamins.

It is considered p that it is more favorable to buy big packings, than small. But it not always so! Often it turns out that two small packings are cheaper, than odes - on big. Check before buying.

If you buy by

products in shop, do not miss emergence of new brands and advertizing campaigns. When the goods enter the market, it usually costs cheaper, than production of competitors.

Economy of 300 rub a month

Coupons and discounts

Some shops publish in magazines, newspapers and the websites coupons on discounts. Other shops participate in discount programs. Cut out all useful coupons which catch sight to you, and make out all cards which you can receive free of charge. One fine day they will be useful to you. And if is not present - not offensively.

Economy of 15 000 rub

the Electric power

Replace with

in all apartment usual bulbs energy saving. The energy saving bulb on 11 W gives approximately the same lighting as usual on 60 W. It will turn out that you will spend for lighting of the apartment 5 - 6 times less, than usually. Of course, the economic bulb is much more expensive usual, but serves usually several years, and your expenses will pay off approximately for half a year.

Buying household appliances, try to choose in price category of model necessary to you who belong to the category A on electricity consumption and waters. As a rule, such models are slightly more expensive too, but eventually are repaid. Especially if to take into account that in the future in city apartments counters on water will be installed.

Economy of 200 rub a month

of the Technician

If you are going to acquire equipment, do not choose the newest models which just appeared in the market. As a rule, in several months they will cost much cheaper. It is the most reasonable to choose model which left shortly before the latest. So you buy equipment which is rather modern, but at the same time will not overpay for novelty or superfashionable design. For example, expensive image models of mobile phones for the first three months can fall in price by 3000 - 4000 thousand rubles and even more.


Choosing equipment, we often seek to get model in which as much as possible functions are put. Try to look at things soberly: what it is necessary for you? Whether you will use a grill in the microwave oven if you already have a grill in an oven? Most likely, no, so, on a microwave it is possible to save and buy simpler model.

Economy of 3 000 rub

of Preparation for the future

If in your refrigerator rather big freezer, you can decently save on products.

Gathering in the summer mushrooms and berries, freeze surplus. But also, freeze all that grows on the seasonal dacha, - the currant, strawberry, cherry, carrots (cut or grated), greens, etc.

in the Fall when vegetables cost most cheaper, can buy and freeze pepper, eggplants, a cauliflower.

If you buy by

in the market big pieces of meat or fish, bargain and receive a discount. Houses divide products into several parts, spread out on packages and freeze.

Economy of 1 000 rub.

Get rid of unnecessary!

If you are going to buy

to the house something new, for a start get rid of something old. For example, getting a new coffee table, sell old. It can be made, having advertized in the local newspaper or by means of the websites, for example www. molotok. ru.

in the Same way sell

or exchange books which you already read, and movies which looked, and also children`s things.

If there was a feeling that your apartment is filled up with unnecessary things, once a month carry out cleaning and put what you do not use in a box. If within a year any thing was not necessary, safely get rid of a box. If it works, sell. If is not present, give to orphanage or nursing home.

Economy of 2 000 rub