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Private school or profile lyceum? Where prepare for entering a higher education institution better?

Speak, students the most joyful time. However how many nerves children should spend, and especially to their parents before the yesterday`s school student joins ranks of arrived. Courses, tutors, preparatory offices become reality once, forcing parents, for the 100-th time to think of what to choose that the child got the maximum chances of receipt. Not the last place in thoughts of parents is taken by private schools, questions of which come to ours, is information - the educational Vseved portal.

If to visit the website of any private school, then it is possible to see the list of higher education institutions where she promises to prepare the pupils. The list impresses: MSU, MGIMO, Financial Academy, Higher School of Economics, REA of Plekhanov, MGTU of Bauman, RUDN, MEPhI, MAI, MISIS, RHTU to them. Mendeleyeva, GUU both other prestigious and not really institutes and universities. And receipt is guaranteed absolute that cannot but please. Of course, it is possible to give the child on training courses, but it is much more convenient to be engaged at school, without spending excess time for traveling. This thought is attractive and plays not the last role, but, the question how schools carry out preparation in such different higher education institutions arises? To receive on it the answer, we decided to ring round some private schools recognized the best in 2005 according to the Where to Go to Study magazine (No. 16 from 25. 04. 2005).

of School: entering a higher education institution with guarantee

Preparation in higher education institutions is carried out by

, as a rule, in two directions: the school or signs the contract with higher education institution, or copes by own efforts. The text of the contract is a trade secret. But the essence, according to schools to be reduced to the fact that the higher education institution which signed it is obliged to send the teachers who will give lectures on profile objects, and also from time to time to receive pupils that those could accustom to the institute atmosphere. At the same time at schools emphasized that the contract does not give any privileges at receipt, the pupil takes examinations only due to knowledge. Only winners of the Olympic Games can receive privileges, but for participation in them not to be obligatory the pupil of private school. If the school is basic at higher education institution (does not matter, state it or private), her pupils can take examinations to the main stream, and be even enlisted in certain cases on the second year at once.

As at private schools do not have

of profile classes, pupils are distributed on the groups focused on concrete higher education institution, or on a certain direction: humanitarian, economic, natural-science etc.

So, for example, at Venda school five profiles exist, each of them has a set of objects which are studied profoundly. At the same time the child can take a subject from other profile (for example, linguistics). Occupations take place as in group, and individually. The school invites institute teachers, and also sends to higher education institutions of the on retraining.

At Lomonosov school is not hidden that for receipt, for example, in MGIMO parents should employ tutors as institute this very serious. Teachers of school are familiar with the program of entrance examinations of higher education institution where the child is going to arrive, and are engaged with it sometimes in group, sometimes individually. It makes sense to invite the teacher from higher education institution when the group of 5 - 6 people is taken. The management of school considers that for receipt in institute it is insufficiently simply good to learn objects. The program of each higher education institution takes the nuances, an independent stand on controversial issues. And by preparation it is very important to consider these nuances. The Lomonosov school specifies contacts with the following higher education institutions: Lomonosov Moscow State University, GU - HSE, REA of G. V. Plekhanov, MGIMO, Academy of work and the social relations, the International university of business and management, the Russian academy of legal profession, MGTU of N. E. Bauman, MEPhI, MAI,

of MATI, MIREA. Comments of some higher education institutions see in the table.

At many schools the system of special courses exists. So, the Naslednik school distributes pupils on groups and invites in each group of the teacher. The Naslednik school specifies contacts with the following higher education institutions: MEPhI, Financial academy, the All-Russian academy of foreign trade, GUU, Lomonosov Moscow State University, GU - HSE, IMPE of A.S. Griboyedov, MITEK MGIMO, MIRBIS, MPGU, the International university (in Moscow), RHTU of D. I. Mendeleyeva, MISIS, MGYuA, First Moscow legal institute. Comments of some higher education institutions see in the table.

teachers come three times a week To Sotrudnichestvo school which is versatile, and read special courses in the direction chosen by the pupil. With children also school teachers to whom higher education institutions provide the program of entrance examinations are engaged. The school specifies contacts with the following higher education institutions: GU - HSE, the Moscow state social university, MGUESI, MGTU of N. E. Bauman, RGGU. Comments of some higher education institutions see in the table.

By own efforts manage, for example, at College 21st Century and Aleph schools. Here reported that their teachers have high qualification, some teach in higher educational institutions therefore they is quite able to prepare the entrant.

our questions met

With some irony at Romashka school. Here we were also told that receipt absolute. And right there noticed that hardly at some other school other figure will sound. And not because deceive but because wealthy parents (namely their children attend private schools) will find ways to arrange the child in higher education institution.

Higher education institutions:“ the contract“ with school - a loose concept

we decided to Check information concerning cooperation with schools in higher education institutions, having logically assumed that parents come to make the same. For purity of experiment our correspondent was represented by the ninth-grader`s parent. So, that told higher education institutions.

Some of them were surprised to

because they have no contracts with schools. Someone has lyceum classes. The institutes having arrangements emphasized that the contract in itself the thing rather disputable, any does not give guarantees because the concept “cooperation“ can be interpreted differently. So, for example, in GU - confirmed to HSE that the Lomonosov school is one of their basic schools. But noticed that persons interested to enter to their university from this school very little therefore to teachers it is unprofitable to spend time and several times in a week to go for the sake of 3 - 4 pupils there. For this purpose the group at least of ten arriving has to be gathered. And still the contract with school really is available, but … These contracts a little to what oblige. On them the pupil can just arrive to higher education institution and take some course of objects. Who will tell after that that the school does not cooperate with higher education institution? Cooperates, however, not absolutely as it is represented to parents. So, at least, representatives of a number of prestigious state universities consider.

In general should note

that the majority of institutes insisted that schools - schools and to prepare all - better on training courses . And it is even better in special lyceums and profile (lyceum) classes where too there is a competition. So, for example, in MGTU of Bauman we were honestly told that treat private schools with mistrust. According to employees, private schools pay more attention not to what is necessary for higher education institution, and on what is necessary for them. So if you want is guaranteed to come to Baumanka, it is better to be adjusted at once on their lyceum because there prepare as it is necessary for higher education institution. However, it is hardly easier to come to this lyceum, than to university, and the program of occupations very difficult, but about the future it is possible not to worry. And here training courses in Baumanka also do not give serious guarantees, though help the entrant to orient.

A, for example, in Tax academy which has the profile classes at the public comprehensive schools do not see sense at all to take away the child from native school. The Ministry of Education a few years ago cancelled privileges for arriving from basic schools, so why to put to the child an excess trauma, it is simpler to give it on courses.

of V IMPE of Griboyedov was confirmed that arrangements with private schools are, but generally they train entrants by forces of the teachers. Sometimes children come to lectures to higher education institution, sometimes teachers go to schools, but all this has incidental character.

In general, after talk with higher education institutions the impression that if parents decided to change to the child school from where it will be simpler to it to enter the necessary institute, the lyceum at higher education institution (5 - 11 classes, 9 - 11 classes or 10 - 11 classes) is better to choose developed. The lyceums or profile (lyceum) classes have, for example, MSU, GUU, RGGU, Institute of international trade and the right, the HAZE, the International university in Moscow, Tax Academy. By the way, it is necessary to share concept “lyceum“ and “profile (lyceum) classes“. Classes open at a certain school and are focused on concrete higher education institution. And in process of a set they can work or be closed. All other school studies according to the usual program. The lyceum is completely focused on higher education institution and gives more thorough preparation. Still we faced such concept as school - higher education institution . So, at Institute of international trade and the right there is a School where training takes place only in 10 - 11 classes that it is possible to refer lyceum to concept.

Advantage of similar lyceums and profile classes that they give knowledge not in general, namely those which are necessary at this or that institute. Teachers systematically give lectures on the necessary objects, trying to obtain that by the time of receipt the entrant corresponded to the level of the chosen higher education institution. It, by the way, very much is useful to it further when it arrives. It will be much simpler to such student to be guided in requirements of the institute.


So, we will sum up the results. What options of preparation exist and what it is better to be guided by.

would like to tell

In the conclusion that we did not set as an object to belittle authority of schools and are ready to answer any questions concerning a subject of this article. Information which higher education institutions gave us is not secret, any parent can receive it, having just called by phone.

Comments of higher education institutions on cooperation with
schools (the table is made on the basis of information obtained in higher education institutions)
does not cooperate with any schools of RHTU of Mendeleyev, MGYuA, the All-Russian academy of foreign trade, MGIMO.
Cooperates only with public schools, the Tax Academy, Russian, academy of legal profession, the Russian legal academy, MAI, MISIS does not cooperate with private of GGU, RUDN, RGGU, the HAZE, REA of Plekhanov.
the lyceum or profile (lyceum) classes of MSU, GUU, RGGU, Institute of international trade and the right, the HAZE, Tax Academy, the International university in Moscow.
Cooperates with private and public schools of MSU, GU - HSE, MEPhI, the International university in Moscow (only some faculties), Academy of work and the social relations, the First Moscow legal institute.